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20 Minutes on facebook [Infographics]

Many describe Facebook as a “social network” - although Facebook uses the term “social utility," saying it's more useful and functional than just a connection tool. Whichever definition you prefer, the site offers users a variety of ways to publicly or privately share data about their life, and to find friends, classmates and others who might interest them. You can post public thoughts on others' pages, send them private emails or chats, search for people from your past or connect with people with the same interests as you.

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20 Minutes on facebook [Infographics]

  1. 1. 2,851,000 2,587,000 14,208,000 20Minutes on facebook 4,716,000 5,724,000 3,298,000 32,507,000 2,112,000 2,424,000 3,887,000