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No logo smart grid in the usa 100409f2

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No logo smart grid in the usa 100409f2

  1. 1. 1 1 Smart Grid in the USA Hiroshi Yagi, Ph.D. IMAnet, Inc. 2 ・ About IMAnet, Inc. ・ What is Smart Grid? ・ Smart Grid Players ・ Smart Grid Standards ・ Smart Grid Regulations ・ Smart Grid = Disruptive Technology? ・ Smart Grid Asian Opportunities Agenda
  2. 2. 2 3 ・ Founded 2001 in Silicon Valley ・ Office @ Santa Clara、CA ・ Cross Border Business Consulting - Technology Research - Market Research - Patent Search - US Government and Business Watch - Business Alliance and M&A IMAnet, Inc. 4 ・ 2003 Partner The University of Tokyo Silicon Valley Office ・ 2004 Founded JUNBA Body (Japanese University Network in the Bay Area) ・ 2008 Connect NIST and a Japanese firm ・ 2009 Create joint work between the firm and NIST ・ 2010 Pacific Rim Security II Japan Representative. ・ 2010 Co-Founded JABI (Japan America Business Initiatives IMAnet, Inc. A Short History
  3. 3. 3 What is Smart Grid? 5 A next generation power grid, where multiple IT networks and other advanced technologies are aggregated. Smart Grid: 2 Major Challenges 6 SmatSmat GridGrid Next GenerationNext Generation Power GriPower Gridd ManageManage growing demandgrowing demand renewablerenewable energyenergy ITIT We are Here Urgent and Important Important issue Traditional GridTraditional Grid Old and notOld and not SecureSecure optimum energy grid with IT networks
  4. 4. 4 7 Conceptual Model (by NIST) Smart Grid Framework 8 Business Applications Computing/IT Energy Infrastructure Communications Infrastructure Source: PG&E Requires significantnew investment Power Layer (Transmission and distribution) Communication Layer Application and Service Layer Requires significant reinvestment
  5. 5. 5 Smart Grid/ Utility vs. Interface 9 Smart Grid Layers - Players 10 Source: GTM Research
  6. 6. 6 AMI System Capital Deployment 11 100 % 0% Source: RBC Capital Market Research and Company Reports 20% 40% 12% 6% 10% 12% AMI Core/Network Communication Meter Hardware Back-End Software Consulting/Syst.Integrator Demand Response Deployment/Other The largest capital expenditure requirements are the metering and core AMI technologies. Companies such as Itron, GE, Silver Springs Networks & Landis+Gyr will benefit most from Core AMI technology integrations. Source: Silver Springs website Smart Grid Market 12 North America Smart Grid Market In $Billions Source :Merriman Curhan Ford    2008 2010E 2013E 2030E Advanced Metering & Demand Response 1.6 1.9 Transmission Infrastructure 8.7 10.3 Total 10.3 12.2 40 100
  7. 7. 7 Smart Grid Initiative 13 Cisco is trying to provide an end-to- end, highly secure IP-based Smart Grid communications infrastructure. The head count in the Smart Grid team exceeds 100. With ample experience in IT and public projects, they provide consultation and system integration services in Smart Grid. They are working with major public sectors. Oracle has the Utility Global BU mainly through M&As. e.g. They bought SPL World Group, provider of management utility software in 2006, and Lodestar, energy operation solutions in 2007. Microsoft has developed ‘Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture’ (SERA) for utilities. Beta version of MS Hohm, web-based energy monitoring software is now available in the US. Future Smart Grid By Utility Company 14
  8. 8. 8 Project opportunities I Utility Location Meters Electric End Points AMI Core System Metering Hardware Management Software Network Backbone HAN Consulting/ SIer Demand response Northern California 9,300,000 $2.2B Silver Springs GE & Landis Ecologic Analytics Silver Springs Southern California 6,000,000 N/A RFP Solution Southern California 5,300,000 $1.6B Itron Itron eMeter Itron EnerNOC GA, AL, FL, MS 4,300,000 $725M Sensus Sensus Sensus Sensus Detroit 3,300,000 $800M Smart Synch Itron Itron Itron Comverge Dallas 3,000,000 $686M Landis Landis Ecologic Analyics eMeter IBM Houston 3,000,000 $640M Itron Itron eMeter GE (WiMax) IBM San Diego 2,300,000 $572M Itron Itron Itron Itron Capgemini RFP Missouri 2,040,000 N/A Landis OH, IN, NC, SC 1,921,000 $1B Echelon& SmartSynch Echelon Echelon Echelon Ambient Wisc, Michigan 1,530,000 N/A Landis Sothern Florida 1,400,000 $700M Silver Springs GE Silver Springs Silver Springs Cisco 15 Project opportunities