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Twitter Words

  1. 1. Twitter Words 20 Words Every Twitterer Should Know
  2. 2. Twitter A social networking and micro-blogging service.
  3. 3. Twitterer A user of Twitter. A Twitterer is sometimes also referred to as a Tweeter.
  4. 4. Tweet noun: A message sent on Twitter. Sometimes also referred to as a Twitter.
  5. 5. Tweet verb: The act of posting to Twitter.
  6. 6. Twitterzine A magazine published through Twitter.
  7. 7. Tweet Pushers Content writers for a Twitterzine.
  8. 8. ReporTwitters A bunch of journalists publishing 'reality style' tweets in conjunction with their articles.
  9. 9. Twoosh A full 140 character Twitter.
  10. 10. Twitter Stream A collection of Tweets, usually belonging to one user, in chronological order.
  11. 11. Friendapalooza A scheduled burst of friend-adding on Twitter and other social networks.
  12. 12. Dweet Tweet sent while under the influence of alcohol.
  13. 13. Tweetaholism Continued use of Twitter to the point of addiction.
  14. 14. Twittcrastination Procrastination which is facilitated by the use of Twitter.
  15. 15. Mistweet A tweet which one later regrets.
  16. 16. Twitterrhea The act of sending too many Twitter messages.
  17. 17. Tweeple Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users.
  18. 18. TweetIn When a group of Twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter.
  19. 19. Twitterati The glamorous A-List Twitterers everyone wants to follow.
  20. 20. Twitosphere The total community of Twitterers.
  21. 21. Twitterness A person’s contribution to the Twitosphere.
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