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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit V. Details on Page 4 October 2006
  2. 2. We are the smarter place to buy and sell new cars. Were you surprised we said new? You may not think of for new cars. But a lot of people do. In fact, three million new car shoppers visit every month, and two-thirds of them will be driving home a new car within two months. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why is a great way to reach new car buyers. To reach more new car buyers, call 1-888-249-6860.©2006 is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license.
  3. 3. Dear M r. Costellos, T ha nk you for all tur n y owing us to he our sales rig lp ht side up. I a ver y happ y to hear tha m 57 units ty ou delivered with a g r o$193,905 s s pr o fit of .45. Even betyour own te r, you did it on without a sta f fing companyT his sav ed you $48,4 .you n 7 6.36. I’ ll se ext month. T h e anks a gain.If you would like to enjoy the same resultsMr. Costellos did, call Turn-Key Events, the#1 Do-It-Yourself sales event provider. No Teams, No Commissions, Just Traffic!....and big $ in your pocket. CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT ANDThe Driving Force Behind RECEIVE A 10% QUANTITY BONUS! Automotive AdvertisingMarket Exclusive 866-665-5507 Copyright © 2006 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. SUMMIT V BEST PRACTICES 866.396.7050 Experience real Case Studies that can help your dealership LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES immediately. Tuesday and Wednesday, November 7th and 8th 2006, at the Venetian Resort and Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Dean Evans David Kain David Chip Perry Ralph Paglia Dale Pollak Phil Sura Vice President, Field President, Kain Automotive Thomas CEO and President, CRM/eBusiness Director, Courtesy Chevrolet Co-founder and Chairman, VP of Automotive Division, Dealers & Managers Only! Marketing, The Cobalt Inc. Internet & BDC Training Owner, Subaru of Dallas mPower Auto UnityWorks Media Group Specialist Case Study: How Courtesy You will learn: You will learn: Case Study: How I lowered my advertising expense and Internet Advertising Best Practices Chevrolet’s business and CRM teams grew to over Gamble in Vegas, don’t gamble with your used car You will learn: - About the repositioning of Two days of intense - Internet Marketing thatgenerates high-quality leads - Mapping out the best Internet sales process increased my market share You will learn: 400 vehicle sales per month You will learn: inventory automotive advertising - How the traditional 50 year learning. Dramatically - Maximizing lead generation from your Web - E-mail templates for the best short and long-term You will learn: - About ‘Mooch Marketing’ - How’s top performing dealers get their - How to grow your CRM and Internet teams You will learn: - How to improve your approach to advertising is changing, and were it is improve your results. site communication - Ways to advertise for free outstanding results - What to measure, and used vehicle volume, gross heading - Maximizing third-party - Phone script elements that -Low-cost marketing ideas - Take home examples of how to collect the data... and age - How video content makes automotive sites- Metrics that matter: Focus turn leads into appointments - Recruiting, hiring and that get noticed - How to run events that get effective merchandising you can put to Performance metrics that matter - How to improve everyday decisions that affect your it easier for the Internet team to “harvest Web site leads” Limited Seats, on return on investment compensating for results you noticed - How to generate car immediate use - Create a true CRM Profit Center - Manage your own SEM volume, gross and age - How to understand the - The opportunities available with video streaming Register Today! Wow! I was hoping to gain at least 5 new ideas to take our Internet sales to the next level. I had more reviews in your local paper and online ad campaigns changes responsible for than 5 the very first day. - Use your BDC as a safety profit margin pressures net for the Internet sales team Case studies from The thing I liked best was the people. The sharing of information during breakfast and lunch was just as helpful as the quality presentations. Great people who work hard and play hard...after all it was Las successful dealerships Vegas. I enjoyed the casual and professional environment and the opportunity to visit with 15 vendors in between speakers. across the country. “What happens in Vegas goes back to Texas”. I met with my Internet team of 10 professionals and started to implement ideas on Saturday afternoon. This was my first Summit and I hope I can come again in November! Classroom style seating Great Show....Fabulous Ideas!!! Thanks. only $595. Special Joe Healy, Internet Director at Lawrence Marshall Dealerships 979-826-7103 Venetian room rates for Sean Roy Reutter Scott Joseph Mark Tewart Tony Rimas Mike Parsons Robert Basha $209 per night, while Wolfington Owner, Sheehy Auto Stores President & CEO, J&L Marketing, Inc. President, Tewart Enterprises Red McCombs eCommerce Director, Asbury Automotive Group Co-founder, Auction123, Inc. they last. Case Study: Case Study: Grow your Case Study: New You will learn: Case Study: How Case Study: How to use increases leads from 400 Internet department through Growing your sales or Speakers and times subject to change marketing strategy