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Presentation about population studies

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A presentation about population studies.

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Presentation about population studies

  1. 1. A PRESENTATION ABOUT POPULATION STUDIES Prepared by- Shah Mohammad Atikul Haque Department of Urban and Regional Planning Batch:14th Roll:1884
  2. 2. DEFINITION AND CONCEPT Population: Population can be defined in many ways like  The people who inhabit a territory or state;  A group of organisms of the same species inhabiting a given area;  Population is about people, and the dwellings, locations and environments that people live in. From the view point of Statistics, population is  The entire aggregation of items from which samples can be drawn the number of inhabitants (either the total number or the number of a particular race or class) in a given place (country or city etc…)
  3. 3. Population studies:  It is not only the study of population but it is meant for the population awareness and population consciousness of the bad effects of population growth and its remedial measures.  It is the education about population growth and its remedial measures.  It is the education about population matter like fertility, mortality and migration and its remedial measures to check the rapid growth of population.  It aims at the growth of the qualitative life of the people.
  4. 4.  Aspects of Population Studies : Under population studies three main aspects are covered namely, size, composition and distribution of population: 1.Size:In size that aspect of the study is taken which deals with such problems as to how many people live in a given population group, what changes are taking place in the size of the group and how these changes are affected. It also aims at finding out how many people live in a given place at a given point of time . But this can be accurately found out by clearly defining the term ‘place’, ‘ person’ and ‘time’. 2.Composition:After size comes composition, in population study. In it are covered all the measurable characteristics of the people who form a given
  5. 5. Population. The composition of two groups can differ when one of the groups has larger or smaller proportion of persons with a given characteristic. 3.Distributiion:After size and composition then comes distribution of population. Population distribution study is concerned with such matters as to how are the people distributed and what is the nature of changes in population distribution. Advantages of Population Studies : There are many advantages of Population Studies. These are-
  6. 6. (a)Political: In the political field on the basis of demographic studies concerned political leadership and authorities come to know about the rate at which number of voters, male and female, is increasing, how the generation gap is gradually influencing national and international politics. (b)Economic: The importance of study that population in the economic field is immenses. It is with the help of population studies that the nation comes to know how far the rate of population growth is keeping pace with
  7. 7. that of economic development and in case are not keeping pace with each other, how to adjust these so that economic problems do not seriously threat the nation. (c)Planning: Most of the advanced countries are now accepting the concept of planned development. Thus planning of resources has become an unavoidable process . It is accepted that limited human and natural resources must be utilised in a planned manner in the best interest of the society. But no
  8. 8. Planning can be a success unless the planners are aware of the population growth rates and the areas in which population is much more rapidly growing than the others. (d)Social: Population study is very much advantageous in the social field as well. It is here that the society comes to know what basic social needs are unavoidable for the growing population. It is population studies which can help in finding out extra electricity, roads ,water, housing, schools, hospital and other similar needs of the society on the one hand and shopping centres , hygenic, facilities etc.
  9. 9. (e)Advantages to Administrators: Administrators find population studies immensely useful. It is with the help of these studies that they are in a position to understand where there should be more and where less stress on administration. In fact, whole administrative machinery moves keeping in view growth of population. An administrator, whether in the social, economic, or political field will always have the growth or decline of population in view for smooth running of administration. (f)Essential for Checking Regional Imbalances: Population study is essential for finding out population migration trends which result in creating regional imbalances, particularly when due to one reason of the
  10. 10. other there is mass migration. This trend is quite visible these days because the educated people and landless labour is migrating from rural to the urban areas and from one region to the other. Many serious law and order problems arise because of it and even some regions become more advanced industrially than the other, thus creating industrial backwardness in some parts of the country. It is because of regional imbalances that demand for more autonomy is made and in the process agitational approach is adopted by some aggressive leaders who try to exploit regional sentiments of the people.
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