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St Michael's Catholic School Archibull Prize 2011 entry Wool

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St Michael's Catholic School Archibull Prize 2011 entry Wool

  1. 1. WOOL and YOU!!!!What is it? SustainabilityThe source and The product and the producer the consumer Ecological Footprint The environment
  2. 2. “Pleased tomeet you”
  3. 3. What is wool and where does it come from? Wool is a coarse, natural,biodegradable fibre produced by Melissa Henry, Wool producer, sheep Boorowa, NSW .
  4. 4. blankets Medical dressings filters Carpets Some of Other fashion the products made from my wool…Doonas and pillows furnishings Jackets and coats
  5. 5. Wool is Sustainable because it… is water regulates resistant temperature absorbs oil can be made into many differentit insulates, thingskeeping you both warm and cool is mould is fire free, so it resistant is mostly non- allergenic
  6. 6. Wool is sustainable….because it absorbs oilMario Plomer, managing director of Tecnomeccanica Biellese, "Werealised that wool was not only absorbing 10 times itsweight in oil, but the other important feature is that whenyou squeeze this wool, this wool is relieving the oil and isready again to absorb the same quantity for many times,"he said.
  7. 7. Wool is Sustainable…. Wool provides thermal protection to mammals (that’s us too!) It gives warmth, can keep you cool and is comfy. It can also absorb a large quantity of moisture without feeling wet. Wool is used to insulate housing and buildings.
  8. 8. Wool is Sustainable… Wool is naturally flame resistant. It burns slowly and is easy to extinguishIn a major fire, wool carpets contribute much less in terms of smoke and toxic gas formations than most other materials.
  9. 9. Wool is Sustainable I’m very warm with a wool Wool is 100% natural and re- coat. newable. Wool is a re-newable resource because it grows itself in less I’m making a than a year. new jumper Wool is bio-degradable with old wool because it is made of keratin as is human hair. Wool is reusable. You can unravel a jumper, re-knit it and create a new one.
  10. 10. Wool production and its impact on the environment The landChanging climate ecological footprint Native plant Animals and life livestock
  11. 11. How do the farmers manage the impact? Wool producers manage soil as itUse appropriate can be acid, fertilisers saline and easily eroded Retain areas of native bushlandPlant perennial pastures,Retain deep-rooted trees
  12. 12. What about waste management? When cleaning wool a lot of harmful waste is created but this waste can be used for fertilisers And the grease (lanolin) is used in moisturisers. When dying, and shrink-proofing wool, harmfulImpact can occur. Wool processors are using improved techniques to avoid this
  13. 13. Climate ChangeA big impact on the production of wool Producers are continually working with researchers to Find species that are adaptable to a variable climate
  14. 14. From this ..To this.. Makes you think, eh?
  15. 15. Resources• Creative commons•St Michael’s school grounds•Melissa Henry, wool producerof Quebon Livestock BoorowaNSW••Wikipedia•The story of wool in Australia,Jill Griffiths and Deborah King