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Ganesh Nayak Prelims 2015

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Prelims for the Ganesh Nayak Memorial Quiz, held by the Karnataka Quiz Association in NOvember 2015

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Ganesh Nayak Prelims 2015

  1. 1. KQA Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz The 26th edition Prelims 26 questions with 13 supps
  2. 2. 1. This Banaswadi-based business enterprise uses a logotype with a careful bit of angling. What is the angling meant to achieve/ suggest/remind you of?
  3. 3. Answer Follows
  4. 4. The Answer The V is uterus/womb-shaped, and the O joins the V in a manner that looks like ovary with oviduct/Fallopian tube. One of these two gets full points. Female reproductive system/cervix etc get half.
  5. 5. 2. It is the smallest country in Africa both by area and by population. Their crest shows a long-lived species variant found on one of their territories. Identify the country, (and the species for bonus points).
  6. 6. Answer Follows
  7. 7. The Answer Seychelles SUPP1 The Aldabra Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise gets ½
  8. 8. 3. What does this map represent? What does the colour grey signify?
  9. 9. Answer Follows
  10. 10. The Answer Writing systems/scripts of the world SUPP2 Grey is Latin/Roman
  11. 11. 4. His 1867 decision was received with derisive nicknames such as Walrussia and Icebergia. Who? What decision?
  12. 12. Answer Follows
  13. 13. The Answer William Seward, Andrew Jackson’s Sec. of State SUPP3 The purchase of Alaska
  14. 14. 5. Which Nobel laureate in Literature derives his surname from the practice seen here? Also, what metaphorical name is usually applied to what the men are doing?
  15. 15. Answer Follows
  16. 16. The Answer Faulkner, from ‘falconer’ SUPP4 Goose-stepping
  17. 17. 6. Its title is explained in a 1316 letter to Cangrande della Scala with respect to content and style. The name was chosen since the poem develops from harsh and terrible events to a peaceful ending,and its style is intermediate between the high tragic style and the low elegiac one. Name the poem. Who wrote the letter?
  18. 18. Answer Follows
  19. 19. The Answer Commedia, later The Divine Comedy. SUPP5 Dante Alighieri
  20. 20. 7. He was able to pursue risky long-term research, such as an innovative suspension system for cars, because he refuse to let his firm go public."I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by M.B.A.’s. But I never went into business to make money". He taught for more than 45 years, and in 2011, donated a majority of his company’s shares to the school. While the gift provides them with annual cash dividends. they cannot sell the shares and do not participate in the company’s management. Who? Full name OR Which company?
  21. 21. Answer Follows
  22. 22. The Answer Amar Bose OR Bose Corporation
  23. 23. 8. Daria Marchenko’s Face of War. Who is the subject of this artwork? How was it made—be specific?
  24. 24. Answer Follows
  25. 25. The Answer Vladimir Putin SUPP6 Bullet shells used by Ukrainian
  26. 26. 9. His surname is often misspelt. It actually indicates Viennese origins, but often another surname meaning wheel-maker or winemaker is used. Which man of science and founder of a 20th century discipline?
  27. 27. Answer Follows
  28. 28. The Answer Norbert Wiener, not Weiner
  29. 29. 10. Often divided by medieval mapmakers, quite fancifully, into three regions: Petrea, or rocky, Deserta, or the desert and Felix, or the blessed, because myrrh and frankincense were found there. 19th century traveller Charles M Doughty borrowed one of these names for the book he wrote, Travels in _ _ _ _ _ _ Deserta, about his 1878 journey. Fill blank.
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  31. 31. The Answer Arabia
  32. 32. 11. What hashtag did Snickers add to this ad from June 2014?
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  34. 34. The Answer
  35. 35. 12. Josef Koudelka did not dare publish many of the 5000 images he shot over one week till about two and a half decades later, in the 1990s, because he was afraid of reprisals against his family. This is perhaps one of the most popular of those images. In which city? What event?
  36. 36. Answer Follows
  37. 37. The Answer Prague, SUPP 7 The 1968 invasion. The watch records the exact moment when Soviet tanks began to roll in.
  38. 38. 13. “It is quite a sculptural design but free of ornamentation; the impressive bow-string girder-trusses that support the roof are responsible for its form and the well designed acoustics of the main space make it a very functional theatre”. Architecture scholar Rachel Lee commenting on a 1946 structure originally known as Victory Hall. The architect, who had found employment in India due to the good offices of his uncle, a Nobel laureate, used a concrete shell. This didn’t go down too well with the city’s elite, who were used to ornate granite constructions —so the response to the building was rather muted. How do we know it today? Who was the
