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Early Voting Expanded 2 (Revised, Corrected)

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Yes, you don't have to wait until November 6th to vote anymore in a lot of states. And I don't mean absentee voting either. You can actually go to the polls in person in several states before Election Day. If you think you'll be busy, hate long lines or out of town, take advantage of early voting. BTW, Organizers and bloggers, this powerpoint is downloadable so share!

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Early Voting Expanded 2 (Revised, Corrected)

  1. 1. Early Voting 2012 In Person and Vote By MailAll Dates are from Reed Early Voting
  2. 2. Early In Person Voting Begins September 2012• 21 South Dakota, Idaho• 22 Vermont, Virginia• 27 Wyoming, Iowa
  3. 3. Early In Person Voting Begins October 2012• 1 Nebraska • 20. Nevada, New Jersey• 2 Ohio • 21 New Mexico• 7 California • 22. Alaska, Arkansas,• 9 Indiana Illinois,North Dakota, Colorado,• District of Columbia,Texas, 11 Arizona Wisconsin• 15 Georgia • 23 Louisiana, Hawaii, Utah• 17 Kansas, Tennessee • 24 West Virginia• 18 North Carolina • 27 Maryland, Florida
  4. 4. Early In Person Voting Ends November 2012• 1 Maryland, Tennessee • 5 Alaska, Arkansas,Iowa, North• 10/30 Louisiana Dakota,• 2 Wisconsin, Tx, Ohio, Nevada, California,Indiana,Kansas, Idaho, Georgia, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma,Vermont, Arizona, Utah Wyoming • 6 South Dakota• 3 Illinois, DC, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
  5. 5. Vote By Mail Begins October 2012• 19 Washington, Oregon
  6. 6. November 6, 2012Election Day Everywhere In the United States!