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Static charges on corona treater

Corona treatment generates high level of static charges. Along with dust and wear and tear, it results in shocks to the operator. Valstat static eliminating bars help in smooth operation and reduce operational risks.
To find out more about Valence Electrons:
Valence AC VS 20 Active Anti-static Eliminator:
Valence Electron's range of static elimination products:

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Static charges on corona treater

  1. 1. VALENCE ELECTRONS PRIVATE LIMITED 32 K R Colony, Domlur Layout, Bangalore 560 071, India T: +91-80-4125 6570 E: W: Registered Office: 43 Dr V B Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 023, India CIN: U74999MH2000PTC127595 Application note Published date: 31-12-2016 | Rev: 1A Page 1 Static charges on corona treater Problem On blown film lines, very high levels of static charges are generated after corona treatment. These charges can easily attract dust, dirt and contaminants from machine frames, floor and air onto the web. If not eliminated, these static charges can result in uncomfortable shocks to the operator with a risk of spark / fire hazard. Solution To overcome the problem, we recommend installing Valstat ® VR 20 AC static eliminating bars as soon as the web leaves the corona treater as shown in the above diagram.