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Time Warner Cable Arena Marketing Plan

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Time Warner Cable Arena Marketing Plan

  1. 1. TIME WARNER CABLE ARENA A Marketing Plan Ashley N. Peterson West Virginia University IMC 630
  2. 2. Content I. Planning Project Objectives II. Current Market Analysis III. Consumer/Market Analysis IV. The Marketing Plan V. Evaluation & Modification VI. References
  3. 3. PLANNING PROJECT OBJECTIVES Program Concept/Product Position Establish Mission Statement and Goals & Objectives Identifying Consumer Needs
  4. 4. About Time Warner Cable Arena ■ Years in Existence: 10; Opened in October 2005 ■ Location: Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina ■ Management: Owned & Operated by Hornets Sports & Entertainment ■ Key Aspects of Arena: “Celebration of Gathering” design Artwork reflecting area’s sports & commercial history State-of-the-art scoreboard featuring Charlotte skyline Rock The Rooftop Fan Zone Diverse food & beverage selections
  5. 5. Program Concept/ Product Position “Our goal has been and always will be to position our building as the premier destination for sports and entertainment in the Carolinas. We strive to provide a wide variety of events that reach a large range of patrons, because we recognize that this arena is for the entire community. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the last decade and look forward to serving the people of Charlotte for years to come.” - Fred Whitfield, President & COO Hornets Sports & Entertainment
  6. 6. Time Warner Cable Arena Events • NBA Games – Charlotte Hornets & 2017 All-Star Weekend • Music Concerts • Family Events (i.e. circuses) • WWE Live • Conventions • Other Special-Interest Events (i.e. Comedy Shows, Religious Speakers,Arena Anniversary Shows)
  7. 7. Goals & Objectives Becoming Top- Ranked Arena In The Nation • Achieve 5% YoY increase in comp event attendance • Increase 2017 scheduling of non-NBA events by at least 12 events (one per month) Greater Ongoing Fan/Attendee Engagement • Achieve greater understanding of fan base through quarterly market research by event segment • Increase social media presence and engagement by adding additional platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope Stronger Focus on Building the Charlotte Community • Develop 3 new community partnerships in the next year to support growth of Charlotte through corporate responsibility efforts • Gain 5 new local or national corporate partnerships/sponsorships in the next 3 years As one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s most-visited tourist attractions, theTime Warner Cable Arena (TWCA) is dedicated to providing first-class live entertainment, including professional basketball events, college basketball tournaments, major concerts, family shows, conventions, and the like to the local community. In addition to operating as a premier destination for sports and entertainment, TWCA strives to serve as a catalyst for growth in Uptown Charlotte. Mission
  8. 8. Needs of Sports & Entertainment Consumers Overall, attendees at any of the Time Warner Cable Arena’s events need the arena to meet the following needs: ü Seamless Purchase and Arrival Experience:Must understand when, where, and how to purchase tickets and what is needed upon arrival to arena ü Live Experience: Looking to be provided with the all-inclusive, in-person experience that cannotbe duplicated by watching on TV or device ü Escape/Getaway:Hoping to use attendance as time away from regular daily routines to experience an event of interest ü Sense of Community: Gathering with other attendees that share similar interests ü Safe Environment:The arena must provide an overall safe environment for attendees of all ages and needs (i.e. disabled individuals, large groups, etc.)
  9. 9. Specific Needs of Sports & Entertainment Consumers Sporting Events • Social media engagement • Pomp & Circumstance – Mascot, Game music, Dancers Music Events • Unique Listening Experience • Reliable Audio/Visual • Real-time updates Family Events • Kid-Friendly Concessions & Merchandise • Ongoing entertainment for children Special Events • Updates on “need to know” logistics • Traffic pattern adjustments
  10. 10. Live Attendance Consumer Insights ■ Overall Key Takeaways: 50% of US Adults attended a live event in 2014, mostly sports and concerts Fewer African-Americans are attending live events StubHub is the top seller of sports tickets and growing for concerts ■ Sports: Attendance is male-heavy with expectations to attend more in future years, mostly in 18-24 age group ■ Concerts: One in five adults have attended a concert in the last year and expect to attend more in the next, with majority of ticket sales being online ■ Live Family Shows: While attendance remains steady, only one in three are purchasing online, which is significantly lower than other event categories
  11. 11. CURRENT MARKET ANALYSIS Environmental Scanning: Economic Trends, Social Trends, Competitive Trends SWOT Analysis
  12. 12. Economic Trends in Charlotte ■ Fastest-growing city in its size category ■ Second Largest Banking Center behind New York City ■ Metro Area Population: 2,385,600 ■ Median Household Income:$52,777 ■ Jobs Outlook: 5.30% UnemploymentRate, 1.85% Job Growth (Next 10 Years: 38.40%) Economic outlook for Charlotte is stronger than overall U.S.
