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Have you attended live presentations and/or webinars and then forgot what you learned? This has happened to most people. If you want to retain what you learned, we have some very easy steps for you to follow ....

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  1. 1. Learn How To Learn How To Become a Master Bryan Daly
  2. 2. Your Notebook The greatest book you will ever read are the notes you take from meetings like this. “What Flows through you Sticks To You”
  3. 3. Watch The Video…… takes notes pause and do examples
  4. 4. How Much Do We Forget?
  5. 5. Learn How To Learn! • Within 48 hours, if you have done nothing you will have lost 50%-80% of what you learned. • Our brains are constantly recording information on a temporary basis: • Because the information isn't necessary, and it doesn't come up again, our brains dump it all off, along with what was learned that you actually do want to hold on to! • By day 7, we remember even less, and by day 30, we retain about 2%-3% that’s a 97%-98% LOST! • You can change the shape of the curve!
  6. 6. Learn How To Learn! • Within 24 hours of getting the information - spend 10 minutes reviewing and you will raise the curve almost to 100% again. • A week later (day 7), it only takes 5 minutes to "reactivate" the same material, and again raise the curve. • By day 30, your brain will only need 2-4 min review
  7. 7. Learn How To Learn • Apply The Information RIGHT Away • Teach to someone else… (Nobody benefits more than the teacher)
  8. 8. Set regular Study Time One hour a day Same time each day Read and review Review notes
  9. 9. Read through a couple of time 1st Preview read quickly and skim Then 2nd Read through complete 3rd Watch Video with notebook in and highlighter in hand & write notes Stop to think about Read, Re-Read, Review APPLY Review each day Quick review of notes Start at the begin or the notebook