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Learn english with us: It's Easy as ABC

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Learning to Speak in English with Confidence and Ease is vital for Success in any Career. T.r.i.c.k.s Presents and Easy way to Learn it using the right mix of media and class-room. and yes Learning itself is FUN!

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Learn english with us: It's Easy as ABC

  1. 1. It’s as easy as ABC
  2. 2. As a Second Language… Visit our blog:
  3. 3.  ACTIVE –Vocabulary  Words commonly used  building a word-base/power  BASIC – Grammar  Learn to use the simple rules  Composition & Usage  CORRECT-Pronunciation  Speak what you hear & Listen right  Speak with Confidence
  4. 4. You Learn Best with All the 3 Together
  5. 5. You See, Hear, Speak and Learn We use, Best Quality EnglishEdge Content from LIQVID for our Classrooms and the Language LAB. You can buy a CD-ROM…
  6. 6. Practice builds your Confidence In the English L@b EnglishEdge /BBC Learning English Content for the Language LAB..web-based FREE access to our Blog ,…more
  7. 7. Practice your Pronunciation and Produce right Sounds Our V&A Experts (like your mother) identify the problems and solve them by suggesting the right kind of Exercises… Many of our Learners who Practice come out of MTI… Yes, you CAN! Listen well to Speak well!
  8. 8. We use 44 Vowel and Consonant sounds for V&A Practice
  9. 9. Understand American, British & Australian Accents
  10. 10. Build a Solid Base of Grammar
  11. 11. With Flashcards and Visual Aids
  12. 12. Watch, Listen  Discuss and Debate
  13. 13. Better Communication Skills  Faster Career Growth
  14. 14. Join ‘Word-Play’ batch for Spoken English
  15. 15. Join ‘Get Selected’ Course for 100% Success
  16. 16. Join ‘Go Global’ Batch to Clear IELTS/ TOEFL
  17. 17. Take Free Assessment and Earn Fee Waiver or Scholarship Note: Ordinary Joe/Plain Jane is used primarily in North America to refer to a completely average person. Speak in English with Confidence and Ease blog:
  18. 18. BASIC English Plus Real-life Role Plays and Speak in Group Best blend of BASIC + INTERMEDIATE and good focus on V&A Prices Revising SOON!
  19. 19. Take Admission, Clear the Rope (basic level assessment) and start Earning as you LEARN… Join Learn2Earn Scheme: The Scheme is open to students above 14 years of age. For the Students of T.r.i.c.k.s – NOIDA Center only… Call us on: There can be more…apply your skills 0120 - 6515151