  13. 13. Social Trends in Charlotte ■ Fastest-growing city in its size category: 47% growth expected between 2010 and 2030 ■ Greatest growth in North Carolina will be by the Hispanic population, with African- American closely behind that ■ Median age of population is getting younger as college graduates flock to the city for jobs and older population moves out to suburbs ■ Top occupations fall into white collar while blue collar occupations are still heavily represented
  14. 14. Competitive Trends for TWCA ■ Time Warner Cable Arena is the third largest arena by capacity in North Carolina behind Greensboro Coliseum and UNC Chapel Hill’s Dean Smith Center ■ Charlotte’s metro area is full of sports, entertainment, and leisure destinations - many being located in the Uptown area - that would cause consumers to have to choose where to spend their discretionary funds: Bank of America Stadium – Home of the Carolina Panthers Epicentre – Uptown Charlotte destination for dining, nightlife, and movies Charlotte Motor Speedway NASCAR Hall of Fame Carowinds Amusement Park Local Parks & Museums
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES • Unique design and guest amenities • Established schedule of events over 10 years in existence • Excitement/Influence of return of Charlotte Hornets • Strong Corporate Sponsorship support • Social media presence and activity • Central location • Cost of event attendance (compared to other options) • Capacity limitations • Low social media follower engagement OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • Ongoing growth of Charlotte metropolitan area • Scheduling of additional non-NBAevents • Leveraging support of large college student population in surrounding areas • Potential economic shifts • Local competition for discretionary spending on entertainment • Technology: On-demand/live streaming from home
  16. 16. CUSTOMER/MARKET ANALYSIS Demographic Psychographic Geographic Segmentation
  17. 17. Demographics of the Core TWCA Market The core group that TWCA can target, those that are in the local area of Mecklenburg county, represent a wide range of groups: AGE Median Age: 34.5 Male: 33.2 | Female: 35.6 Male Population = 48.4% Female Population = 51.6% INCOME Median Income: $52,375 Mean Income: $78,641 EDUCATION • High School or Higher (25+) = 89.0% • Bachelor’s or Higher (25+) = 41.5% • 2nd Best City for Recent College Graduates RACE/ETHNICITY
  18. 18. Demographics of the Live Entertainment Attendee The overall Charlotte market aligns closely with the live entertainment attendee profile in some demographic aspects: ■ Almost 50/50 Male/Female split ■ Majority Caucasian, followed by a significant Hispanic and African American population (African American population in Charlotte = 22%, Hispanic = 10%) ■ Average Income lower than Charlotte’s ■ Average age older than Charlotte’s
  19. 19. Psychographics of the TWCA Market The following psychographic segments can be found in the core TWCA market based on the demographic and trend data: ■ The Young Professional:This group includes recent college graduates and the single, under 35 crowd in the Charlotte metro. They more than likely moved to Charlotte for their job and typically live in or near Uptown to be able to take in the entertainment that the city has without lengthy travel. In terms of entertainment, they may be interested in everything TWCA has to offer outside of family entertainment. ■ The Young Nuclear Family: This group contains a group that is just beyond the young professional,35 years of age or older, and has reached a point in life where they have married and may have started a family and moved out to the suburbs.In terms of entertainment, they may be interested in any show that the TWCA has to offer, focusing on some that may be parents only and others for their children to join in. ■ The Mature Resident: This group contains the older minority in the area that still attends live events.They may live out in the suburbs but come into the city for the entertainment aspect. In terms of entertainment, they may be less likely to attend major events, but certain events may cater to them and the presence of grandchildren may attract them when it comes to family events.
  20. 20. Geographics of the TWCA Market As a major city in the state of North Carolina, the TWCA could attract attendees from the following areas beyond the Charlotte metropolitan area depending on the event: ■ Greensboro ■ High Point ■ Raleigh ■ Durham ■ Asheville ■ Fayetteville ■ Bordering states: South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia ■ Beyond bordering states Events that do not tour or travel – such as home Charlotte Hornets games, conventions, or All-Star weekend (if held there) attract the broadest audiences while concerts, circuses, comedy shows, and WWE events attract a much narrower audience as showings are typically available in other major metro areas. Attendees can be identified as Charlotte Metro Residents, Non-Charlotte North Carolina Residents, and Non-North Carolina Residents that TWCA can target.
