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Savitri Telecom

  1. Ensuring Smooth Flow Of Communication
  2. Our Objective Our Objective is to recognise the user’s future demands today and provide the innovative and cost effective solutions
  3. VISION & MISSION  Achieve Performance Excellence and create standards  Provide dependable services in response to changing needs and to provide value addition in all our endeavours as well as maintaining high standards of quality.
  4. About Savitri Telecom Services  Savitri Telecom Services (STS) is promoted by Mr. Ravi Shankar Rai in year 1999.  At present the STS Group turn over is about 100 Crores per year
  5. About STS Group  About 500+ employees works in STS Group  We have our Offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ambala, Jalandhar, Bhatinda, Jodhpur, Bikaner and representatives spread all over India
  6. Our Core Activity  STS is a professionally driven Manufacturing & Trading company providing a wide range of products & services to address customer requirements, primarily in the power and telecom infrastructure Segments
  7. Our Focus  Our Focus is on quality, on time delivery and cost control which makes us one of the leading organization in India
  8. Our Strength  We are Pioneer in the field of Fiber and Copper Passive products, Optical Fiber Cables , Jelly Filled Cable, Fiber and Copper Jointing Kits and accessories, Networking products, Communication Racks, Maintenance Tools etc.
  9. About US  We are the only company in INDIA having distributorship or dealership of almost 22 reputed OEM’s for Test and Measuring Equipments  We also have our own ISO 9000 certified repairing Center in New Delhi for repairing of Test & Measuring equipments, splicing machines etc.
  10. About US  We provide end-to-end services to our customers, we have successfully built, strategic technology, marketing alliances, efficient in house teams and network of field workforce over the years. We bring the entire turnkey solutions and products that enhance performance and profitability of our customers from public and private sectors.
  11. What We Offer We had divided our Group Companies in 5 Verticals 1. Manufacturing 2. Projects 3. O & M 4. Trading 5. Repairing and Calibration
  12. Optical Handheld
  13. .  .
  14. Manufacturing STS is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of best quality OFC & JFC Accessories and Products, Networking Passive Products, like :- OFC Joint enclosures OFC Connectors & Accessories OFC Adaptors Splicing Protection Sleeves Heat Shrink Sleeves
  15. .  DDF & Modules  FDF & Modules  ACDB, DCDB & MCB Enclosures,  Fixed & Modular Termination Boxes  Racks & Rack Assemblies  Networking Accessories  Media convertors
  16. Manufacturing All type of Networking Products Like :-  Cat 5 / 6 UTP Cables  Patch Cords  Patch Panels  Cable Managers  Ducts
  17. Fiber Optics Joint Enclosures STS is a Leading manufacture all types of Fiber Optics Joint enclosures' for both Outdoor and Indoor types
  18. . We also manufacture specialize Joint enclosures as per customer requirement Our products are backed by strong R & D department and state of art infrastructure for manufacturing the same
  19. Outdoor Fiber Optics Joint enclosures  STS manufacture Optical Fiber joint Enclosures for 6 to 98 cores We also manufacture customize Outdoor Enclosures for splicing
  20. Indoor Fiber Optics Joint Enclosures (LIU)  STS Manufacture Indoor Fiber Optics termination Boxes from 4 cores to any number of cores Our LIU are provided with LC/SC/FC or any other connector on request
  21. Rack mount Optical Fiber Distribution panel  STS manufacture 19” Rack Mount 1U Fiber Distribution or Termination Panel from 4 core To any number of core Our LIU are provided with LC/SC/FC/ST Or any other connect on request .
  22. Multitray Based Professional ODF's STS manufacture high quality, 19‘ rack mount Optical fiber distribution box/cabinet for fast and convenient cable laying and distribution on optical distribution rooms, frames.
  23. Multitray Based Professional ODF's These are available in LC/SC/FC or any other connectors available on request They are available in both Fix and Slide in types as per requirement
  25. Connectors & Adaptors  As a leading manufacturer & supplier, STS develops, produces and markets connectors & Adaptors related to Fiber Optics, Communication & Telecom industry.
  26. Connectors & Adaptors  STS is committed to contribute to progress in interconnect technology and to exceed customers expectations through innovation, quality manufacturing and superior service
  27. Connectors & Adaptors  These connectors manufacture in state of art manufacturing facility and comes with manufacturer warranty.
  28. Fiber Optics Connectors
  29. Splicing Protection Sleeves  Our sleeves represent the industry's most reliable, highest quality sleeves at an economical price. Standard lengths include 60mm and 40mm in length. Sleeves come standard with a clear outer tube for viewing the colors of the fiber itself
  30. Heat Shrink Sleeves  Our heat shrinkable sleeves are widely used for the protection of cable joints and terminations in Telecom & Power applications. These heat shrinkable sleeves conform to the international quality standards.
  31. DDF  STPL is expert in producing DDF products and currently providing products to all the leading Telecom Service Providers in India  We manufacture both Close & Open type DDF which can be used to house any numbers of Krone Module.