II Utility Location Meters Electric End Points AMI Core System Metering Hardware Management Software Network Backbone HAN Consultin g/SIer Demand response WI, IA, MN 1,400,000 $200M Sensus Sensus eMeter Sensus Connecticut 1,200,000 $250M Comverge Oregon 850,000 $175M Sensus Sensus Sensus Sensus Arizona 800,000 $200M Elster Elster Elster Hawaii N/A $100M Sensus Sensus Sensus Sensus Oregon & Idaho N/A $71M ESCO Landis Powerline North East N/A $475M Silver Springs GE & Landis IBM Comverge France N/A $3.5B Landis? AR, IN, KY, LA, MI… N/A $750M GE? Italy N/A €2.1B Echelon Echelon Echelon Capgemini Ontario N/A $320M Landis GE Trilliant Capgemini Landis MD N/A $250M Sensus Sensus Sensus Sensus VA N/A $600M Elster Elster Elster 16 Source: RBC Capital Market Research and Company Reports、Merriman Curhan Ford
  9. 9. 9 Technology Matrix I Itron (ITRI) Echelon (ELON) Landis + Gyr Sensus Elster ESCO (ESE) Silver Spring Eka Systems SmartSynch Tantalus Trilliant GE (GE) Comverge (COMV) IBM(IBM) eMeter Ecologic Analytics Tendril Cisco (CSCO) Oracle (ORCL) SAP (SAP) Siemens (SI) Gridpoint Control4 17 AMI Core System* Traditional Metering Hardware Back-End Management Software Network Communications Backbone Energy control/ Monitoring Devices User Interface Software Consulting/ System Integrator Demand Response/ Load management Technology Matrix II Milsoft Utility Ambient (ABTG) Grid net AT & T (T) Verizon (VZ) T-mobile Hughes Networks Tropos Networks Arch Rock Energate Onzo EnergyHub Agilewaves Google (GOOG) Intel (INTC) Greenbox** Accenture (ACN) Capgemini EnerNoc(ENOC) Cpower EnergyConnect 18 AMI Core System* Traditional Metering Hardware Back-End Management Software Network Communications Backbone Energy control/ Monitoring Devices User Interface Software Consulting/ System Integrator Demand Response/ Load management *Note: AMI Core System includes AMI Network Gateway, AMI Metering Hardware & AMI System Software Source:RBC Capital Markets Research
  10. 10. 10 Today’s Smart Grid- What is AMI? 19 Utilities are integrating existing services to new platforms Forming two-way communication enabling systems with deployment of smart meters. Upgrading outdated power grid systems. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will bridge the communication gap between utilities and end-users. Major private companies for AMI・Demand response 20 Company Business HQ Founded: Total Raised: Silver Spring Networks AMI core system Redwood City, CA 2001 $280.8M Trilliant Networks AMI Redwood City, CA 2004 $40.0M SmartSynch SG using Common line Jackson, MS 1998 $81.0M Tendril Home power control introducing thermostat system Boulder, CO 2004 $50.0M Eka Systems AMI Germantown, MD 2000 $31.0M eMeter SM S/W San Mateo, CA 2000 $56.29M GridPoint Platform enabling connection with renewables Arlington, VA 2003 $222.35M Grid Net Intel, GE Energy Financial Services San Francisco, CA 2006 $20.59M GreenBox Interactive Energy Management San Bruno, CA 2007 $1.0M Cpower Energy Managing System New York, NY 2000 $33.7M EnergyHub SG interface for Home Brooklyn, NY 2007 非公開
  11. 11. 11 AMI System Major Vendors I Company Meter MCI MDM ①Revenue ②Major Customers ③Other info URL Itron ①$1.6B ②San Diego(0.9M meters)、Edison(5.3M)、Center Point Energy(2.4M)、DTE Energy(2.6M) eMeter ①Nonpublic ($11M?/2007)②Edison、Center Point Energy 、 ONCOR、 Alliant Energy ③Signed contract: over 23M meters m/ Sliver Spring Networks ①Nonpublic (Over $100M in 2009?)②PG&E(10M meters), FPL(4.5M), Pepco Holding(1.9M) http://www.silversprin Tendril ①Nonpublic ②Nonpublic ③Partner with Itron, GE, Intel, Silver Spring Networks http://www.tendrilinc.c om/ GridPoint ①Nonpublic ②Nonpublic ③Storage pilot with Xcel Energy, PHEV pilot with Duke Energy http://www.gridpoint.c om/ Eka Systems ①Nonpublic ②Hartley bay city (Canada), http://www.ekasystem Elster, Germany ①1.3B€②Salt River Project http://www.elstermete Trilliant ①Nonpublic (Crossed the $100M revenue mark in 2008) ② Hydro One(0.75M) http://www.trilliantinc. com/ SmartSynch ①Nonpublic ②Texas-New Mexico Power (Pilot), Duke Energy (Pilot) ③Officially partnered with AT&T http://www.smartsync 21 AMI System Major Vendors II Company Meter MCI MDM ①Revenue ②Major Customers ③Other info URL Ambient ①12.6M (2008) ②Duke Energy ③Partnered with Verizon http://www.ambientco Echelon ①134M (2008)②Danish Utility Energoauditcontrol (Russia) m/ OsiSoft ①Nonpublic ②RWE npower、T&D