  21. 21. Core TWCA Customer Segments • Likely to be a college-educated single individual under 35 who resides in Charlotte for job, evenly likely to be Male or Female with average income between $60k and $75k • Open to attend all events on a regular basis with exception of family events due to higher disposable income • Looking to build local network/meet new people to enjoy what the city has to offer Charlotte Young Professional • Typically younger family with parents under 40 and average of 2 children, living in the outskirts of the Charlotte metro • More likely to attend family events with the occasional Hornets games if the price is right with special discounts • Parents may look for "getaway" events such as concerts or comedy shows that they would attend without their children Local Suburban Family • Reflects Average Live Event Attendee: 50/50 Male/Female ratio, Average age of 44, Average Income of $69,000, living beyond 90 mile radius of Charlotte metro • More likely to attend special events not available in their local area such as big Hornets games, All-Star Game, annual events/conventions • Look for discounts or other special "bundle" aspects to make travel and cost of event worth their time and money Out-Of-Towner 20% 80%
  22. 22. THE MARKETING PLAN Product Price Promotion Place Public Relations
  23. 23. Product Core Product: Sports & Live Entertainment ■ Basketball Games ■ Music Concerts ■ Circuses ■ WWE Live ■ Conventions ■ Comedy Shows ■ Religious Speakers Product Extensions: Beyond the Event ■ Guaranteed Service Promise ■ Hornets Fan Shop ■ Special Suite/Luxury Seating Options ■ Concourse Dining: “Traditional event- goer favorites” with Kids’ Menu combos and certain items available at portable stands throughout arena ■ Nonprofit fundraising through concession staffing ■ Group sale options for 10+ attendees with special benefits Service Promise: Delivering Spectacular Fun and Memories that Marvel to every guest!
  24. 24. Price: Event Attendance Cost Est. Ticket Price Ranges: ■ Charlotte Hornets Games: $10 - $300 (Playoffs: $35 - $400) ■ Concerts: $80 - $500 ■ Circuses: $35 - $112 $6.50 $4.50 $4.50 $5.00 $7.45 $4.52 $5.03 $17.11 Beer Soft Drink Hot Dog Parking Concession & Non-TicketPrices TWCA NBA Average 2014 – 2015 Season Fan Cost Index: Charlotte Hornets = $212.40 | NBA Average = $333.58
  25. 25. Hornets Average Ticket Pricing
  26. 26. Promotion • TWCA 10th Anniversary • Democratic National Convention • 2016 NBA All-Star Game Hallmark Events • Swarm365 Membership: Best-prices game tickets for all 43 preseason and home games (redeemable for future games if unused), Interest Free Payment Options, 10% food discount & drink • Partial Season Plans: Half Season Pick Plan or 12 Game Pick Plan • Hornets Fan Shop: Save 10% by signing up for emails, Limited Time Discount Codes for Shipping or Merchandise Hornets Sales Promotions • Hornets Games: Giveaway of t-shirts, hats, duffel bags for the first 7500 fans Contests/Giveaways
  27. 27. Hornets 2015-2016 Season Promotional Schedule Date Opponent Giveaway Saturday, November 1st Atlanta Hawks Tuxedo T-Shirt Wednesday, December 2nd Golden State Warriors Buzz City Jersey T-Shirt Saturday, December 12th Boston Celtics Duffel Bag Saturday, December 26th Memphis Grizzlies Winter Knit Hat Friday, February 5th Miami Heat Buzz City Jersey T-Shirt Friday, March 4th Indiana Pacers Hugo Plush Hat
  28. 28. Place ■ Location: Uptown Charlotte - 333 East Trade Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 ■ Transportation Options: Personal Car, Taxi/Uber, Public – Bus, LYNX (light rail) ■ Parking: ~30,000 spaces available within 15 minute walk of TWCA ■ Owned Ticket Distribution Channels: Box Office Managed by Ticketmaster – Time Warner Cable Arena Box Office, online at or, or via phone at 1-800-4NBA-TIX (Verified resale options available) ■ Arena Seating: Basketball & General End Stage
  29. 29. Special Seating Options Special Benefits (based on seating type): ■ Access to arena restaurants - Crown Club & FrontCourt – or complimentary food and drink ■ Preferred views ■ Preferred parking ■ Private VIP Entrance ■ Fan Shop discounts ■ Access to event pre-sales and invite-only events ■ Special amenities: Modern design, Flat screen TVs ■ Club lounge access ■ Designated account manager and/or wait staff
  30. 30. Public Relations Founding Sponsors: Time Warner Cable,NovantHealth,Coca-Cola,Lowe’s Other Corporate Sponsors: NC Education Lottery, Jordan,Dr. Seitlin (Official Dentist of the Hornets), CPI Security, Gatorade, Bojangles’,Match Up Promotions, ITEK Graphics, HM Properties,Hickory Tavern, rmsource, SilverFox Limos,ARIA Resort& Casino,Charlotte Regional,Jani-King Sponsors Cats Care (Bobcats-branded) Mission: “Bring positive and lasting change to our community through dynamic programming and a commitment to social responsibility in the areas of education,wellness and the fight againsthunger.” Programming includes about50+ programs such as the Book Bus, scholarship programs and with long-standing community partners,with public volunteer and donations form inviting fans to join in giving back. Food Lion Feeds – Official Hunger ReliefPartner of the Charlotte Hornets Community Relations Social media is focused on promoting upcoming events and eventrecaps through photo sharing,reposting from fans and partners, and exclusive photos. Both Time Warner Cable Arena and the Charlotte Bobcats have official Facebook pages,Twitter handles,and Instagram feeds. Social Media
