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Appsfire SDK. The growth engine for your app

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Appsfire introduces a single and powerful library that will boost your user acquisition growth, engagement, feedbacks, app store merchandising and monetization. Designed with care.

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Appsfire SDK. The growth engine for your app

  1. 1. Appsfire SDK A single powerful library to engage your users and monetize your apps
  2. 2. Engagement is critical Stop thinking app downloads only Our SDK will dramatically improve the level of engagement in your app and produce greater monetization results Our web dashboard enables developers and marketers with no code, to publish powerful notifications, collect valuable feedback and monetize in an unprecedented manner
  3. 3. Engagement is critical ! NOT inside y ire definitel Appsf This is what happens when you don’t care enough about engagement
  4. 4. Engagement is critical Appsfire inside! You can change that with Appsfire ! ★★★★★
  5. 5. Intercept negative feedback Don’t let users complain about your app in the App Store reviews ! Our feedback form is intelligent enough to route that feedback DIRECTLY to you, instead of the App Store
  6. 6. Increase positive App Store reviews exponentially Someone sends you positive feedback... The user is prompted to review the app... Boom! A positive review
  7. 7. Re-engage users Bring users back to your app Target to custom segments for maximum results (geo, user groups, day, time, OS, app version,…) Drive in-app purchases 50%+ do not accept push. Reach users through our inapp inbox.
  8. 8. Re-engage users Don’t let automatic app updates (new in iOS 7) leave your users in the dark about what’s new in your latest version We’ll even pull your What’s New text automatically from the App Store!
  9. 9. Get your users to do amazing things Publish user messages via the simple web dashboard: ‣ Get your app translated by your users ‣ Broadcast polls, solicit feedback and improve your app ‣ Engage in contests ‣ Deep-link to In-App Purchase/Pro Upgrades
  10. 10. Bad ads kill user engagement Stop showing crappy ads Most mobile ads out there underperform Cheap tricks lead to accidental clicks and low conversion. Everyone loses. Crappy ads will cause you to lose users
  11. 11. Engage users with better ads Gorgeous ad units that users love Our solution A beautiful, native ad experience that users love Only high-quality apps = Greater payouts You control the breakout sessions Keep users in your app (don’t kick them out to the App Store!) We integrate easily with MoPub, AdMob & Burstly
  12. 12. Monetize Gorgeous ad units that users love The problem Most apps kick you out of the app to the App Store Our solution Your “breakout session” occurs Users never leave your app! An ad is displayed and the user clicks App Store slides above your app User downloads the app App Store slides down. User back in your app!
  13. 13. Cross-promote your apps Cross-promote within your other apps or partners’ apps Opt into our cross-promotional network to get free installs Re-engage your users
  14. 14. A simple, powerful dashboard Designed for marketing & community managers Super easy App Store review monitoring
  15. 15. Trusted by leading apps Now reaching over 100M users 100M unique devices reached since launch 30K feedback messages/month sent by users to developers 50M notifications already delivered Over 1000 top apps use Appsfire
  16. 16. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? NADA. ZERO. GRATIS. FREE! contact us for more details
  17. 17. In SHORT ‣ Broadcast smart push and in-app messaging ‣ Engage with users to do amazing things for your app ‣ Convert better to in-app purchase and pro versions ‣ Cross-promote your app ‣ Optimize your feedback and multiply your positive App Store ratings ‣ Stop showing crappy ads and monetize better For FREE, on iOS & Android
  18. 18. Top-quality advertisers Appsfire attracts prestigious, name brand advertisers
  19. 19. Contact Us
  20. 20. Whitepaper Register with Appsfire SDK Video demo of interstitial ad unit Example apps with Appsfire: Magisto Fotor Business contact: Shai Drori ( Technical contact: Zarry Bizeva (