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Challenges of educational open data

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Challenges of educational open data

  1. 1. Challenges of personal data from education: content, ethics and privacy Open : Data : Cooperation – 2014-10-20 Simon Grant
  2. 2. Summary ● I'll focus on – the educational background – educational data / information content ● (I'm sure ethics and privacy will be well discussed anyway)
  3. 3. Cetis ● Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards – Cetis ● For many years a service of Jisc ● Main strength around Higher Education ● Technologies that support education (incl. HE) ● Interoperability through open standards – including developing some ourselves ● Hosted at Bolton, IEC (future?)
  4. 4. Data relevant to education (and the relevant standard formats) ● Official learner records ● Learner / learning analytics ● Learner owned ● Learner entered
  5. 5. Official learner records ● School pupils: government agencies – Learning Records Service – Key Information Set ● FE learners – Individualised Learner Record ● HE learners: – The HEAR: Higher Education Achievement Report – the European Diploma Supplement – part of the European Skills Passport
  6. 6. Standards relevant to official records ● XCRI (about courses, not individuals) ● Metadata for Learning Opportunities EN 15982:2011 (as above) ● UK HEAR ● European Learner Mobility Achievement Information EN 15981:2011 ● Mozilla Open Badges(originally for informal)
  7. 7. Learning / learner analytics ● Many ongoing projects typically using output from learning technology ● A particular one we are involved with: – LACE Project ● Institution-owned ICT systems ● Online learning services ● Standards: – xAPI (or “Tin Can”)
  8. 8. Learner-owned ● e-portfolio, personal and professional development – provided though institution, government or other agency ● The challenge being how to get relevant information to (e.g.) employers in a way that they are able to process efficiently ● What is relevant anyway? Learner's view sometimes diverges from employer's view. – often used for personal, private reflections – relevant to personal identity
  9. 9. Learner-entered ● CVs - tend to focus on educational achievements, skills, experience ● recruitment web sites ● business networking e.g. LinkedIn ● other social networking - less to do with education ● Leap2A designed for “learner-ownable” – (one of mine)
  10. 10. Learner Information: summary ● Wide range of personal data/information potentially available ● Some standard formats available; though usage is patchy ● "Ownership" is contentious: focus not on ownership but on rights ● Challenge may be presenting to right people at right time ● Challenge may be privacy and avoiding inappropriate access ● Almost none is "open" in the full sense ● But almost all could be used in conjunction with open data, – if and when permitted by the individual
  11. 11. Follow up... ? ● Me: – twitter: @asimong – gmail, SlideShare, Google, Skype: asimong ● Thanks for your attention!