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Info Session and Pitch Fire Startup Weekend march 2023.pdf

  1. ©2022 Techstars Complete Programme Info March 2023 Techstars Startup Weekend
  2. ©2022 Techstars What is startup weekend? Techstars Startup Weekend is a creative and collaborative three-day educational event where anyone can develop and pitch new startup ideas ● What you do in 54 hours ○ pitching, ○ business model creation, ○ prototyping, ○ designing, and ○ market validation, ● in a friendly and supportive team environment.
  3. ©2022 Techstars What is a startup?
  4. ©2022 Techstars What is a startup idea? A formulated thought or opinion to convince your stakeholders to join you to build the startup you want
  5. ©2022 Techstars How do you put together a Startup Idea? Join Startup Weekend!
  6. ©2022 Techstars How do you put together a Startup Idea? ● Introduce yourself and your brand ● Establish credibility ● Illuminate the problem You Have 30-60 Seconds
  7. ©2022 Techstars How do you put together a Startup Idea? ● Demonstrate What You Sell ● This is a game of show, not tell. ● How might you show how you will make your customers’ problem go away? In this part you will see how to show your investor audience ○ the strengths of your business, ○ your vision, and most importantly ○ how they will make money. ● The Two Main Features ● The visual aids QiLnShFEq0_6OH6DSJTp7eqE You have about 2-3 min
  8. ©2022 Techstars How do you put together a Startup Idea? ● Market Size ● The Business Model & making money ● Differentiation ● Team ● Timeline ● Traction You have about 1-1.5 min
  9. ©2022 Techstars How do you put together a Startup Idea? During this section, as you’re wrapping up your pitch, ● restate your top features and benefits and ● make a call-to-action. You have about 30 seconds
  10. ©2022 Techstars How to you put together a Startup Idea? Join Startup Weekend! Form a team, and learn together to pitch your biz in 5 mins! You Have 30-60 Seconds You have about 2-3 min You have about 1-1.5 min You have about 30 seconds
  11. ©2022 Techstars A startup weekend a “walk through” Day 1 - Meet, pitch, and form teams. Day 2 - Build a minimum viable product and receive mentorship from local industry experts. Day 3 - Complete work, give final pitch presentations, network, and celebrate!
  12. ©2022 Techstars A startup weekend Core Values 01. Connected Communities: We create strong community bonds by facilitating connection and sharing our networks 02. Giving First: We help others whenever possible, giving first to our community, with no specific expectations of return. 03. Teamwork Matters: We believe collaboration drives innovation. As a team, we act with integrity and treat others with respect. 04. Inclusive & Open: Techstars Startup Weekend is always open to all. We’re committed to making people feel included and welcomed—before, during and after the weekend. We invite all communities to participate.
  13. ©2022 Techstars What will you and your team learn together from a Startup Weekend? 1. How to cultivate deep understanding of Customers 2. How to think through 9 components when you build your startup around customers a. problem, b. solution, c. key metrics, d. unique value proposition, e. unfair advantage, channels, f. customer segments, g. cost structure, and h. revenue streams 3. How to put together the idea into a “pitch”and keep Communicating your ideas to all the stakeholders for your business (the intro, the demo, the biz stuff, the landing) a. Co-founders b. Investors c. Employees d. Partners e. Customers
  14. ©2022 Techstars ✅ 22 March (Wednesday): Pitch Fire Session 🔽 Startup idea ရှိသူတိုင်းမှ idea pitch လုပ်ြခင်း 🔽 Idea များကို Pitch Fire Session လာတက်သူတိုင်းမှ vote ေပးြခင်း 🔽 Vote အများဆံုး Idea 20 မှ Day 1 သို တက်ေရာက်ခွင့်ရရှိြခင်း Day 0 - A “bonus” Pitch Fire Virtual Session
  15. ©2022 Techstars What is a “Pitch Fire”? A simple 60-second pitch might look like: :10 seconds – Introduce yourself. :20 seconds – Describe the problem you’ll solve. :20 seconds – Describe the solution. :10 seconds – Tell us who/what you need to pull it off. Objective: to communicate clearly, be memorable, and generate interest in your idea.
  16. ©2022 Techstars What is a “Pitch Fire”?
  17. ©2022 Techstars Day 1 - Pre-selection ✅24 March (Friday): SWYGN Day 1 ⏬ ပိုင်ပွဲဝင် အဖွဲ ၂၀ မှ အဖွဲ ၁၃ ဖွဲအား Day 2 သိုဖိတ်ေခါ် ြခင်း
  18. ©2022 Techstars Day 2 - Refining your 5 mins pitch 1. Understand your customers 2. Build your lean canvas 3. Master your pitch 4. 5.
