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User Insights, Data Driven Design, and Stakeholder Buy In

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A case study in mobile strategy
Matthew Martin and Christina Spencer

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User Insights, Data Driven Design, and Stakeholder Buy In

  1. 1. USER INSIGHTS, DATA DRIVEN DESIGN, AND STAKEHOLDER BUY IN. Matthew Martin @atomaton Christina Spencer @c_m_spencer #euroia A Case Study in Mobile Strategy
  2. 2. JSTOR powers the research and learning of 6 million users each month. JSTOR 9300 2Kjournals 130,154,067 content accesses per year 2,000,000+ search requests per day 9million articles 2 million plant specimens institutions 170 countries 31Kbooks @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  4. 4. Where do we begin? Assertion worksheet In Context Mobile Interviews Qualitative Log Analysis Experience Mapping MOBILE STRATEGY @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  5. 5. A Problem well stated is a problem half solved” Dependencies Impacts Benefits Risks Gaps Data ASSERTION WORKSHEET “ @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  6. 6. Example @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  7. 7. We require a deeper understanding of the existing mobile landscape and how current JSTOR users are interacting with across devices. @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  8. 8. Digital Natives
  9. 9. Digital Natives
  10. 10. Digital Natives
  11. 11. Digital Natives
  12. 12. Mobile Usage
  13. 13. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? “We’re not like Facebook! This doesn’t apply to us” “They would use JSTOR on mobile. We need to enhance our mobile experience” “Students don’t do REAL research on phones” @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  14. 14. Goal: Understand our current mobile users. How do they use via mobile devices and how do these activities fit into their larger workflows Methods: 1. In Context Mobile Interviews 2. Qualitative Log Analysis @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  15. 15. IN CONTEXT MOBILE INTERVIEWS INTERCEPT SURVEY Participants were recruited live on via intercept survey 1.Those that opted in were contacted within 30 minutes by phone for a 10 minute interview.
  16. 16. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  17. 17. Qualitative Log Analsysis: In depth analysis of a single users actions and workflow. @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  18. 18. In Depth Analysis of a single users actions and workflow. QUALITATIVE LOG ANALYSIS @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  19. 19. Location: Mobile usage while in proximity of a computer THEMES IN MOBILE USAGE @atomaton @c_m_spencer Combination of computer and mobile usage Re-Searching
  20. 20. EXPERIENCE MAP a model of how people experience a: • Product • Service • Environment • Computer system
  21. 21. The activity of mapping builds shared knowledge and consensus across teams and stakeholders @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  22. 22. PublishInformation Need AccessFind/Discover Consume & Comprehend Print Find 1. Execute Query 2. Review Results 3. Refine Query Analyze & Validate Collect & Organize Make Re-Write Institution Proxy Purchase Funnel Login/Register Formulate Query Need recognized and accepted Event Assignment Discover: Serendipity Annotate Discuss Differentiate Verify Upload Share Tag Save Monitor Ingest Deliver Ingest Deliver Ingest Deliver Ingest Deliver A B C P Download Read Compose Review Edit "I want to know how to cite work" "I want to share what I found" "How do I copy and paste from the content on this site" "What are others doing on the platform" "Is there related content?" "What article is more relevant than the next" "How did I get here, this looks interesting" "Am I going in the right direction?" "I want immediate access!!" I am going to leave if I have to wait." Uncertainty Optimism ConfusionFrustationDoubt Clarity Senseof Direction/ Confidence Satisfactionor Disappointment STAGESACTIONS/TOUCHPOINTS DEVICE PRIORITYTHOUGHTSFEELINGS
  23. 23. Device Priority Stage Action/Touchpoints Thoughts Feelings
  24. 24. “The work is great, very fast moving, I don’t get bored by wondering what to do next. Plus the constant supply of food makes it even more fun!” — QA Implement approaches that are technology and device agnostic and give users control of where, when, and how they interact with our content and servies @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  25. 25. @atomaton @c_m_spencer
  26. 26. Matthew Martin is an Experience Architect with over 10 years of practice knowledge designing for multiple devices, websites, and software within waterfall and Agile working environments As a User Researcher Christina Spencer, employing a wide range of methods enhancing understanding of users, and the context in which the products and services of ITHAKA are relevant in their lives. @atomaton@c_m_spencer