  31. 31. 5P’s Analysis ■ Product: Variety of event and concession options for the whole family with sprinkling of special events to attract wider audiences beyond the local area ■ Price: Very favorable price points relative to rest of arenas/league to match cost of living and income in the area to drive attendance ■ Promotion: Opportunity for continuous communication and/oravailability of non- Hornets promotional options ■ Place: Arena provides vivid detail for local and out-of-town attendees alike to set expectations and ensure a smooth experience traveling to and taking in shows ■ Public Relations: Opportunity for greater promotion around community outreach via social media channels and need for official rebrand of Cat Cares
  33. 33. Is the Product Position/Concept viable? Are the Goals and Objectives realistic? Product Position: In the past 10 years,TWCA has successfully worked to become a premier destination for sports and entertainment by expanding their event offerings beyond the Bobcats/Hornets and have become a staple of Uptown Charlotte for residents and visitors alike. By providing various events at a relatively low price Goals & Objectives: The G&Os set for TWCA are realistic because of the growth of the Charlotte metropolitan area and the increasing attraction of live eventattendees in the area as the Hornets continue to be a successfulNBA teams and TWCA solidifies their event schedule with top names in entertainment that other nearby arenas may not be able to secure.This success willdrive interest in additional partnerships in addition to attendance with the help of market research and greater engagementvia social media.
  34. 34. Does your Plan meet the needs of your identified target market segments? Target Market: With the Charlotte metro’s population being so closely aligned with the average live event attendee (but with a higher income), TWCA is in a great position to reach this market with its current product offerings, while paying attention to opportunities (Slide 35) that can make the connection to the target market even stronger in the future.
  35. 35. Is your segmentation rationale based on your market analysis? Segmentation Rationale: The three segments identified are derived from the makeup of the average live event attendee paired with the current Charlotte metro population. Overall Plan Appropriateness by Segment Segment Level of Marketing Plan Appropriateness Strengths Opportunities Charlotte Young Professional High Events for all interests Active social media presence Promotions that facilitate networking Local Suburban Family Medium Relatively affordable pricing options Kid-friendly concessions More family-based promotions for Hornets games (main tenant) Out-Of-Towner Medium Accommodating location for visitors Identify additional special events to drive this segment to make trip to Charlotte
  36. 36. What changes in the Marketing Mix (5P’s) are indicated based on your market/consumer analysis and your Plan? ■ Broaden Social Media Presence: Tap into the success of the NBA’s social media strategy as well as other large arenas (i.e. Madison Square Garden) to understand how to drive greater engagement from the diverse Millennial and Gen Z populations who are the core target for live events (i.e. adding presence on Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) ■ Add Contests: To increase attendance among the families and out-of-town attendees, incorporating an ongoing rhythm of contests including such things as free tickets or backstage passes can provide an added benefit to those who may put more thought into cost-benefit analysis before purchasing event tickets ■ Community Service Emphasis: Specifically among Millennials, community service opportunities are important in driving brand positioning and, with Cats Care, TWCAhas the opportunity to rebrand and leverage their main tenant’s service projects to better engage Hornets fans and regular event attendees ■ Family Package Pricing: As Millennials that have settled in Charlotte begin to start families, it is important to ensure that this key segment is not lost due to attendance costs. By providing event package deals for families that focus around Hornets games and/or the half-year event calendar that may include circuses or other family-focused events, TWCA can achieve greater attendance on an ongoing basis.
  37. 37. REFERENCES
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