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What Features Does a Magento Mobile App Builder Equip You With?

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MageMob App Builder helps increase your customer base, since your store can potentially be present on every smartphone.

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What Features Does a Magento Mobile App Builder Equip You With?

  1. 1. What Features Does a Magento Mobile App Builder Equip You With? A few weeks back, I was reading a techno magazine while traveling. Not a techie nerd, but yeah, I love to read them. There was a column that was talking about some tip offs to help business reduce their coding work in developing their mobile app. That started off by saying “save the costings for your mobile application by minimizing the developer’s 1 ​​
  2. 2. roles”. Now that generosity of the columnist raised a question in my head. If they really want to spend less on mobile app development, why shouldn’t they go for a developer free development for their mobile app? Building a mobile app that developers portray as a complicated wizard, is also possible to do on your own. All you have to do is, get the right tool. There are certain specifications every business website has. Now, you can’t possibly sell mobile accessories through an app by using an app a builder tool suitable for banking app. It becomes necessary to follow certain specifications and build an app accordingly. It must wrap up all the business features and translate them into a good user experience. For that, you will have to get an ecommerce compatible app. Let us say you have a Magento ecommerce website. Let us talk about building a perfect Magento Mobile App using an app builder. Scaling a Cost-effective Mobile App for Magento As we all know that Magento is the engine of eCommerce website platform and runs most of the online store. It includes many Fortune Big 5oo brands too. It outperforms both mobiles as well as desktops. A Magento Mobile App Builder extension​​ will help you to build a dynamic, lightweight and fast processing eCommerce app. Using an app builder will reduce cost, expedite the development process and give you more control of your online store app. 2 ​​
  3. 3. There are also some Magento App Builder extensions that facilitate you to execute administrative tasks directly on the app. So, you would also be able to configure and manage your Magento store from anywhere through mobile. Along with your comfort, a mobile app will also help you boost the sales with an extended access to your users’ smartphones as users can access it from anywhere. It will bring more traffic and purchase orders for you. Feature That Your App Builder Must Render There are some ‘must have’ features that users look for in every app and it also drives optimum utility of your app. So, when it comes to choosing the right app, checkout some of the features that it should entail. List all Products and Information Pages Ensure the efficient enlisting of all the product pages and information pages on your mobile app. The app should be able to stream all the information with smoothness and good speed. If the app builder extension offers you with some themes, consider it to be a good option to better the UI and UX elements of your app. This will enrich the look of your ​Magento App​​ and will make it more engaging for users. Simplified Checkout Process Customers convenience is at the top spot and you will have to take care of their comfort to buy your products without getting stuck anywhere. That being said, cart abandonment is still a core concern for ecommerce store owners. The app builder that you opt must not have a complex 3 ​​
  4. 4. checkout layered processing. Therefore, facilitate your customers with a simple checkout process and secure payment gateways. Adding the buy now button on the product page and leading the checkout from that point will work best. A complicated checkout process will kill the user interface of your app and will impact the user interface. Not only that, with such complicacies, your app will fail to impress your customers. This will lead them to uninstall the app too. But when you empower them to shop hassle free with a single page checkout, it will enrich their shopping experience. Manage Products Easily Developing an app keeping only your customers in mind would be an injustice? Your app should be bifacial to you as much as it is for your customers. So, to find the most apt app builder, make sure that it allows you to manage your products. It should give functionality to add, change and configure existing products directly from your Magento app. This way, you will have more control over the app and save time that you spend sitting in the office in front of the computers. Search Products Don’t make shopping experience a treasure hunt for customers! Search feature is the necessity for any ecommerce app. It prevents users to scroll through umpteen products across the categories. A ​Magento App Builder​​ helps your users to enter the name and get any product that they are looking for. 4 ​​
  5. 5. Product Reviews Testimony matters a lot. Enable your customers to say what they feel, think, and want to suggest about your product range, through their mobile. These product reviews and feedbacks work as catalysts for your future users. Good reviews encourage them to make a purchase from your online store. A Magento App Builder can help you render such functionality. Notification Centre In any mobile app, notifications is one of the most important features. It encourages the users to stay in touch with you and check out your mobile application on regular bases. You can update your customers from time to time about new launches, discounts, offers and more. So, missing this feature would be a major blunder. Getting an app developed at a low cost is a good deal. But building it yourself with ​Magento Mobile App Builder​​ is a great deal. If you want to know more about app builder, feel free to contact us. 5 ​​
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