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Robin hood and the archery

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Robin hood and the archery

  2. 2. A long time ago,Robin Hood lived near Nottingham in England.He lived In Sherwood Forest with his friends . The Sheriff of Nottingham is a Bad sheriff.He's cruel. Let's help the people of Nottingham.
  3. 3. The people worked hard,but they were very poor.The Sheriff of Nottingham was very rich Pay your taxes. Please,don't take my money
  4. 4. Robin Hood and his friends waited for the Sheriff in the forest. Stop!Give me the money Oh,no ! It's Robin Hood.
  5. 5. Robin wanted the money for the poor people and they loved him. Here's your money. Thank you,kind Robin.
  6. 6. The Sheriff was angry He wanted to catch Robin.. Robin loves archery.I can catch him at the contest I can win the gold for the people,Friar Tuck.
  7. 7. Robin arrived at the contest with Little John He looked like an old man. Now the Sheriff can't recognise me. There's Sir Guy,the Sheriff's friend.He's good at archery
  8. 8. The contest started at 4 o'clock. There were 40 archers Ready,steady,shoot! Good luck,Robin!
  9. 9. Only two arrows were on target. Only two arrows were on target. This is the old man's arrow. This is Sir Guy's arrow.
  10. 10. There were two men left in the contest. Ready,steady,shoot! Good luck,Robin.
  11. 11. Only one arrow was on target. The contest finished and Robin Hood was the winner. It's the old man's arrow.Here's the bag of gold. Only one man can do that.Robin Hood!Catch him!
  12. 12. Robin Hood's friends helped him escape. Come on,Robin.Quick! Let's go to the forest. Stop!
  13. 13. Robin and his friends escaped with the gold. Now we can eat and be merry. And the poor people can eat too.