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The power of brand advocates

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The power of brand advocates.

Do you know other great Brand Advocacy Cases?
Let us know and we’ll add them to this presentation!

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The power of brand advocates

  1. The Power of<br />Brand Advocates<br />
  2. The Power of Brand Advocates<br />LBi Client Afternoon - 21 April 2010<br />Last updated on 2 May 2010<br />
  3. Agenda<br />What’s a Brand Advocate?<br />Customers as Brand Advocates<br />Why are Advocates so interesting?<br />From Brand Loyalist to Advocate…<br />Some Cases<br />Employees as Brand Ambassadors<br />
  4. The Brand Advocate<br />
  5.<br />
  6. True Fans & Brand Advocates<br />
  7. 1. What’s Brand Advocate?<br />A customer… <br /><ul><li>who has favorable perceptions of a brand
  8. who will talk favorably about a brand to their acquaintances
  9. who can help generate brand awareness
  10. who can influence purchase intentions</li></ul>They have always been there …BUTnever had much chance to be heard.<br />Times have changed:<br /><ul><li>Many tools available
  11. Fast & Cheap
  12. Global reach
  13. Easy to use</li></li></ul><li>2. Customers as Brand Advocates<br />They want to convert others<br />often as well:<br />- Innovators (2%)<br />- Early Adopters (13%)<br />They express their love for <br />your brand to others<br />
  14. The interconnected consumers<br /><ul><li>Only the rich & famous used to be influential
  15. Today, influence is widespread!
  16. Influential ≠ influencing
  17. Average network = 190 followers</li></li></ul><li>3. Why are Advocates so interesting?<br /><ul><li>14% trust online ads (Forrester)
  18. 94% trust Word of Mouth (Forrester)
  19. Advocates will thrive your community
  20. When advocates talk, brands grow
  21. Average network = 190 followers
  22. 1.000 advocates=190K direct reach
  23. 40% consumers recommend brands (ComScore)
  24. 60% advocates believe that good brands are worth talking about.
  25. 67% of US economy impacted by Word of Mouth (Mc Kinsey & Co)
  26. 70% conversations include recommendation (Keller Fay)
  27. 85% tried to contact supplier before complaining (Nielsen)
  28. 90% of advocates write something positive about purchase experience</li></li></ul><li>Passionate<br />people<br />
  29. 4. From Brand Loyalist to Advocate…<br />Identify and mobilize your advocates<br />Find your brand loyalist<br />Give exclusive access and special privileges<br />Respond quickly to their comments and feedback<br />Monitor and reach out proactively<br />Give brand loyalists a voice (Empowerment)<br />
  30. Loving<br />Your Brand<br />
  31. It no longer matters what YOU say ! <br />In 2010, your brand is determined by: what you do who you are <br />what THEY say.<br />
  32. Some cases<br />Hot & Spicy<br />
  33. Case 1. Jericho - Protest<br />In the season finale, a character replies "Nuts!" to a demand that the beleaguered town of Jericho surrender.<br />Network channel CBS cancelled the television series “Jericho”...<br />Fans protested and created a community<br />They worked together and did send 25 ton of peanuts to CBS.<br />CBS decided to continue broadcasting Jericho.<br /><br />
  34. Case 2. Coca-Cola - Happiness Ambassadors<br /> The campaign “Expedition 206” sent three 20-somethings (selected social media influentials!) to 206 countries and territories where Coca-Cola is sold in 2010, stocked with laptops, video cameras, smartphones and plenty of other gadgetry, in order to document for the masses their search for happiness. <br /><br />
  35. Case 3. Cirque du Soleil – Getting insights<br />To promote their 2009 summer campaign, Cirque du Soleil fully relied on social media.<br />They listened to their community and used the learned insights to build excitement for future shows.<br />Fans and followers were given exclusive content and special discounts.<br />
  36. Case 4. Starbucks – 171 in Manhattan<br /><br /><br />
  37. Case 5. Starbucks – My Starbucks Idea<br /><br /><br />
  38. Case 6. Carlton Draught – The Big Ad<br />The "Big Ad" is a television advertisement for Carlton Draught pale lager. They used viral marketing techniques to promote the advertisement before it was broadcast on television.<br />Within two weeks, it had been seen by over one million viewers in 132 countries. This campaign was widely covered in the press. The viral release of the "Big Ad" was so successful that the company reduced its television media budget so as not to overexpose the advertisement. <br /><br />
  39. Case 7. Toyota Conversations<br />They turned up the volume of their response level and created a social media war room that’s staffed with 6 to 8 responders during the crisis.<br />
  40. Case 7. Toyota Conversations - Some statements...<br />In the first 5 days, over a million people viewed the DiggDialogg video interview with president, Jim Lentz.<br />Some of our models, such as Prius, have entrenched communities of enthusiasts with whom we engage, as they’re authentic brand advocates.<br />ROI is certainly important to us in the long run, however we don’t plan to wait to define it before advancing initiatives we know are important.  Over time we will definitely evaluate our efforts in order to determine how they are impacting key metrics. Those results will become the new benchmarks for future initiatives, and ultimately the foundation for measuring ROI<br /><br /><br />
  41. Case 8. Pepsi - Refresh Everything<br />Pepsi decided to shelve its 23M$ Super Bowl commercials & instead dedicate that money to Social Media.<br />Pepsi is now embracing a bottoms up approach where grassroots activism replaces over the top commercials seeking to create positive brand associations with Pepsi.<br />
  42. Case 8. Pepsi - Refresh Everything<br />Objectives : <br />Create an ongoing dialog where Pepsi is communicating with its advocates <br />Associate its brand in a new way with the rest of the population of soda drinkers.  <br />What the soda giant needs to do is engage its customers and advocates where they already are: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and social communities where the vast majority of interactions take place.  A page view on a corporate web site, while a good thing, simply can’t compare in terms of brand building to customer advocates out on the social web.<br /><br />
  43. And what about your employees?The most overlooked segment of potential brand building are your employees! They are out there in the world interacting with people every day(Ogilvy & Mather)<br />
  44. 6. Employees as Brand Ambassadors<br />Employees paid to work officially as your Evangelists<br />Extra motivated Employees<br />
  45. Case 9. Best Buy - Twelpforce<br /><br /><br /><br />
  46. We found our Ambassador<br />... hope you have too!<br />
  47. Identify your own Brand Advocates & Brand Ambassadors and start a conversation with them first!<br />
  48. Some questions to get you started…<br /><ul><li>How important are “influencers” in your overall social strategy?
  49. Do you target them?
  50. Try to identify them?
  51. On which platforms are they active?
  52. Have special programs for them?
  53. How will you reward them?
  54. Can you reinforce their loyalty?</li></li></ul><li>Building<br />Believable Brands<br />Do you know other great Brand Advocacy Cases?<br />Let us know and we’ll add them to this presentation!<br />
  55. Thanks…<br />Talk to you soon!<br /><br /><br />