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Connecting Commnities - online tools for networking for community groups

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A presentation to the NZ Association of Community Access Broadcasters. A bit of a return to my roots as my career began in niche broadcasting at NZ's Christian radio network, which is where I began to learn about virtual communities. Hence the first message - it's not about technology, it is about communities.

This presentation outlines some of the many, many tools available, mostly for free.

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Connecting Commnities - online tools for networking for community groups

  1. 1. Connecting Communities Online Tools for Networking Association of Community Access Broadcasters National Conference 2009 Simon Young Social media explorer iJump Ltd
  2. 2. It’s not about technology Photo:
  3. 3. It is about communities Photo:
  4. 4. Some of the options • Facebook • Ning • Google Sites • Wetpaint • SocialText
  5. 5. Facebook Groups Pros Cons • Everyone’s there • Some people don’t want to be on • Great functions Facebook (Events, Forums, Photos, etc) • Pull, not push
  6. 6. Facebook Pages Pros Cons • Updates show up • Some people don’t in fans’ news feeds want to be on • Insights & stats Facebook
  7. 7. Ning Networks Pros Cons • Standalone - • Doesn’t connect someone only with Facebook or needs an email other social media address to join accounts - have to set up a separate • Fully featured: account Forums, blogs, profiles, videos, photos, etc
  8. 8. Google Sites Cons Pros • Every user needs a • Edit pages together Google account • Relatively user- • No personal profiles friendly
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Wetpaint Other options include Wikia, Wikispaces Pros Cons • Super easy to use • Designed to be public • Can use other social network IDs to sign in
  11. 11. SocialText Other options include Wikia, Wikispaces, Wetpaint Pros Cons • Heavy duty • Costs money for collaboration tool groups of more than 50 people • Includes desktop app
  12. 12. Choices • Private or public? • Open or Exclusive? • Mostly two-way, or mostly one-way?
  13. 13. Steps to adoption • Who’s responsibility is it? • There is no perfect solution • Part of the job is training people how to use the tools
  14. 14. Summary • Facebook - groups and pages • Ning - standalone social network • Google Sites - collaborate on content • Wetpaint - easy-to-use wiki • SocialText - heavy-duty collaboration
  15. 15. Thank you • iJump’s updates: • On Twitter: • By email: