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6 tips for mba professors who teach strategy execution and business scorecards

There are many education professionals who teach their students the ideas of strategy execution, strategic alignment, Key

Performance Indicators, and Business Scorecards. Many of them use BSC Designer software in the classroom.

In this short presentation we'd like to summarize the ideas that we learned working with these customers. Hopefully this information will inspire more teachers, and will help to explain respective ideas about strategy and KPIs more efficiently and effectively.

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6 tips for mba professors who teach strategy execution and business scorecards

  1. 1. BSC DESIGNER 6Tips for MBA Professors who Teach Strategy Execution and Business Scorecards By Aleksey Savkin, Graphics © BSC Designer
  2. 2. BSC DESIGNER Teachers face the same motivational problems with their students as top managers face with their employees
  3. 3. BSC DESIGNER If the suggested approach is boring, is not linked to everyday problems, and requires a lot of manual calculations, then people won't use it.
  4. 4. BSC DESIGNER A professor has two options: Explain all the theory and hope that students will go ahead and try all the ideas in practice and will apply them in the future. Start explaining the theory and start showcasing the theoretical ideas right away using the strategy execution software.
  5. 5. BSC DESIGNER We have analyzed the most interesting practices from MBA professors and business trainers who use BSC Designer… BSC DESIGNER Here are the results of this analysis formulated as 6 pieces of advice that we recommend to follow…
  6. 6. BSC DESIGNER KPIs are an important part of any scorecard project, but not the main one. On the early stage of the education course make sure that your students understand this.
  7. 7. BSC DESIGNER Focus on the questions of the strategy definition and description. Use 4 perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard, cause- and-effect connections, strategic themes. BSC Designer software will help with all of these aspects.
  8. 8. BSC DESIGNER Tell your students about the disciplined way to describe strategy in a form of a strategy map. A good strategy map gives a crystal-clear understanding of how the customer value is created and this is much more important than having a list of 100+ KPIs.
  9. 9. BSC DESIGNER When the first revision of the strategy is ready, students can go ahead and find proper measures. The best practice from the business world is that for each business goal there should be at least one leading and one lagging measure.
  10. 10. BSC DESIGNER If the focus of your course is on KPIs, then we would suggest for you to pay attention of your students on how the performance calculation of the scorecard is done. Share with your students the article "Scorecard and KPIs 101: Calculation of Indicators" where we have discussed these ideas.
  11. 11. BSC DESIGNER Divide your students into the work groups. You can use the same approach that international companies use, where in each business unit there is a strategy practitioner who runs strategy discussions and formalizes the ideas in the software.
  12. 12. BSC DESIGNER THANK YOU! Give BSC Designer a try at Feel free to send us your questions using the contact form at