focuses - How to engage customers - 2400 per month Auction123 rolled out aBDC/Internet departments on steady long term growth. intelligently while learning a defined process, efficient yourself: Understanding the how traditional “meet and new thinking in Internetto sell 100 - 500 extra cars Dealership’s market share staffing, and strategic “why” is more important than You will learn: greet” strategies can management and re- a month. increases from 8% to 32% advertising the “how.” - How to increase leads reduce sales marketing. Streamline your and grows net profits from - How to increase and sales volume without inventory, 3rd party lead You will learn: $170,000 to over 2.2 million You will learn: professionalism, write-ups generating sites, eBay,- How to set up a successful increasing lead expense - How to structure and staff in just two years and sales by eliminating BDC/Internet department - Improve sales and reduced and your Web site into one “Deal Killer” questions low volume or high volume - Use the Web to promote cost per sale at the same time You will learn: - How to define and management solution dealership locations all your profit centers - Improve profitability by - A growth strategy to grow implement 5 universal laws - Create a process to support - Use the Web to drive improving the quality of leads your profit a minimum of that increase sales You will learn: your customers and staff through your own site 33% per year - How to improve gross - How to simplify all of showroom & phone traffic efficiently - Increase closing ratios and - New promotions strategy profits by implementing your Internet re-marketing - Sell old stock, vehicles & - Increase ROI through better proposals parts inventory average gross profit with using personalized Web outlets into one Web based - How to reduce customer inventory selection and lead - Use e-mail marketing to profit improvement pages and direct mail management software conflict and increase sales allocation drive more traffic for zero - Sell old stock units via - How to increase your floor and gross profit through - Maximizing eBay Motors’ - Streamline online cost the Web traffic during your slowest better handling of price, potential with a seamless advertising to maximize Web days of the week payment and negative equity solution objections site conversion - A new outlook on marketing your vehicles onlineCall today to register. Seating is limited. toll free: 866.396.7050 web:
  5. 5. Making the Most of Change 8 BrianTracy Increase Your Effectiveness With Clients 10 TomHopkins Selecting the Right Fuel for Your Engine Maximizing Search Engine Performance 12 SeanWolfington The Wisdom of Wealth and Other Money Lessons 14 MichaelYork Key Performance Indicators, Part 3 16 HeatherConary 8 Points of Action to Increase Sales 18 DavidThomas The Power of a Genuine Compliment 19 JeffMorrill Five Keys to Successful Automotive Marketing, Part 2 20 JimmyVee & TravisMiller Complete Sales Freedom in Two Years or Less 22 MarkTewart Multi-Channel Approach to Marketing 23 SunnyKnocke Search Engine Marketing Is It Right for You 26 MikeParsons Don’t Try to Convince Someone to be the Internet Sales Manager 28 DavidKain Personalize Communication to Better Reach Your Customers Video E-mail: 30 JasonPrice Investing the Fundamentals, Part 4 31 TimShea Managing Your Employees With Your Nonverbal Communication 32 PattiWood Accelerate Your Advertising Asking Customers the Right Questions 36 AllenCheek A Disciplined Market Plan Works Every Time 37 MikeNichols King of Service 38 JesseBiter The Seeds of Leadership 39 12 SeanWolfington Scott’s Individualized Consultation Transcripts, Part 4 40 ScottJoseph Avoiding Regulatory and Compliance Attacks in Sales and F&I 42 CharlesArrambide Always Ask ‘Why’ 43 TonyDupaquier Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Courtney Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist Louisville, Kentucky 40245 toll free: 877.818.6620 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Charlie Tierney, Sales-improvement Strategist facsimile: 502.588.3170 Toni Stephens, Sales-improvement Strategist web: helping to promote... Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” God is the source of all supplyAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution Making the Most of Change To deal with change, is simply to accept the change as a reality. unexpected change or setback? As you begin perhaps the most Acceptance is the opposite of rejection or thinking of all the things you can do, you are valuable quality resistance. Acceptance keeps your mind calm adjusting your mind to the new information you can develop is and positive. The minute you accept that a and preparing to take steps to deal with the flexibility. Form the change has occurred and that you can’t cry change effectively. habit of remaining over spilled milk, you become more capableopen-minded and adaptable to new of dealing with the change and turning it to The final part of this four-step method forinformation and circumstances. When things your advantage. dealing with change is to improve on thego wrong, as they sometimes will, instead existing situation. Often, a change signalsof becoming upset or frustrated, practice One of the best ways to deal with the worry that your plans are incomplete or that youlooking into the change or reversal for the that is often generated by unexpected might be heading in the wrong direction.opportunity or benefit it might contain. changes is to sit down and answer, on paper, Serious changes, which seemingly create the question: “What exactly am I worrying real problems, are often signals that you areSuperior men and women are invariably about?” on the wrong track. There is an old saying,those who remain calm and keep their wits “Crisis is change trying to take place.” If,about them amid unexpected turbulence. In medicine, it is said that accurate diagnosis instead of resisting change, like a pine treeThey take a deep breath, relax and assess the is half the cure. When you sit down and that snaps in a strong wind, you bend withsituation objectively. They keep themselves define a worry situation clearly on paper, it change like a willow tree, you will often findcalm and unemotional by asking questions suddenly becomes less stressful to you and it that the change is a healthy and positive stepand seeking information when things don’t will often resolve itself. In any case, when it toward achieving your out as they expected. For example, if is clearly defined, you have diagnosed it, andsomeone doesn’t fulfill a commitment, or if you can now do something about it. W. Clement Stone, the founder of Combineda sale is canceled or fails to go through, they Insurance Company of America, is famouskeep their minds clear and steady by asking The second step is to ask yourself, “What for his attitude of being an “inverse paranoid.”questions, such as “What exactly happened is the worst possible thing that can happen He is convinced that everything that happensin this situation?” They deal with change in this worry situation?” Much worry and is part of a conspiracy to help him to be moreby focusing on getting the facts before stress comes from the refusal to face what successful. Whenever something unexpectedresponding. They develop the ability to cut might happen as a result of your difficulty or occurs, he immediately says, “That’s good,”through the confusion and ask questions such problem. When you clearly define the worst and then looks into the situation to find outas “Why did this happen? How did it happen? possible outcome and write it down next to exactly what is good about it.How serious is it? Now that it has happened, the definition of the problem, you will findwhat are the various things we can do?” that whatever it is, you can handle it. Often The mark of a superior person is “tolerance for your worries will begin to evaporate as soon ambiguity.” This simply means that you haveThe critical issue in dealing with change is as you have clearly determined the worst that the capacity to deal effectively in a rapidlythe subject of control. Most of your stress and might happen as a result. changing situation. The higher up you go -unhappiness comes as a result of feeling out the greater your income and responsibilities,of control in a particular area of your life. If Now decide to accept the worst possible the higher your status and position - the fasteryou think about the times or places in which outcome should it occur. Mentally resolve the rate of change will be around you. Atyou feel the very best about yourself, you that even if the worst possible consequences every stage, it will be your ability to functionwill notice that you have a high degree of ensue from this situation, it will not be the with calmness, clarity and quiet assurancecontrol in those places. One of the reasons end of the world for you. You will accept it that will mark you as the kind of person whoyou like to get home after a trip is that after and carry on. In fact, it could probably be is going places in life. In the final analysis,you walk through your front door, you feel a lot worse. The very act of accepting the your ability to perform effectively in a worldcompletely in control of your environment. worst possible outcome completes the cycle of ongoing change is the true measure ofYou know where everything is. You don’t of eliminating from your mind the stress and how well-developed a person you really are.have to answer to anyone. You can relax anxiety associated with the situation. And the keys are to accept change, adjust tocompletely. You are back in control. change, improve upon change and move on You are now ready for the third step to the next situation. As you continue to doWith a clear idea of where you’re going and in dealing with change, and that is to this, you will have such a wonderful feelingwhat you want to accomplish, you develop adjust your behaviors and actions to the of self-control and self-determination thatresilience, which is the ability to bounce back new situation. Ask yourself, “What are all your whole life will be bright and positive,rather than break. You develop what is called the things I can do to make sure that the and so will your results.the “hardy personality” and become the type worst possible outcome does not occur?”of person who is resistant to the negative Sometimes we call this damage control. Inemotions that affect people who have no business schools, this is an important part of Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOgoals or direction. decision making, and it is called the mini-max of Brian Tracy International. He can be regret solution. What can you do to minimize contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail atThe first step in dealing with any change the maximum damage that can occur from an 8
  7. 7. Introducing Dealix’s Used Car Advertising and Leads Program Call Dealix today at (800) 717-8079, or visit Drives Success.
  8. 8. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Increase Your Effectiveness With Clients The power of the chances they’ll say “yes” to you: Evasive Ed is “follow-up” - follow-up until subconscious messages he buys or dies. is very serious business. First, imply in both word and movement that All of us in selling you’re “on their side.” If you’re meeting in Next is Griping Greg. Greg always has a should be concerned person, stand slightly beside them, rather problem or a complaint. It might be about about perceptions on than face-to-face. If you’re on the phone or your product, his company or even somethingboth sides of selling situations. We must pay using written word, imply the following: “I in his personal life. He just needs to haveattention to how others perceive us from the understand how you feel,” or, “I’ve been in someone listen to him. He may drag out thevery first contact whether it’s in person, via that situation myself,” as long as it’s true. sales process just to have you continue to bevoice, or by the written word. The message This adds a feeling that you’re a confidante or his shoulder to cry on. Be pleasant, but tryyou send can very easily be different than the friend, rather than the enemy sales person. to keep the conversation about business. Aone you want to transmit. good tactic with the Gregs of the world is If there is a major height difference to contact them just prior to lunch or at theUCLA did a study on the initial impression between you and the parties involved, it’s end of their day. Greg will be eager to moveclients had of a sales person to whom they oftentimes better not to discuss salient on to something else and not drag out thelater said “yes.” In the study, 10,000 product points of the transaction until you are both conversation with his woes.purchasers were asked: “Thinking back to seated because looking up or down at awhen you said ‘yes’ to the representative, person is uncomfortable. In long-distance Our next personality, Anna List, knowswhat were the reasons that you did? What communications, pay attention to their exactly what she wants. She’ll ask for a lotcomes to mind?” The answers might surprise vocabulary. Try to match their level, rather of information and analyze every detail. Sheyou. than talking down to them or using words will hold you accountable for every syllable that are too casual for the situation. you utter. With her, you must under-promiseSeven percent of those 10,000 people and over-deliver.said “yes” because of the representative’s It’s also critical to understand that you’reproduct knowledge. Thirty-eight percent going to do business with people who have Finally we meet Domineering Donna.said “yes” because of voice quality and the certain personalities. Not everyone will be Domineering Donna may not give you all thewords they used. However, 55 percent said like you, your friends or relatives. So you information you need, but will expect, since“yes” because of the first impression - the need to learn how to recognize the various you are the so-called expert, that you willway the sales people walked in and carried personality types and how to work with them know what she needs. With Domineeringthemselves. They had an air of confidence most effectively. I’m going to define some Donna we question, question, question andabout themselves that inspired the client to personalities here as men and women, but then write down the details. You must be atrust this person as an expert in their field. please understand that the description isn’t real note taker with Domineering Donna. gender specific. Working with the facts and not letting herIt’s so important that you realize that the bully you will be the name of her game.moment clients first see you they start The first person we are going to discuss isemotionally evaluating you. A lot of this is Believing Bart. Believing Bart possibly has Selling is a fun game…when you let it.done on a subconscious level. They’re not had a very positive past experience with your Challenge yourself to send exactly thesitting there thinking, “He’s slouching - he company. He believes your company can get messages you desire in both word and action.must be having an off day,” or, “Her clothes the job done for him, but you will still need Then, work on seeing how quickly you canare wrinkled - how prepared can she be to to prove your personal competence. classify each client you meet and work tohelp me?” serve their needs in the manner they will best The second type is Evasive Ed. Ed has such respond to.It’s much more subtle than that. It’s their a powerful fear of making a bad decision thatreaction to your body language, your voice he will put it off as long as possible. He will World-renowned master sales trainer Tomor how you use the written word. cancel appointments, and avoid returning Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkins your calls, but has a definite need for your International. He can be contacted atHere are some simple nuances you can services. So we must be very persistent with 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atincorporate into your selling style to increase Ed. The key phrase for working with an October 24th & 25th - Irvine, CA 10