  19. ©2022 Techstars Day 3 - Final Presentation 26 March (Sunday): SWYGN Day 3 🏆 ပိုင်ပွဲဝင် ၁၃ ဖွဲမှ အဖွဲ ၄ ဖွဲအား ဆုချ ီးြမှင့်ြခင်း
  20. ©2022 Techstars Pitching Workshop #SWHASHTAG
  21. ©2022 Techstars Steve Jobs Co-founder, Apple People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint. 21
  22. ©2022 Techstars What is the best structure for a talk?
  23. ©2022 Techstars 01 Start by making your audience care, using a relatable example or an intriguing idea.
  24. ©2022 Techstars 02 Explain your idea clearly and with conviction.
  25. ©2022 Techstars 03 Describe your evidence and, how and why your idea could be implemented.
  26. ©2022 Techstars 04 End by addressing how your idea could affect your audience if they were to accept it.
  27. ©2022 Techstars The primary goal of your talk is to communicate an idea effectively.
  28. ©2022 Techstars Pitching 101 Workshop #SWHASHTAG
  29. ©2022 Techstars 29 01 Feel the pain 02 Be nice 03 Be honest 04 Stand out! 05 Take Away Their Ammo 06 Back To The Future
  30. ©2022 Techstars 01 Feel the pain (twist the knife)
  31. ©2022 Techstars 02 Be nice People remember how you made them feel! Likability!!!
  32. ©2022 Techstars 03 Be honest Know where you are in your process! Report on your progress!
  33. ©2022 Techstars 04 Stand out Be excited, if you are not then the judges won’t be!
  34. ©2022 Techstars 05 AMMO TAKE AWAY THEIR AMMO. Don’t give them any excuse, be your own biggest critic.
  35. ©2022 Techstars 06 FUTURE BACK TO THE FUTURE. It’s all about the future! Demonstrate the potential!
  36. ©2022 Techstars What should you include in your pitch deck?
  37. ©2022 Techstars Pitch deck (lite) overview. Intro 01 Problem + Solution 02 Market/ Potential 03 Competition or Current Solutions 04 Plan i.e. Business Model, Customer acquisition, Product roadmap 05 Demo 06 Call-To-Action (ASK) 07
  38. ©2022 Techstars Pitch deck (full) overview.
  39. ©2022 Techstars Strong opening sentence...
  40. ©2022 Techstars Strong opening sentence... Hi! i’m [name] I’m from [company] and we [unique value proposition] The problem we’re solving is… Our solution is…
  41. ©2022 Techstars This is a big opportunity because… Our target market is… We will acquire customers by… We make money by... Our key competition is...
  42. ©2022 Techstars We’re better because… Our team is… What we’ve done so far is… What we’ll do next is... Currently we’re seeking...
  43. ©2022 Techstars Call to action!
  44. ©2022 Techstars Resources for building beautiful decks!
  45. ©2022 Techstars Demonstration
  46. ©2022 Techstars Vector(s)
  47. ©2022 Techstars Stock images
  48. ©2022 Techstars Tips on how to present to the judges Pitching 101 workshop
  49. ©2022 Techstars 01 Practice makes perfect 02 Don’t repeat what’s on your slide 03 Don’t overload your slides. no busy slides. 04 Make eye contact. 05 Keep it short & sweet.
  50. ©2022 Techstars 01 Practice makes perfect 02 Don’t repeat what’s on your slide 03 Don’t overload your slides. no busy slides. 04 Make eye contact. 05 Keep it short & sweet. 06 Don’t leave it to the last minute 07 Don’t start your pitch by asking a question 08 Tell a story. Not stats. 09 Create an impact. you want people to remember you. 10 Keep track of time. divide your time & roles well.
  51. ©2022 Techstars Judging criteria
  52. ©2022 Techstars Validation Did your team get out and talk to customers? 01 Are you actually solving a problem? 02 Have you identified a specific target market? 03
  53. ©2022 Techstars Execution and Design Do you have an mvp or prototype? 01 How functional is your technical demo? 02 Design matters! Is your product easy to use? 03
  54. ©2022 Techstars Business model How do you plan on making this a successful business? 01 Are you solving a problem? (Value proposition) 02 Is your idea unique? 03