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Is another school possible?

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Reflections on where to go school of the XXI Century

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Is another school possible?

  1. 1. Is another schoolIs another school possible?possible?
  2. 2. The 2020thth centurycentury school systemschool system is in ruins...
  3. 3. ... and has colapsed by... and has colapsed by its own mistakesits own mistakes
  4. 4. TeacherTeacher-centered system
  5. 5. CurriculumCurriculum is given too much importance
  6. 6. TimetablesTimetables andand classroomclassroom straitjacket
  7. 7. Too much homeworkhomework
  8. 8. Students performance is assessed mainly through examsexams
  9. 9. Bulimic learningBulimic learning vomit forget memorize
  10. 10. Changes in education lawslaws not agreed to by a consensus
  11. 11. A system that penalisespenalises for mistakes
  12. 12. A learning system that focuses on passing examinations, not learninglearning
  13. 13. The farce of educationThe farce of education We teachers pretend that we are teaching... ... students pretend that they are learning
  14. 14. Students spend less and less time studying... They do not bring their own equipment... Misbehaviour more and more frequent... Profound lack of motivation... Families do not get involved at all... Lower students performance...
  15. 15. Is a call for a change needed?Is a call for a change needed? ... or can we wait?... or can we wait? When my number of students decrease... When I get more training... When more equipment is available... When education laws change...
  16. 16. Making excuses,Making excuses, how much longuer?how much longuer? If my fellows ... Is my school... If my students... If families... If the school administration... If I was in the mood...
  17. 17. The education DOES NOTDOES NOT work; it has failedfailed to succeed
  18. 18. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different resultsdifferent results.. Albert Einstein
  19. 19. Education is about bringing out frombringing out from insideinside, not filling up from the outside. Mario Alonso Puig Neurocientífic
  20. 20. FillingFilling bottles...?
  21. 21. LightingLighting fires...?
  22. 22. Where shouldWhere should education in the 21education in the 21stst century head?century head?
  23. 23. StudentStudent-centered learning process
  24. 24. Teacher as a guideguide, a facilitator, a facilitator From «providing answers»... ... to «asking questions»
  25. 25. CompetencyCompetency based educationbased education
  26. 26. Multiple intelligencesMultiple intelligences are developedare developed
  27. 27. A meaningfulmeaningful learning process is achieved
  28. 28. It breaks mouldsmoulds
  29. 29. It break timetablestimetables
  30. 30. Different assessmentassessment approaches areapproaches are implementedimplemented
  31. 31. Based on cooperativecooperative learninglearning
  32. 32. Learning isLearning is personalisedpersonalised
  33. 33. It cultivates autonomousautonomous,, responsibleresponsible studentsstudents
  34. 34. IMAILE project: an opportunityopportunity for afor a methodologicalmethodological changechange
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Albert VillanuevaAlbert Villanueva Coordinador TIC COL·LEGI SAGRADA FAMÍLIA Viladecans @avillan1