  9. 9. fs feature solution SeanWolfington directories. SEO is sometimes offered as a period. Look to your provider for a tool that strategies in this fast-paced and ever-evolving Selecting the Right stand-alone service, or as a part of a larger can provide this information. world of technology can ensure strategic marketing effort, and is essential in the initial Web site listings ahead of your competitors. development and design of a site. Success: The Fuel of the Future It’s all about maximizing performance to Fuel for Your Engine Red McCombs Auto Group in San Antonio, generate desired results - higher revenue at Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Texas has found the right fuel mixture for lower costs. Pay-per-click advertisements are text ads their search engine strategy. The boom began strategically placed near search results. when Red McCombs brought on a Search Sean Wolfington is the general manager Maximizing Search Engine Performance These ads generate immediate on-line traffic to your Web site. When a visitor clicks on Engine Marketing company for consultation and implementation of a new SEM strategy of He can be contacted at 866.645.7730, or by e-mail at the advertisement, the dealership is charged that included a new high-tech Web site, a a small amount. PPC allows your text or Search Engine Optimization program, and aAre you getting maximum performance marketing initiatives like OEM incentives A standard SEM package should include a image ads to appear among search results as fully automated and measurable CRM tool tofrom your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and rebates. Your SEM consultant should commitment to continual research, search “sponsored links,” “featured listings” or “paid handle all of customer needs and follow-up.strategy that drives traffic leads and increases possess a vast working knowledge of the engine positioning and submission of your ads.” Hiring a professional with experience in The results were immediate, and sales have RED McCOMBS SUCCESSsales? If not, it’s time for a pit stop to give automotive industry, and must have a strong highly optimized Web site to directories. the automobile industry to direct and manage now skyrocketed by 500 units per month. Since implementing their new SEMyour search engine strategy a boost with some level of experience in contending online for An SEM package should always include the your Pay-Per-Click campaign, rather than The Web site has strategy, Red McCombs has...high performance fuel. An effective online competitive automotive search terms within use of Pay-Per-Click campaigns, targeted tackling this mundane task yourself, will proven its success by taking the dealership to • Increased sales by 500 units permarketing strategy will drive significantly different markets. When selecting the right dealership keywords and customized ensure an effective campaign with up to 100 a new level, and has earned Red McCombs month.more traffic and profits to your dealership’s firm to partner with, consider credentials keyword phrases for the site to increase times more keywords. Resources available to the 2005 eDealer of the Year Award. • Increased gross profit from $60K tosales, finance and service departments by and performance results based on successful visibility. Also, highly integrated diagnostic professionals generate targeted keyword lists over $750K per monthtransporting potential customers directly into implementation of marketing strategies with tools and reports should be included to assess leading to higher click-through rates, a better The eBusiness staff and the entire • Increased CSI and customer loyaltyyour dealership with a click of the mouse. other dealers. any campaign’s effectiveness. quality score and lower keyword count. The management team are excited about the • Increased closing ratio from 3 result is more targeted traffic to your site at a continued progress for 2006. Red McCombs percent to 19 percentCheck Engine Light On It is beneficial to select a partner who employs What does all that mean and how will your relatively low price, because your budget is is now turning over 25 percent of their • Increased profits while reducing costIs your dealership’s Web site appearing ahead Google AdWord professionals, since Google dealership benefit from an SEM program? being continually and effectively managed. Internet leads into showroom visits, and to under $200 per unit soldof your competitors’ sites when interested is the most widely accessed engine, utilized With literally millions of automotive over 75 percent of those visits into sales. • Awarded 2005 eDealer of the Yearbuyers in your region search the Web for by over 80 percent of all Internet users. These Web sites available to choose from, most Additives And the great news gets even better…Redinformation? With more than 300 million experts have passed a demanding exam, as consumers rely on search engines to find Supplement your high-performance SEM McCombs is increasing sales and profitsonline searches per day, the popularity of well as proven their proficiency by managing services to meet their specific needs. Proper program by injecting your own marketing while decreasing costs per unit by up to 50the Internet only magnifies the necessity of Google AdWord campaigns for clients for a SEM execution ensures a strategic Web site extras. Your staff can boost the efficiency of percent.implementing and maintaining an up-to- minimum of three months. Qualified Google listing ahead of competitors. Most consumers your marketing strategy and increase trafficdate SEM strategy. With research indicating AdWord professionals can effectively design do not search by dealership name; they search to your dealership’s site by simply making Many dealerships claim that SEM is nowthat up to 86 percent of Web sites are found and manage the most efficient solution for by specific vehicle models or geographical the dealership URL address more visible in their best online marketing investment. As athrough the use of search engines, and over their clients. boundaries. So when an