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Local radio stations.

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A slideshow of the different types of radio stations.

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Local radio stations.

  1. 1. BBC London is a government funded radio station, that air nationally all over the UK. This rather broad radio station covers a variety of genres ranging from Sports, Weather, Music. They have many presenters airing with different stories at different times of the day to attract their targeted audience. Here is an example of one of the topics discussed on BBC London:
  2. 2. Captial FM is the heart and soul to every teen in the 21st Century! It covers all the latest trends and celebrity gossip the youth of our society can not live without. They update live stories every hour always engaging their audience and giving them a reason to keep listening.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. jazz?from=cp Jazz FM, is home to all jazz music lovers! They air jazz music (obviously) and have their own twist- they acknowledge the artists and people of history by mentioning their hard work and efforts. The website enables viewers to access pictures of festivals and things happening around the community. They also have a part for those bloggers and people who enjoy reading blogs.
  5. 5. Kiss FM, you can listen to it in the car, in the tube, at home… as long as you have internet access. A radio station that brings the family and friends together to have a laugh and relax with its amazing sense of music. For all those who can’t live without music- they now have an accessible app that listen to anywhere! From artists like Jason Derulo, Sean Paul.
  6. 6. This awesome radio station not just satisfies people of the Christianity faith by helping them spiritually, and offer courage to people to keep going, but it also allows other religions to explore the nature of Christianity.
  7. 7. Desi Radio airs only desi music, providing people with an idea of what they may play in weddings, parties and many other occasions. It enhances the understanding of desi culture and a piece of their everyday life.
  8. 8. This radio- is a voice of Africa. It’s a platform for the African community to unite and voice their opinions of current affairs. This unique radio station talks about the various ways the East London public can involved in charity work and do their bit to help the poorer countries of Africa. It gives just more than a cultre- it involves the audience directly.
  9. 9. Muslim Community Radio MCR is no different to the ChristianRadio they both have the same aim- motivate and encourage others in their religion. However, MCR only airs during Ramadan engaging with all types of audience their youngest target- 3 to 4 year olds! Holding nasheed (Islamic music) competitions, Qur’an challenges and many more. This radio station is closely linked to the East London Mosque.
  10. 10. fm,17097.html Westside radio targets the youth of West London and airs hip-hop music, RNB and the casual rap and reggae music the youth love. It is a station where the youth of the ‘westside’ can engage with and feel part of, as it is many peoples desire to listen to these cool types of music.