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Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Assessment and Feedback in MS Teams

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Feedback in Microsoft Teams

  1. 1. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Amanda Salt Head of Spanish Grosvenor Grammar School Twitter: @amandasalt Blog: Feedback in Teams
  2. 2. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Setting classwork and self-assessment
  3. 3. SLIDESMANIA.C OM KS3 hyperdocs Self-evaluation of independent work set
  4. 4. SLIDESMANIA.C OM KS3 recorded answers Quick way to give feedback to pupils of work set
  5. 5. SLIDESMANIA.C OM KS4 digital textbook Use of content library and class notebook for feedback
  6. 6. SLIDESMANIA.C OM A level class notebook A level blankfills before live lesson
  7. 7. SLIDESMANIA.C OM A level class notebook A level target setting using existing tests
  8. 8. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Live lessons, no cameras
  9. 9. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Online websites Quick checks to guide learning and assess progress
  11. 11. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Check-in at end with 5 mins on Meet Now Leave comment under live meeting link re. work / progress
  12. 12. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Live lessons and formative assessment
  13. 13. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Holding screen Quick formative assessment while others arrive in live lesson
  14. 14. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Hands up • Less pressure, volunteers
  15. 15. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Chat • Type answers into chat (some no mic) • I type 3 words, pupils ‘like’ the correct one • All pupils type, only 1 sends – peers assess
  16. 16. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Screen sharing Feedback and support – live translation & class notebook
  17. 17. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Live writing Share link to PPT in files
  18. 18. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Live writing Set as assignment
  19. 19. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Live translation Immediate oral feedback
  20. 20. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Breakout rooms group work
  21. 21. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Optional live Differentiation and support
  22. 22. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Summative assessment
  23. 23. SLIDESMANIA.C OM MS Forms • Insert into assignment • Review in Teams or • Length of time plus score • Feedback for individual questions plus overall feedback
  24. 24. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Assessment tasks for written work
  25. 25. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Feedback for written work Typed
  26. 26. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Feedback for written work Digital inking
  27. 27. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Feedback for written work Audio feedback
  28. 28. SLIDESMANIA.C OM Teams and feedback..., will we go back to what we used to do?