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Personal Brand Plan Model

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A sequential path to define your personal marketing plan and then develop your own personal brand to help freelancers, consultants and professionals.

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Personal Brand Plan Model

  1. 1. PERSONAL BRAND PLAN by Stefano Principato12 Ps of Personal Branding 2.0Personal assetPersonality: Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, IntuitionPassion: what are you passionate about?Professional assetPurpose: mission, vision, valuesPotential: education, experiences, expertiseSwot AnalysisStrenghts / WeaknessesOpportunities / ThreatsProfessional strategyProfessional goals: S.M.A.R.T.Positioning: unique value propositionNetwork strategyPeople: who are your customers?Partners: who can work with you or can support you?Marketing strategyPerformance: what are you really selling?Pricing: revenues/ expensesPackaging: visual & touch pointPromotion: on & off lineProcess: Discover, Create, Communicate, MantainStrategic approach: Analyse, Plan, Do, MonitorPersonal Marketing: strategySelf Marketing: promotionPersonal Branding: reputation Stefano Principato 2011