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BILIPOD LED Phototherapy Unit

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Bilipod LED Phototherapy Unit for treatment of Neonatal Jaundice

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BILIPOD LED Phototherapy Unit

  1. 1. BILIPOD LED Phototherapy Unit Healing Light for Newborn Jaundice…. Bilipod LED From Above Bilipod LED with Baby Tray Certified
  2. 2. BILIPOD LED Double Surface Phototherapy Unit Sturdy Baby Trolley consists of –  Collapsible Acrylic Side Panels  Transparent Baby Tray with Bubble Mattress  Height Adjustment and Angle Adjustment for Overhead LED Module  Four Swivelling castor wheels with brakes Certified Also available - Bilipod Double Surface Phototherapy Unit with Detachable trolley
  3. 3. • Uniform Light Distribution with 11 High Intensity LED Lamps uniform body coverage • Observation Lamp Two Observation White LEDs provide enough light to observe the color of baby’s skin • High Irradiance Levels Irradiance > 30 µW/cm²/nm enables faster bilirubin breakdown • Pin Drop Silent Operation zero noise cooling fan • Optimum Wavelength Range: 420 to 490 nm • Very Low Power Consumption of only 30W • Effective Surface Area : 40cm x 50cm
  4. 4. • Life of Lamps - 30000 hours • Lamp Tilt up to 90° • Height Adjustability up to 50cm • Light Weight Lamp Unit weighs less than 3 Kg • Portable can be placed above Infant incubator or below the Infant Warmer Bassinet to give under surface Phototherapy • Sleek & Compact Lamp Unit Size : 45 x 30 x 5 cm takes minimum space • Timer: LCD Based Timer measuring Total Lamp Usage and Patient Timer
  5. 5. BiliProbe Irradiance Meter Handheld Irradiance (Flux) meter for measurement of the output of conventional Phototherapy Units.  Bandpass filter - 425nm to 475nm  Range: 0 to 200 uW/cm²/nm  Minimal Graduation: 1 uW/cm²/nm  Accuracy: ± 10%  Measuring Time: Approx 4-5 sec  Press to ON Switch  Battery: 9V Alkaline Phototherapy Eye PATCH has been designed to assure complete comfort, and eye protection for infants during Phototherapy Treatment  Adjustable Band for proper comfort and secure fit  Easy to use design  Large eye protection pad increases light protection  Single Piece wrap around design can be independently adjusted to prevent unwanted movement.  Available in 3 sizes - Preterm, Term and Neonatal Phototherapy EyePATCH
  6. 6. THANK YOU AVI Healthcare Pvt Ltd Factory: 25, Nanddeep Industrial Estate, Kondivita Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra, India Mobile: +91-9322294345, +91- 9820228952 Landline: +91-22 28326240 / +91- 22 28320452 Email id: /