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Cell phone text hmwk

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Cell phone text hmwk

  1. 1. Clarify word meanings by using uerinitions. 80 Act Two Clarifying Word Meanings: Defi Sharpen your definition-hunting skills wi Choose the word each sentence below. Remernh each sentence to help you decl you found in the sentence, 1. Wherever the aliens go. the human There are few differences, few chan 2. During the second are meeting, or _. V . — 3. An __-_ __ danger is by is natu understandable. 4. A frightened man with a and a danger to society. 5. Steve's interest in ham radios becomes a threat rath t makes him unique. oddity, or . ... . ——I ‘ha Collection 1 (Facing Danger th the following exercise. from the Word Bank that best fits the blank in er to Iookfor definitionswithin de. Be ready to cite the definition beings react the same: ges, few , ,,, ,,, .. act the crowd’: fear. mistrust, and suspicion _ , to create a mob. re knowable and gun can be considered a _ , _ — _e er than an Word Bank idlaaynoraay maniacs converging explicit variations LINK to rue Mousrsn-5 An-E DUE olv MAPLE srnssr Reading Focus structure and Purpose of an Instructional Manual For the residents of Maple Street, not even cell phones might have been helpful againstthe aliens’ powers. However, a cell phone might be just the kind of device to get you out of a crisis—if you know how to use one, that is. The purpose of an instructional manual is to help you operate and ‘care for a specific device, such as a cordless phone or a hand-held Internet appliance. Many Instructional manuals have a structure like that of a small textbook. ’ ‘, use these strategies in order to make Ilthe best use of an instructional manual: Scan the table of content: of the , manual to get an idea of the topics ‘ covered. 1 if you don't see the topic you're looking for. turn to the Index. customer service phone number or Web site where you can get additional help from the manufacturer. - Become familiar with the parts of the device. An instructional manual usually includes a diagram showing you the Important parts of the device and explaining their functions. - Read the directions carefully, and keep referring to the actual device as you read. - Do the directions have steps? Follow them in order. Read all the directions fona procedure before you move on to the next one. - Make sure you understand any special abbreviations or symbols, You may find definitions and meanings in the manua| 's g| ossIry—an alphabetical list of special terms and their definitions. I With all the electronic products available today, it's useful to know how to read an instructional manual like the one on page 82. Io-Gnu smu- Understand the structure and purpose of an instructional manual Cellular Telephone Owner's Manual 31
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