interested consumer your traditional advertising media. result, auto dealers continue to shift budgetshalf of retail consumer searches performed sits at his computer surfing the Web for from traditional advertising media to digitalon Google are automotive in nature, your There are also firms which are not “full a particular model in your area, can your Compliment your SEM with reporting marketing strategies, third-party lead-dealership should be geared to capitalize on service.” Many appear to have vast dealership be easily found? mechanisms that provide the ability to generation sites and other Web marketingyour fair share. offerings, but only provide basic link generate analysis reports to help you programs. It’s impossible to ignore the building campaigns. For example, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measure and improve the effectiveness of results.Last year more than $400 million was only offer submissions of your site to various Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental your SEM efforts by identifying exactlyspent by local businesses for Search Engine directories, exchanging links with other sites part of any online marketing plan. SEO is which search engines and phrases are paying The awesome advances of Internet marketingMarketing, but this is a mere drop in the and establishing other links that point to your primarily concerned with advancing the off. A beneficial aspect of a successful SEM have given birth to a whole new realm ofbucket compared to $2.7 billion forecasted site. Be careful when making your selection, goals of a Web site by improving the position program is the ability to track and measure advertising for dealerships. Consultby eMarketer for 2007. Online marketing because with so many offerings available, it of its organic search results for a wide search engine referrals beyond the initial with a qualified SEM specialist toexpenditures are up 134 percent, according is easy to be misled by a complicated and variety of relevant keywords. SEO programs click-through to the dealership sites. It is determine the best options forto a recent report by the Internet Advertising confusing process. are geared toward long-term objectives equally important to be able to track your maximizing the performanceBureau, and auto dealers continue to shift of increasing both the number and quality dealership sale conversions, as measured by of your Search Enginebudgets from traditional advertising to Choosing the Right Grade of Fuel of visitors to your dealership’s Web site additional revenue, average sale value and Marketing strategy.Internet marketing programs. At the pump, a number of fuel grades and through results offered on the search engine total sales generated during a given time Effective SEM additives are available to enhance theConsult the Owner’s Manual efficiency of your engine. Just like choosingLike referring to the Owner’s Manual to find the right fuel to maximize the performanceinformation on maximizing the performance of your automobile engine, various strategiesof your engine, consulting a qualified SEM for maximizing search engine results need toprofessional is crucial to the success of your be reviewed. Which ones are right for you?online marketing strategy. An importantfactor to consider when choosing the right Search Engine Marketing (SEM)fuel to develop and drive your strategy is Search Engine Marketing is the latestselecting a consultant that possesses solid phenomenon in the world of digitalautomotive credentials. Many search engine marketing. The term SEM is used to describemarketing firms make promises, but are the range of marketing techniques requiredunable to deliver satisfactory results because to make an automotive Web site visible onthey lack the basic knowledge of trends search engines and directories.that drive successful online automotive 12 13
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis MichaelYork sales and training solution The Wisdom of Wealth and Other Money Lessons Making Money: It’s If you’ve already passed one of these what most people work milestones, there’s still time to invest in YOU. for, say they want, and Your time, your study, and your money; it’ll it’s the closest thing to pay off in a big way. a goal most individuals will ever get to in their How Can YOU THINK differently? lives. But “making money” is illegal, unless That’s the challenge. You can think you work for the government. differently by asking better questions and find bigger answers. The mint makes money. You and I exchange. Let’s start with this question: What does it mean to “be rich?” There’s great thinking We exchange our time, our talents, our skills, and instruction on this one, going all the and our services - something of value - for way back to Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think compensation. and Grow Rich,” to the more recent “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books by Robert We trade value that the marketplace, and Kiyosaki. individuals in it, will gladly pay for. Money is something we attract by the person we It’s classic wealth wisdom. It’s the cold become. Value is something we create to mountain stream in a sea of “money- receive payment from the marketplace. making-get-rich-quick” books and tapes and infomercials. Create Value. How are you creating value where you In Hill’s book, he discusses several ways of you are his cure work? What are you exchanging your time becoming “rich,” and allows you to choose for every day? the one that you can live with, and the ones you can live without. It will challenge you as When you create value, you can trade it a reader and a student. for bigger