Utility ③Partnered with Microsoft、Cisco、SAP、IBM m/ Landis + Gyr ①$1.36B (2008) ②PG&E、Arizona Salt River Project、French Utility EDF http://www.landisgyr. us/ GE Energy ①$38B(GE Energy Infrastructure/2008)②Hydro One、FPL、 Peoco Holdings、American Electric Power http://www.gepower.c om/ Sensus ①$670M (FY2009) ②Southern Company、Portland General Electric、Hawaiian Electric Company m/ 22 Meters : Besides electricity meters (including those capable of wireless transmission of data), this term includes meter components and devices such as thermostats that are used to control electric devices MCI : Meter Communication Infrastructure; Networking and communications infrastructure, including communication devices and network management software, to collect and transmit meter information MDM : Meter Data Management; Manage and analyze meter information
  12. 12. 12 Venture Capital Investment in Smart Grid Year VC Funding in Smart Grid Firms 2005 $60M 2006 $281M 2007 $419M 2008 $461M 23 Source: GTM Research Smart Grid Applications & Market Sector Timeline Application/Market 2010 2015 2020 AMI The first large-scale deployments underway Substantial and growing market penetration and network infrastructure build-out Significant and wide-ranging Implementation Demand Response Limited reach (Mainly commercial and industrial customers) Substantial market penetration for residential, commercial and industrial Commonplace with a wide variety of end-user service programs Grid Optimization A handful of utilities beginning distribution/substation automation projects Sensor technology embedded on the distribution network; automation becoming routine Dynamic Sensing everywhere: Grid becomes an intelligent Utility network Distributed Generation Integration Nascent Maturing, but still a small % of power generation Approaching Mainstream More substantial presence: Energy Storage A few pilots among progressive utilites Expected technology advancement and increased Distributed Generation penetration will boost storage’s role Vital role in supporting Distributed Generation PHEV N/A Smart Charging V2G(Vehicle to Grid) Consumer Energy Management Systems Successful pilots continue to highlight cosumer demand Gaining traction as set it and forget technologies make energy management simple and use and cost-effective Routine, Web-based 24 Source: Greentech Media
  13. 13. 13 25 ・ Electric Power Research Institute (Palo Alto、 CA) ・ >90% Utility firms are Involved ・ Prism Portfolio enables to follow Energy Efficiency Road Map EPRI: Collaboration 26 Gov. NIST Standard/Security
  14. 14. 14 27 ・ AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure) ・ DR (Demand Response) ・ PEV (Plug-In Electric Vehcles) ・ Cyber Security ・ WASA (Wide Area Situation Awareness) ・ Market Communications ・ DG (Distributed Generation and Energy Storage) NIST Standard Road Map 28 Gov.DOE Funding/R&D
  15. 15. 15 29 DOE Smart Grid Budget 2009 ARRA Budget :$ 45Bil 30 ・ NREL : A Year of Energy Transformation ・ Department of Homeland Security Infrastracture Security Gov. DOE, DHS
  16. 16. 16 31 Security 32 ・ Utility companies are small and big in number ・ Regulation is under Local Gov. Local Gov.
  17. 17. 17 33 Local Regulation Status 34 ・ 30 years ago DEC mini-com overtake Main Frame PC was immature to mini-com ・ 15 yeas ago PC Surpass mini-com DEC was merged by PC maker Compaq ・ Current Big Power House = Main Frame (Micro)Smart Grid =PC Disruptive as PC
  18. 18. 18 35 ・ Start from off-grid Power Supply (PC) ie (small)Solar、Wind、PHV ・ Incremental connections will generate significant Power (Mini-com) ・ Lowering cost (in 2025 Grid Parity occurs in PV) ・ Connected Perfomans/Cost < < Current Power Plant in10-20 Years Micro Smart Grid 36 Smart Grid in the USA By Engage Consulting
  19. 19. 19 37 Asia Smart Grid China、India By Engage Consulting 38 ・ India TiE(The Indus Entrepreneurs) TiE Con 2010 @Santa Clara May. 14-15 ・ China CINA (Chinese Information and Networking Association) ・ High-tech Companies / Smart People ・ Venture Funding ・ Californian Open and Collaborative Culture Asian and Silicon Valley
  20. 20. 20 39 ・ Smart Grid Technology has just started ・ Opportunities are Micro smart grid Business with Asia Watch and Learn Big players in the USA ・ Start from Silicon Valley is a SMART choice Conclusion 40 Contact Information Hiroshi Yagi +1-408-368-6082 (US) Twitter: Hiroshi_SV_CA Thank you!