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Design in russia
Design in russia
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Design in russia

  1. 1. Why Russia needs supreme design council? Igor Voloshin
  2. 2. Russian police logo of Ministry of home affairs
  3. 3. emblem of road police arms of road police
  4. 4. where is you child now?
  5. 5. giving bribes? Corruption
  6. 6. road-posts for road police
  7. 7. Russian fire service
  8. 8. Russian medical service Quick medical help
  9. 9. Russian life of disabled people
  10. 10. Inside Lift Outside
  11. 11. Public transportation
  12. 12. Russian territory branding full year Sochi
  13. 13. Kaliningrad area Viksa Orsk 275
  14. 14. Comzina str. Stepana Razina avanue A. Matrosova
  15. 15. Togliatti Togliatti
  16. 16. Perm First typeface, design for Russian town
  17. 17. Bus stop.
  18. 18. I love P
  19. 19. I love P
  20. 20. Kaluzhskaya area
  21. 21. Smolensk 1150
  22. 22. Moscow arms
  23. 23. Schools
  24. 24. Design concepts with russian old-style graphics
  25. 25. The Perm’s centre of design development
  26. 26. Government corporations
  27. 27. Russian energy agency
  28. 28. Russia design landscape
  29. 29. Societies International Association | Union of designers
  30. 30. Union of Russian designers they are creating National committee of design
  31. 31. Russian union of branding companies
  32. 32. Art-directors club. Russia
  33. 33. Interactive communication agency
  34. 34. Association of communication agencies
  35. 35. Architectures Union of Russia
  36. 36. Background • Strong vertical power system in Russia • Low level of initiatives on the places (mayors, governors, ministers) • Generally low knowledge among state workers in any design related topics
  37. 37. Result • Weak, non-consistent, soviet, old, unreliable image of everything, that is connected to the government • Internal reforms are not seen by the citizens immediately, thus nobody sees a difference (disloyalty) • Russia is perceived as a low value source of raw-materials
  38. 38. Ways of improvement • Include professional designers and creative people in the processes of state organization’s image creation • Increase the role of design, by giving power on government level • Create an Organization, that will be responsible for government brands
  39. 39. A government organization, that will be responsible for image of the government organizations and corporations and aimed at making the life of different social groups of people better, using design as a tool.
  40. 40. Supreme Design Council of Russian Federation
  41. 41. Tasks • Manage design communication of government corporations and organizations (corporate style for transport companies) • Manage industrial design projects that include state workers (Police uniform) • Manage the process of branding Russian territories (Togliatti)
  42. 42. Operations • Art-directors + marketing consultants would become the core of the processes • The SDC will create briefs, choose the right agency to do the work and than implement it in the real life • The control group, would be responsible for maintaining the use of created guidelines and so on all over the country
  43. 43. Structure • The Head Quarters would be located in Saint-Petersburg (as a cultural capital of Russia)
  44. 44. Aims • Re-create strong image of a huge country piece by piece • Add value to the companies, that are to be sold shortly • Establish better image of state services (police, fire dept. etc.)