rewards. That’s what happened centuries ago when trappers trapped and To replace poor thinking and strategies with farmers farmed and hunters hunted, and then rich ones - the ingredients in becoming exchanged what they could do potentially wealthy are readily available, and even more Juvenile Diabetes better than anyone else in the marketplace readily available to any of you reading this for other goods, or, yes, even cash. living in America, the richest country - and affects millions Mary Tyler Moore marketplace - in the world. International Chairman and causes long- Cash flows (that’s why it’s called “cashflow”) term complications like blindness when value is exchanged. Create greater No matter where we are in our journey, most value with your time. The marketplace will of us still need to be reminded from time and kidney failure. Not to mention notice and write you bigger checks. And you to time about the fundamentals of thinking pain and worry no kid should have won’t keep looking for some shortcut that richly. It’s uncommon thinking. Though to live with. But we’re closer than turns into a detour when it comes to your there are many teachers, and many lessons ever to a cure. Your help makes life- better future. that have been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years, we have become the saving research possible. Think personal development, and think kid in the candy store in the land of instant Call 1.800.533.CURE or visit about this: According to the U.S. Census gratification. Bureau, here’s about how much money you can expect to “make” in your lifetime with Debt is public enemy No. 1. Debt is marketed the following degrees: to us daily. And contrary to popular thinking, debt in and of itself is not bad. Actually, • High School Diploma: there’s good debt and bad debt. Money $1,100,000 works. And it works better with leverage. • Bachelor’s Degree: But how many people actually understand $2,100,000 good debt and leverage? • Master’s Degree: $2,500,000 Many people say they want or wish for • Doctorate: things to be better, but they never take action $4,400,000 to become better in their thinking or working14
  11. 11. continuedor investing. Wanting and wishing are Working at a job is not one of the principlescommon; seeking wisdom and taking action of the wealthy, at least not for arriving thereare uncommon. or accumulating wealth. Many wealthy and affluent individuals still have tasksWhat If, by Faith and Fortune, You Never and projects and work they do on a regularHad to Worry About Money Again? basis, but it’s usually not how they cameWhat is, or what would be, your quality of to be wealthy. They studied the laws andlife and your contribution to mankind in the principles of wealth and applied them. Soabsence of fears, doubt, worry and negative why can’t you?emotions? Here is wisdom: Profits are better thanIn psychology, money is referred to as a wages. Wages are not the answer to the“deficiency need,” meaning when you have wealth question. Commissions are better, butenough money, chances are you don’t think, still not enough. J-O-B is not a rich strategy,or worry, much about it. But when you have at least not a job alone. But even if you aretoo little, it is easy to be consumed with now working on a job, are you also laying thealmost continual thoughts of, not money, but groundwork for your financial independencea lack of money. in some other way?Ancient wisdom says “the LOVE of money Work harder on you than you do on youris the root of all evil.” job; that’s a rich formula for attracting better things into your life.Is it love, or could it be a form of love, tothink about it all the time? Wishing for Friday When it comes to financial things, many of us(payday) to come? Worrying that there won’t feel inadequate. I know the feeling. It’s whybe enough to go around or any left over? The I’ve tried to learn from others around me whoLOVE of money is not reserved for the rich. are very good at financial fundamentals andIn fact, I believe it’s largely the opposite. thinking big thoughts. Anyone can read good books and get better ideas and strategies forMoney has no power of its own. All their life. Reading is a rich strategy.the power flows – to you, from you orthrough you. And the good news is that it’s available to most everyone. It’s easy to do, but easier notThe laws of money transcend economic to do. And that’s the option that most peopleconditions, meaning simply there have been choose.wealthy and affluent individuals throughouthistory and a study of almost any time period Watching TV is easier than reading to learn.shows that they arrived at or acquired wealth Complaining is common. Libraries are freein many different ways, but with many of the and reading is easy - rich strategy or poorsame principles or laws working for them. strategy? How many of each can you identify in your life?Webster defines “wealthy” as “richlysupplied,” as in “a wealth of knowledge.” As The study of wealth - sounds appealinglong as we’re in the dictionary, how about a doesn’t it? Surely goals must be involved.couple of bonus words? And if you’re involved in any study, there must be some homework assignments,WORTH: “The quality of something that right?makes it desirable, useful or valuable. To theutmost of one’s powers or ability (for all he’s Here’s your next assignment (should youworth).” choose to accept it): Find out more on wealthy wisdom and rich thinking. E-mailAFFLUENCE: “Wealth. Abundance. A me for my “short list” on my personal studyflowing toward.” Can you see that definition? of wealth. Until then, here’s to getting moreWealth and abundance flowing toward rich strategies into your life.– you?Since you’re reading this, I’m guessingyou’re an uncommon individual and aspiring Michael York is an author and professionalfor something more than you have now - a speaker. He can be contacted atstation or position beyond where you are 800.668.5015, or by e-mail atnow, with an interest in becoming more than, or visityou have been in the past. 2006 15