  39. 39. Answer Follows
  40. 40. The Answer Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park SUPP8 Otto Konigsberger
  41. 41. 14. A long-time journalist who worked for a string of Northern California newspapers landed an assignment in 1957 to write a story about a United States Department of Agriculture project to control spreading sand with European beach grasses on the coast of Oregon. Surveying the encroachments from a low-flying aircraft, he became fascinated by the implications of this clash between human and nature. The project, he later wrote, “fed my interest in how we inflict ourselves upon our planet. I could begin to see the shape of a global problem, no part of it separated from any other—social ecology, political ecology, economic ecology.” He chose its eventual title because of its onomatopoetic similarity to the word “doom.” He hoped his book would serve as an “ecological awareness handbook. Who? What book?
  42. 42. Answer Follows
  43. 43. The Answer Frank Herbert SUPP9 Dune
  44. 44. 15. It was originally built for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics, hence its name, rendered in English as Martial Arts Hall. We know it as an iconic venue for another kind of entertainment. What?
  45. 45. Answer Follows
  46. 46. The Answer Nippon Budokan
  47. 47. 16. This heir to a UK business fortune set up the grant-making body X to fund the arts and the sciences. While some may cavil at the name chosen, he offers this defence: “It's a book about aspirations and visions. If you read page two you will realise it's nothing to do with wealth or the big parties that X gave, it's about the power of ideals and illusions. That is enormously important in life." Who? What name did he choose?
  48. 48. Answer Follows
  49. 49. The Answer David, Lord Sainsbury SUPP 9 The Gatsby Foundation
  50. 50. 17. What 8-letter word forms the official Twitter Handle of Pope Francis? It derives from a function associated with the Tiber, and was once used by Julius Caesar. What function?
  51. 51. Answer Follows
  52. 52. The Answer Pontifex SUPP10 Maintaining the Tiber’s bridges
  53. 53. 18. What spoof account on Twitter produced these gems? Identify the form? Oh dear, I see gray! - Golden hair from cheap blue box - Quick trip to Walmart. More hair products bought Than buildings in NYC. There goes his money. Is hairy-kiri an inevitable act in twenty sixteen?
  54. 54. Answer Follows
  55. 55. The Answer Donald’s Hair Haikus
  56. 56. 19. Somebody began an article on HuffPo with these words: “My cat is my _ _ _, my eyebrows are #onbleak, and I rejoice when weekend plans are unexpectedly cancelled.” The word blanked out is considered as a shortening of an existing shortening. Others gloss it as an acronym for person most important to one. What is the word? Also, some people use this hashtag as antonym to what expression popularised by a Black teenager through a vine?
  57. 57. Answer Follows
  58. 58. The Answer Bae Before Anyone Else SUPP11 On fleek
  59. 59. 20. Top: 2 Sept 2015. Bottom: 9 Sept 2015. What?
  60. 60. Answer Follows
  61. 61. The Answer Burning Man
  62. 62. 21. What natural wonder does this fireplace by Italian designer Massimo Battaglia pay tribute to? Who produced it, inmyth?
  63. 63. Answer Follows
  64. 64. The Answer Giant’s Causeway SUPP 12 Finn McCool
  65. 65. 22. One of several used for a particular purpose sixty years ago. This was sold for megabucks a few years ago. What purpose ?
  66. 66. Answer Follows
  67. 67. The Answer The Roger Bannister sub-four-minute mile
  68. 68. 23. Whose graduation photo, according to the Internet?
  69. 69. Answer Follows
  70. 70. 24. One of the jurors for the Laureus award, showing off in 2005. Who?
  71. 71. Answer Follows
  72. 72. The Answer Nadia Comaneci
  73. 73. 25. This distinctive hairdo has its own Twitter handle. Who/ What’s the Twitter handle called? Also, what 7-letter that Dubya could never pronounce right is normally prefixed to her surname to produce a bad-joke nickname?
  74. 74. Answer Follows
  75. 75. The Answer Anna Wintour/Anna Wintour’s Bob SUPP13 ‘Nuclear’ Wintour
  76. 76. 26. What slightly shady phone app launched a new version in 2013 that incorporated swipe navigation, double- tap replies, a revamped friend profile system, and a jokey reference to its distinctive mascot in the name chosen for this version, Banquo?
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  78. 78. The Answer Snapchat