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Infinite Bounce I

  1. 1. X-Y Syndrome is a disorder that occurs when people who speak or sing out of their normal range experience vocal fatigue, which is one cause of dysphonia. The people most commonly afflicted are those who speak in a low-pitched voice, particularly if they have poor breath and vocal control. Treatment usually involves voice therapy by a speech language pathologist.
  2. 2. In 1963 when the character was first to be introduced the first choice was a boy. When Ideal Toy Company heard this, Ideal approached the creators with a proposal to market a doll based on a girl character and hence X was born on February 22, 10,000 B.C. (according to the series' producers). As a pre-teen, X was an excellent baseball player, which of course led to a misadventure. By the time she was a teenager, X was noted for getting Y and their friends, Wiggy, Moonrock and Penny, into various misadventures, mostly due to sharing her father's penchant for schemes that would inevitably backfire (such as causing a strike by city employees when she was elected honorary mayor for a week). As an adult, X pursued a career in advertising and married Y . After this, the newly-married couple moved to a fictional version of Hollywood, California. X has been voiced over the years by Pamela Anderson, Megan Mullally, Sally Struthers, Russi Taylor, Kath Soucie, and Mickey Stevens and in the live action movie by twins Elaine and Mel Silver. ID X
  3. 3. Frank Olinksly, Pat Gorman and Patti Rogoff, three designers from a start up named Manhattan Design, in association with a gentleman named Fred Seibert created this distinctive and unconventional logo. Unconventional because they clearly stated the logo will have no specified colours. It will have the freedom to assume any colour any time. This guideline was leveraged by the brand brilliantly in its stylized slick self promos. Identify the brand which originated in 1981 and from 2002 onwards diversified into businesses as varied from the original as clothing and accessories.
  4. 4. Born 19 March, 1955 at Idar Oberstein, West germany he wears his watch upside down with the face on the inside of his hand. He appeared in the first series of Levi’s 501 commercials around 1986. he used to be Seagram’s spokesperson but lost his job when arrested for drunken driving. Lead singer of the band “____ _____ and the Accelerators”, he made two Motown albums in the late 80’s – the 1987 record Return of Bruno( including a cover of Respect Yourself which peaked at #5 on the Billboard countdown) and 1989’s If it Don’t Kill You It Just Makes You Stronger. Identify this person.
  5. 5. The song title is derived from a Southern expression meaning to be at the end of one’s rope or about to give up often in matters of romance. Intended to be a sequel to the Police song Every breath you take it features the mandolin as a lead instrument. The video is heavy on Renaissance imagery and visually quotes the Caravaggio masterpieces Depositions and The doubting of St. Thomas, also based in part on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ story A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings. Identify the song.
  6. 6. This game is mentioned by Firdausi in Shahnama. Various sources of origin are believed, with the Guinness book claiming that the sport started in Manipur from where is spread out west. A verse is found in Skardu in Pakistan near Kashmir, which was a part of the old Silk Route. It reads- "Let other people play at other things— the King of Games is still the Game of Kings“ What Game??????
  7. 7. This eccentric Nobel prize winner got the inspiration for his most famous work while driving to his cabin for a weekend in California. He describes himself as ‘ a generalist with a chemical prejudice’ while some others have described him as ‘ Hunter Thompson meets Stephen Hawking’. In his book Dancing Naked in The Minefield he claims to have encountered aliens in the form of glowing raccoons. Who am I talking about?????
  8. 8. This UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches for more than 30,000 hectares, between the foothills of a volcano and the valley of the Rio Grande River. It is an exquisitely blue landscape shaped by the cultivation of a plant which has found use since the 16th century. What product of the plant is the most popular, worldwide?
  9. 9. It served as the venue of Julius’s Caesar’s funeral. It also contains t he House of the Vestal Virgins, the Temples of Saturn , Castor and Pollux and the Basilica of Constantine. Renaissance artists rediscovered the principles of classical architecture by studying its ruins. Gibbon was inspired to begin Decline and Fall of Roman Empire after a walk across this location. Shares its name with a popular landmark in Bangalore. Identify?
  10. 10. Gloria Marie Steinem is an American feminist icon, journalist and women's rights advocate. She is the founder and original publisher of Ms. magazine. Steinem was among those opposed to the release of a particular book because of its portrayal of violence towards women. The author incidentally received numerous death threats and hate mail after its publication. Ironically, Steinem’s stepson later played the title role in the film adaptation of that very book. Who was her stepson and name the book.
  11. 12. There are many theories pointing to the origin of the name 'X', including derivations from the French word ___ meaning gold (as early packaging was gold), or the Greek word ____, meaning mountain or hill (as the original X was mound shaped) or even the Greek word 'X', meaning beautiful/nice. Other theories are that the word was derived from the cryptic, 'cream was sandwiched between chocolate' or the word just seemed like a nice, melodic combination of sounds.
  12. 13. Boble (bubble) in Norway, Fusca in Brazil Coccinelle in France Maggiolino in Italy Sedán or Vocho in Mexico Kever in the Netherlands Kotseng or pagong (turtle) in the Philippines; Garbus in Poland Brouk in Czech Republic Carocha in Portugal. What was it called in the U.S????
  13. 14. W. H. Smith the largest stationer in the UK announced that sale of two leading brands of pencils at airports and train stations in 2005 had shot up by an amazing 700% and 300% respectively. Similar drastic changes were also reported from Asia and the United States. What single factor is responsible for this change????
  14. 15. The _______ is an oblong board measuring about 10feet by 5…with a rim around it about four finger breadths in height, to prevent anything set on it from falling off. Over it is spread a cloth, bought in Easter term, with a special pattern, black, ruled with lines a foot, or a full span, apart. In the spaces between them are placed the counters, in their ranks”. Connect this item with the gentleman in the next slide.
  15. 17. Green Fire shop in the Tequendama Hotel, (Bogota, Columbia) owned by Danilo Rojas raised a huge controversy on the basis of an incident that supposedly occurred on 18 May 1970.The incident sent shockwaves through the sporting world and even Prime Minister Harold Wilson intervened to diffuse the crisis. What incident?
  16. 18. As the story goes, one windy summer night George Grant Blaisdell and his friend stepped out on the terrace of Penn Hill Country Club. Blaisdell's friend was using an Austrian product which was cumbersome. When asked why he was using it; his friend replied "Well, George, it works!". This prompted George to import this product, and later to design an improved version. He named his product and company after an recent invention which was hitting the market.What ?
  17. 19. This genre of music was named after Marc Bolan, who called himself the "Cosmic ____" in the early 70's. The Tubes released the song "White ____ on Dope" in 1975, and shortly after that  Malcom McLaren promoted the genre by introducing the prima donnas of the genre. The term first appeared in music journalis in a 1970 essay “The true story of protopathic Spiff including the lowdown on the trouble making 5% of America’s youth” by Nick Tosches in Fusion. The music was described as ‘a visionary cry into the abyss of your own mordant bullshit one whose poetry is puked not plotted’. Which musical genre?
  18. 20. Born Abdul Hayie. He intially refused to write poems about wine, women and god. He was so convinced about his song writing skills that he used to demand one rupee more than Lata Mangeshkar as remuneration. Amrita Pritam was so smitten by him that she used to smoke the cigarette butts left behind by him. Vajpayee invoked his lines “ Woh waqt gaya woh daur gaya jab do qaumon ka naara tha Woh log gaye is dharti se jinka maqsad batwaara tha” during the Lahore bus ride.

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