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7 Key Questions to Ask About the Future of Work and Life

Panel talk at Internet of Things Conference. Human Connections, Inclusion, Relationships & Growth Strategies Work for Connected & IoT Initiatives

The rise of IoT and it's permeation into mainstream culture and daily conversations makes it seem like the next gold rush is here for technology vendors and investors. While it appears a pipeline of opportunity is building, organizations who prepare to grow real relationships with clients and ride out the waves of transformation will have the advantage when delivering IoT and Smart City initiatives.

The very real human challenge of mapping very fast moving environments, policies, technologies and devices to very slow ones requires patience, creativity, flexibility and open-mindedness which are not traditionally valued in technical environments. Because these activities are the lynch pin in any IoT or Smart City initiatives the winners in our space will be those who figure out how to connect the dots and understand selling and buying technology products is not what makes cities smart or IoT initiatives work.

Our panelists have combined backgrounds with work in commercial private sector, State and City Public Sector, non-profits, and startups. The women on this IoT and Smart City panel will share examples of challenges they were called to address, the technologies they used to meet the need, what happened when they launched, and whether the project ended up delivering expected results and metrics.

They will share some of the complexity of their project examples to illustrate how technology was, sometimes, the easiest part.

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7 Key Questions to Ask About the Future of Work and Life

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