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Attune Middleware

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Attune's solution for laboratory device integration and direct synchronization with any LIS

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Attune Middleware

  1. 1. Integration Infinite Integrate your Lab to Unleash the Power of your Medical Device Data Attune Middleware
  2. 2. Attune Middleware Get Ready to Eliminate Errors, Increase Accuracy, Improve TAT and Accelerate your Business
  3. 3. • Drives • Instruments in different locations • 3rd party LIS integration What we do • Auto verification • Sample Tracking • Sample Chain of Custody • Sample sorting system • Batch based processing • Eliminate manual error • Data Mining • Data Collection • Lab Analytics Integration Efficiency QualityInformation Management
  4. 4. Save Time Automate entire workflow, avoid errors that come with entering information for each sample by hand and remove manual intervention Process entire batches at one go and get flags on abnormal value to improve the TAT significantly Focus on more critical cases with the sample sorting system that decides whether to rerun, recollect, reject or archive samples Prioritize samples in every batch with sample chain of custody that provides the order of priority for processing and analyzing samples
  5. 5. Integrate devices to allow a single communication channel with the LIS for easy data access and real time control Gain critical insights on equipment downtime, reagent usage, sample quality etc. to create a Decision Support System (DSS) that optimizes analyzer usage Monitor all your analyzers from the comfort of your workstation using Control Management System. Maximum Efficiency
  6. 6. Put an end to inconsistencies in data with conditionally driven normalization based on scientific principles for accurate values Eliminate human error with Middleware that allows devices to transfer data directly to the system, removing the manual process Avoid sample wastage by resolving errors in advance with an inbuilt validation logic that helps identify errors and ends instant alerts Eliminate Errors
  7. 7.  Uni & Bidirectional Interfacing  Central Device Monitoring & Control System  Sample Workflow Manager  Reagent Consumption Tracking  Quality Control System  Lab Clinical Decision Support System  Conditional Normalization  Result Management Features
  8. 8. Talk to us and make your devices talk to each other Schedule a Demo Today