  12. 12. sts fos ls ms sf fis HeatherConary Key Performance marketing solution Indicators, Part 3 In the past two issues of sites are giving you good referrals, and calculating which sites are most relevant to AutoSuccess, I began which are not worth your investment. a user’s search, there are several common a series of articles denominators, including: on Key Performance Tracking the trends among your traffic counts • The copy on the Web site Indicators (KPIs). is also helpful. For example, if you had low • How many other Web sites are linked These are gauges you traffic from a particular local newspaper site to the Web sitecan use to determine how well your Web site one month, and you decided to change the • Meta tags, which are hidden to users,is performing. creative content of the ad at the end of the but provide valuable content to search month. If, at the end of the next month, your enginesTo calculate these KPIs, you will need a set traffic has increased from that site, it may beof your statistics from your Web site. There due to: Depending on your statistics package, youare many different statistics providers out • More relevant creative content in the may have a “Search Terms” report. In thisthere (Urchin, CoreMetrics, WebSideStory, newer ad report, it shows a breakdown of how often aand proprietary solutions.) If you need help • A better offer in the newer ad visitor made it to your Web site based on thefinding the measurements referenced in my • A more relevant offer to the audience term(s) he searched for at the search engine.article in your own statistics package reports, who saw your adfeel free to e-mail me. Using this breakdown, you can see which You may also see a count designated as “no search terms are generating the most traffic toAnalyzing Incoming Traffic referrals.” A visitor may be counted as “no your site, as well as any potential problems.With a walk-in customer, a good sales person referral” for one of following reasons:will qualify the lead, asking “Have you • The visitor typed in your Web site For example, if your dealership is Joe’slooked at any other dealerships?” or “Have address by hand Quality Cars, most people would assumeyou been shopping already?” The answers to • The visitor bookmarked your Web site that your Web site is www.joesqualitycars.these questions will give the sales person a and returned to it from there com. However, if you use www.joescars.good idea of where the customer is coming • The visitor had visited your site before com for your Web site, you may see searchesfrom, as well as any objections they may and it was in their “Recently Visited for “Joe’s Quality Cars” in your search termshave. It may also reveal whether they are Sites” or “History” list report. This is a good indicator that visitorssensitive to price, service, location or any are not familiar with your Web site and areother host of preferences. Similar to this, it A high “no referral” count may indicate: using a search engine to find important and helpful to know where your • Your dealership’s Web site address isonline traffic is coming from. well-branded, and visitors are familiar You may also see that some visitors are with it finding you by the warranty or insurance plansTo calculate this metric, you will need the • A visitor may have already been to you offer. If you are getting low numbers forfollowing measurement: your Web site and remembered your those terms, but some visitors are finding • Referrals name you through them, you may consider adding more content about the plans. This makesDepending on your statistics package, your Dissecting Search Engine Traffic your Web site more valuable to a searchreferrals report will most likely include the Some of the most popular search engines engine.source and number of visitors from that include Google, Yahoo and MSN, althoughparticular source. there are many smaller ones as well. Search Search engine marketing refers to the ads engines drive traffic to your Web site in one at the top and the sides of search results.Some referrals you may find: of two ways: These work on a paid basis. You can use • Search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) 1. Search engine optimization (also your keyword analysis to help you determine • Lead aggregators (Dealix, AutoTrader) called “organic SEO”) which keywords your visitors are looking for • Auction sites (eBay) 2. Search engine marketing (also called and use them to help you determine which • Local sites (newspapers, radio “paid SEO”) keywords to place bids on. stations) • Employment listing sites (Monster. A search engine uses automated software Next Month: More of using your KPI com, to categorize and filter Web sites. This is analysis to make improvements to your Web • Manufacturer Web sites (Toyota, Ford, considered search engine optimization (or site based on good decisions. Chevrolet) organic SEO), meaning that it is based on the perceived relevance of your site, not Heather Conary is a Web developer atThese counts give you a good idea of where how much you have paid for the search Downeast Toyota-Scion-Buick. She canyour traffic is coming from. Using this gives engine listing. Although each search engine be contacted by 866.386.4914 or by e-you some concrete evidence on which Web has their own proprietary algorithm for mail at 16