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ARmedia SDK: new Features and Capabilities

  3. Not Just Another AR SDK • 3D tracking of mobile device is a challenge in many application areas: Mixed reality, Location-aware services, Navigation, Robotics, User Interfaces • No SDK Vendor is offering scalable 3D Object Recognition and Tracking methods • The need of integrating different tracking methods in one solution is evident • Expansion of Virtual Reality requires bridging the gap between AR and VR
  4. What is Required • Flexibility: provide a variety of methods that can be employed to deal with challenging application scenarios • Modularity: availability of tracking module that developers can use in any combination depending on their needs • Mixed Reality SDK: provide tools that enable a smooth transition between AR and VR visualization on mobiles and wearables • Advanced CV Methods: to be able to identify and track real objects from any angle is the key, accurate estimation of 3D position and 3D orientation
  6. Overview of the SDK • Develop Mobile Applications to recognize and track • Build powerful Mixed Reality applications, all in one tool • Bind your project to any available IoT SDK/API, use Beacons, NFC or any other Sensor or communication device Object Planar Images Locations Device Movements
  7. Features Library iOS Android Tracking   Rendering   Plugins (Unity3D)   Tools   Examples   Developer Portal  
  8. Architecture Application Layer Tracking Module OpenCV IMU Rendering Module Open Scene Graph Unity3D SDK Plugin
  10. Overview of the Tracking Module • Different tracking methods independent one of each other • Tracking methods can be combined – sequentially – in parallel • The Tracking API can be used in association with any other SDK through suitable matrix conversion • The tracking module is independent of the Rendering Engine
  11. Tracking Module Tracking iOS Android Object   Planar   Location   Device Motion  
  12. Object Tracking • Recognize and Track real world 3D objects and view them from any angle • Provides accurate 3D position and 3D orientation with respect to a given 3D object
  13. Planar Tracking • Recognize and Track multiple planar images in the same application • Provides accurate 3D position and 3D orientation with respect to a set of planar images • Several images
  14. Location Tracking • Create applications that employ geo-location data from mobile devices • Provides contextual access to location information • Dedicated and simple API
  15. Motion Tracking • Use the Gyroscope and Sensors of the mobile device to interact with 3D contents • No camera background is available with this method • Useful for a range of MR applications
  17. Overview of the Rendering Module • A visualization layer that can be quickly used in your App • The rendering components are associated with the tracking methods • They also provide a number of nice VR visualization features • Types of contents: Video 3D files Images
  18. Rendering Module Rendering iOS Android Object   Planar   Location   VR Motion   3D Viewer   VR Panorama  
  19. Rendering: Object • Associate digital contents with a specific object that is tracked by the Object Tracker + Video 3D files Images
  20. Rendering: Planar • Associate digital contents with any specific image that is tracked by the Planar Tracker Video 3D files Images +
  21. Rendering: Location • Associate digital contents to any location defined in the Geo-location Tracker Video 3D files Images +
  22. Rendering: VR Motion • Create interactive VR viewers using the gyroscope and magnetometer Video 3D files Images +
  23. Rendering: 3D Viewer • A 3D viewer without background video. Contents can be manipulated with user’s gestures Video 3D files Images +
  24. Rendering: VR Panorama • Create interactive 360° Panoramas using equirectangular images and mobile sensors Video 3D files Images +
  26. Unity3D Plugin • All the tracking features of the SDK can be used in Unity3D applications. • The Unity3D Plugin allows to manage Prefabs in the implementation of iOS/Android applications.
  28. ARmedia SDK Toolset • The App is a set of tools to create and test 3D maps (targets) suitable for the ARMedia SDK and related products/plugins • Available for iOS and Android
  29. Developer Portal: Target Manager The Target Manager is a web application that helps generate 3D targets to be used with the SDK
  31. Using a Combination of SDK Tracking Methods Estimate Approximate Position •Use GPS or other location techniques to get approximate position Improve estimation •Use Camera View and image database to improve estimation Load 3D Targets •Load nearby point 3D Target for the tracker Matching •Find corresponding points between the camera view and the 3D Target Tracking •Track the features and update pose estimation accordingly
  32. 3D Targets Can be Generated Through Different Methods • Reconstruct automatically using photos of the objects – The reconstruction is done by taking a number of pictures usually 16, 24 or more depending on the actual object/scenario • Reconstruct using depth camera images (e.g. Kinect) • Use LIDAR to scan the environment
  33. Tracker Properties Property Notes Very accurate • Pixel level precision Fast • Running at more than 60 fps on iPhone Wide operating range • Works close and far from target Robust • Fast recovery from error situations • Tolerating shaking and fast movements of camera • Tolerating different and changing lighting conditions
  35. Some Possible Applications • Mixed Reality Mobile Games • Architecture, Engineering & Construction • Service & Maintenance • Marketing & Publishing • Smart Environments • Cultural Heritage
  37. Supported Platforms iOS version Android version Windows version AVAILABLE AVAILABLE NOT PUBLIC
  38. Planned Release Samsung Gear VR Zeiss VR Epson Moverio NOT PUBLIC NOT PUBLIC NOT PUBLIC