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Couple video

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Couple video

  1. 1. **WARNING**Beware of how lame this video is going to be cause it was made by Tashas super lame girlfriend.
  2. 2. I Love you babe<3 Im Created by Alyssa Guided by Aurora
  3. 3. 239Us Forever
  4. 4. Yo Ku i s sL io ev se Giving me
  5. 5. the fact that our lips never touched doesnt stopevery kiss from leaving me with a stomach full of butterflies.......... and I try to kiss you back....
  6. 6. but i cant make a kissy face but that makesyou all Smiley so Ill do it anyway even if i dont want to because I love your smile more then anything.
  7. 7. I feel like youre embarrassed to sing orshow off any of your musical skills for mebut you do it anyway because you knowI love it<3
  8. 8. Baby, you think I like your sisters more than you. Thats nowhere near true, I just dont want themhating me cause once im there with you it wont be much fun when everyone but you hates me...
  9. 9. A lot of people flirt with you and i get jealous but im like
  10. 10. You can alwaysmake me Smile evenon the darkest days youre the only person who canbring out my real smile so easily
  11. 11. We are two very different people
  12. 12. You tell me youre not perfect and youre rightcause being perfect is boring babe but being you is what makes you perfectly imperfect.. .No matter what you think, youre my stunningly beautiful, loving, super smart, funny, caring girlfriend who is perfect for me <333
  13. 13. December 17, 2012<33 - Forever