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A love story

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A love story

  2. 2. • It is said that you only fancy someone when you meet him fot the first time in person but not everybody agrees with that.
  3. 3. • One day while i was chatting on the internet i met my current boyfriend.
  4. 4. We started talking about a game we had in common, ‘League of Leguends’.
  5. 5. • Later on, we decided to play another game together, he VS me. He added me and we started playing immediately.
  6. 6. • I was sure that i was going to win. The game finished with a result of 10 VS 3, I wasn’t right, I lost the match.
  7. 7. • From that moment onwards, I started to hate the character he used… She was called Ahri.
  8. 8. • After a while he started kidding me by saying: ‘ You are a very bad player’ , ‘You must keep on practising’. The problem was that he was a very good player… • Then, as I didn’t know anything about him yet, i asked him his name, how old he was, where he lived and these typical questions.
  9. 9. again because he said his name was Pau (Now you can underestand why i thought he was kidding me, it is like the girl’s nickname from Paula), I didn’t believe him until he took a photo of his ID and I checked he was right, his name was Pau.He told me that he was 21 and he lived in a village in Barcelona.
  10. 10. • The next day, I was very angry as i had failed my History exam. I told him why I was so angry and he said that he was also studying History and he could help me with my next exam. He was so cute at that moment…
  11. 11. • We also talked about our musical tastes. He loves the same music as me, Rock! We listen to the same bands like Sleeping with sirens, Asking Alexandria, Bring me the horizon and our favourite band, Deaf Havana!! • I told him that i had their latest CD, called ‘Old Souls’ and he said very enthusiasticalle
  12. 12. months’ time it would be his birthday but he didn’t want any presents. I decided to write him a lovely letter, I bought him the latest CD by Deaf Havana and I went to Barcelona by train. I did it although I had accidentally told him about it two days before, so it wasn’t a surprise. He was very happy and he started to make plans.
  13. 13. went out of the building to the car park and I could see a boy jumping at the same time he was shouting very loudly; ‘Rocío, Rocío, I am here honey!!! And inmediately, he came running where I was. I started to cry. Then, he kissed and hugged me very very hard. If he had continued hugging me with that intensity I would have died as i had no oxygen.
  14. 14. hotel reservation as he said he had enough spare rooms.The next day, I gave him my beautiful presents and he started to tell me off, but in a good way because,he had been expecting them from the beginning. When he opened the CD he started to smile like a child.I think he was feeling the luckiest boy in the world while he was Reading my letter.
  15. 15. • It was 8 o’clock in a shiny morning when Pau started to shout: ‘Get up Rocío, we are going to go to Madrid!! Come on, come on!! • I got up, I had breakfast and I got dressed. Immediately, we went to the car and we started our trip to Madrid.
  16. 16. • During the trip, Deaf havana’s cd was sounding. I asked him why we were going to Madrid. What were we going to do? But he did not answer me.
  17. 17. • We arrived and we went to the hotel to leave our stuff. To my surprise, at half past ten he took me to a Deaf Havana’s concert!! I couldn’t believe it, Deaf Havana was about to start their performance!!
  18. 18. we had a VIP pass to meet them before the concert. We went to the backstage where they were and we could meet them.They just were as i imagined: Very friendly, kind, happy and very pale but, so cute! They signed our CD’s and they dedicated us our favourite song called ‘Caro Padre’. • The concert was amazing, above aall thanks to that Company.
  19. 19. me to start doing my degree there, in Barcelona. • Now, i am living with him and the relationship goes smooth and well. We are thinking of future plans, like spending all the summer with my family. He hasn’t had the opportunity to meet them yet, so I think it will be a good moment.