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Buddhism PowerPoint
Buddhism PowerPoint
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Buddhism PowerPoint



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Buddhism PowerPoint

  1. 1. History
  2. 2. India Prior To Buddhism… Hinduism: -Established in 1500 BCE -Vedas texts -Caste system
  3. 3. The Caste System:
  4. 4. Teachings of the Upanishads: -Samsara -Karma -Moksha -Yoga Shramanas
  5. 5. The Life of Buddha… Legendary Birth Early Life -Aprox. 480 BCE -Named Siddhartha -Immaculate conception Gautama -Non-vaginal birth -Palace life -Married and began a family -Left the palace
  6. 6. Discovery of Suffering -Old age -Disease -Death -Shramanas
  7. 7. Journey of Enlightenment -His own past lives -Other’s past lives -Attains knowledge of: -omniscience -Becomes the Buddha -Begins spreading his teachings
  8. 8. Spreading of Buddhism -India - spread by ascetics -disappears 12th century -Asia -spread through trade -West -enters 19th century
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Was the Buddha a God? Do Buddhist worship Idols? Why are so many Buddhist countries stricken with poverty? What did the Buddha Teach?
  11. 11. The Four Noble Truths First Noble Truth Second Noble Truth Third Noble Truth Fourth Noble Truth
  12. 12. Fundamentals of Buddhism Noble 8-fold Path What are the 5 Percepts? What is Karma?
  13. 13. Wisdom and Compassion What is Wisdom? What is Compassion?
  14. 14. Buddhist Theism • Buddhism is non-theistic • Differs on beliefs about a god or gods • Most common view: there isn’t a god or set of gods that govern the universe, but many gods living in an “unseen world” • This “unseen world” is http://buddhism- associated with the buddhism-in-india-and-role-of.html hereafter.
  15. 15. Buddhist Theism • Buddha is often called “devatideva” • This is because he fully understands the deities • He is often prayed angeles-april-17-19.html to, but not as a god
  16. 16. Is Buddhism a Religion? • definitions of religion: – By first definition, No, Buddhism is not a religion, but rather a philosophy. – By second definition, Yes, Buddhism is a religion. • More or less, it’s open to interpretation – there is no right answer
  17. 17. Is Buddhism a Religion? • “Religion” is often synonymous with “faith.” • Buddhism is very much practice and works based, as opposed to faith based • Many do not believe in the same ideas on the hereafter
  18. 18. Meditation
  19. 19. Advantages of Meditation: -Lengthens life -Gives one strength -Drives out discontent -Softens the mind
  20. 20. Progressive Steps of Meditation: -Restraint of senses -Understanding of how the senses cause bondage -Solitary Meditation -Concentration and the forsaking of idle thoughts
  21. 21. Two Aspects of Meditation: Calm Meditation and Insight Meditation
  22. 22. Calm Meditation: -return to clarity -suppression of defilements -understanding of mind’s nature -stilling the mind -overcoming the mind’s tendencies -object of contemplation -access concentration
  23. 23. Insight Meditation: -after calm meditation -achieves understanding that all things are: -impermanent and unstable -unsatisfactory and imperfect -not self
  24. 24. Seven Purifications: -Consciousness -Conduct -View -Crossing over doubt -Knowing and seeing what is the path and not the path -Knowing and seeing the way -Knowing and seeing
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Temples and Monastic Complexes
  27. 27.
  28. 28. In+Buddhist+Temple,+4.jpg
  29. 29. umbia%2C_Canada.jpg
  30. 30. Image Image Consecrations Consecrations
  31. 31.
  32. 32.
  33. 33. tpfil02aw-26346.jpg
  34. 34. Village Rituals and Ceremonies
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. //
  38. 38. The Ordination of Monks and Novices
  39. 39. prabang-buddhist-monks-collecting-alms-picture-vincent-ross/
  40. 40.
  41. 41.
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  • Prior to the religion’s emergence, Hinduism was the dominant religion in northern India, the region of Siddhartha’s birth (1)
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