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Hughes RDAP11 Data Publication Repositories

  1. Loosely coupled
  2. Elasticity (e.g. Commodity-based)
  3. Multi-organizational
  4. etc
  5. At an enterprise-scale, architectures don’t need to prescribe what’s inside services….just their interfaces, function, behavior, etc…
  6. Services might include….
  7. Data discovery
  8. Data access
  9. Security
  10. distribute environments
  11. science data generation
  12. data capture, end-to-end
  13. access to science data by the community
  14. A set of building blocks/services to exploit common system patterns for reuse
  15. 04-FEB-2011 - Apache OODT v0.2 Released
  16. New centers plugging in (i.e. data nodes)
  17. Multi-center data system infrastructure
  18. New centers plugging in (i.e. data nodes)
  19. Multi-center data system infrastructure
  20. Used OODT Catalog and Archive Service software
  21. Focus is on “process management”
  22. Constructed “workflows”
  23. Execution of “processors” based on a set of rules
  24. Explicit separation of workflow management from management of computational resources
  25. Provided “lights out” operations
  26. Multiple Missions
  27. SeaWinds
  28. QuikSCAT
  29. Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO), OCO-2…
  30. NP Sounder PEATE