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  1. 1. Getting in shape is 80% diet, 10% genetics, and 10% physical activity. What you put into your body is just as important as how hard you train. 1.Treat your body like a temple - Nourish it with goodness and really be aware of what kinds of food make you feel good. Make a list of feel good vs. feel bad foods! Post it on your fridge. 2.If you spend an hour in the gym, spend an hour in the kitchen - This will lead to less chance of going to fast food joints. 3.Throw portion control and restriction out the window - The fun thing about eating healthy is that you can eat as much as you want. This leaves little room for late night junk food snacking. 4.Fruit is your best friend - Whenever I felt like having some sort of sugary processed snack, I would reach for my favorite fruit instead. Dates are great because they are extremely sweet. 5.Look for alternatives to all your favorite snacks/baked goods - We are lucky because we can now find any of our go to favorites healthified! For example, if you
  2. 2. love banana bread try making it with spelt flour and applesauce as a sweetener. There is always a way!! You may feel like giving up, but give it a chance. I promise you that you will see results faster than any gym membership is going to give you