  32. Networking Racks  STPL offers indigenously designed Floor standing & Wall Mounting enclosures with good international look for various applications. These 19" Floor standing rack with mounting accessories can be adjustable to suit user's requirement
  33. Networking Passive Products  STPL is committed to manufacture world class Networking Passive products.  Quality is the pervasive element in all STS products.  Over the years, significant improvements have been made by us in lowering the cost of production and ensuring consistent high quality
  34. Patch Panels STS offers modular patch panels for termination of horizontal and backbone cabling. It has a robust construction. The RJ-45 module jacks give the design an unmatched modularity and elegance.
  35. Patch Cords  STS Cat 5 & Cat 6 Patch cords are designed to comply the minimum performance requirements for horizontal cabling. They are over - molded with snag- less, elastomer polyolefin strain relief boots. They come in 1m, 2m, 3m and customizable lengths
  36. , STS manufactures Fiber Media Convertors, Network Interface Devices for Service providers & Enterprise STS Media convertors support wide range of adaptors like  ST, SC Connectors  Multimode fiber,  SM duplex fiber,  SM fiber  Short haul, Medium haul, Long haul fiber connections
  37. Projects & Services
  38. .  .
  39. Projects & Services Project Implementation  STS is pioneer in the field of providing services related to Telecom, Communication, Net working, CATV etc.  We are expert in implementing OFC and Copper Projects any were in INDIA
  40. Project Implementation  We also under take maintenance of OFC / JFC Networks PAN India  We had strong reputation in installation of CCTV, Surveillance & Security, BTS etc..
  41. Services Offered By STS  Complete Turnkey OFC/ JFC Projects  AMC for OFC / JFC Network & Equipments  FTTH / Broadband Installation,
  42. Services Offered By STS  System Integration , Designing, Testing and Certification for LAN /WAN/MAN.  Installation & Maintenance of Access control & Surveillance Projects.
  43. Services Offered By STS  Wi-Fi / Wi-max Installation and Maintenance  Consultancy for Network Design and Implementations
  44. .  BTS Installation with Tower Erection, complete Civil & Electrical Works  Power Backup solution for AC and DC Supply for Telecom Equipments
  45. .  Power Backup solution for AC and DC Supply for Telecom Equipments like UPS, FCBC, AC – DC Convertors, Battery Banks
  46. .  VPN / MPLS Design, Installation and Deployments  Video Conferencing Solutions  IPTV Solution, Design & Implementations
  47. .  VoIP Solution , Design & Implementations  Network Security Solution, Design & Implementations
  48. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS OFC / JFC PROJECTS  We provide the following Services:  Optical Fiber Communication Backbone/Access Networks.  Route Survey for OFC / JFC routes and obtaining ROWs.
  49. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS .  Execution of OFC / JFC Routes.  Undertaking Acceptance Testing works on behalf of the Client.
  50. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS SCOPE  Scope of Optical Fiber Cable Works includes the following :-  Total Network Design  Route Survey,  Preparation of BOQ  Right of Way permissions
  51. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS SCOPE  Civil Works  Trenching and associated Civil works,  Horizontal Directional Drilling  Boring
  52. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS .  Supply and Installation of  HDPE, GI, RCC, DWC & PVC Pipes  Multiplexers  Cables (OF & Cu)
  53. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS .  Splice Closures  Splicing  Electronic route markers  RCC markers  Chambers, Manhole s, Hand-holes,
  54. OFC/ JFC PROJECTS .  Earthing and Link Testing  Submission of As-built drawings
  55. Wi-fi & Wi-Max Wi-Fi  . & Wi-MAX
  56. Wi-fi & Wi-Max Wi-Fi & Wi-Max STS is one of the leading player in installation of Wi-Fi & Wi-Max in INDIA
  57. Wi-fi & Wi-Max Wi-Fi & Wi-Max STS had installed more than 2000 sites spread all over India
  58. Wi-fi & Wi-Max Wi-Fi & Wi-Max  We have dedicated and experience team for installation of equipments all over India in shortest possible time
  60. NETWORKING Network Integration  STS is a ISO 9000 Certified IT System Integration company, with a strong legacy and over Ten years of experience in this domain,
  61. NETWORKING .  STS offers System Integration services as a single-window turnkey solution, to meet the business needs of enterprise
  62. NETWORKING .  STPL is the only company in the India owning state of art Test and certification Equipments for certification of LAN / WAN
  63. NETWORKING .  STPL is known as a leading system integrators for Networking Products from Avaya Nortel Networks, HP 3Com, CISCO and D – LINK AMP and computers systems from HP, DELL etc.
  64. NETWORKING .  We have a team of Dedicated and Expert People for Designing of LAN/WAN/MAN, Implementation of Complete Network Projects and provide the certification for the life cycle of the Passive equipments.
  65. NETWORKING What We Offer  We specialize in offering the following networking services and products.  Buildings and Campus wide area structured cabling systems  Building Cable Tv projects with thousand of connectivity
  66. NETWORKING .  Fiber connectorization  Installation of LAN workgroup and backbone Switches  Installation of Multiprotocol routers Remote Access Routers
  67. NETWORKING .  Multiservice solutions for voice, data and video integration  Enterprise WAN switches  Wireless LAN, WAN and MAN solutions  Enterprise networking solutions.
  68. NETWORK INTIGRATION .  Maintenance of Networks  Training man power in maintenance of network  Project management
  69. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Security & Surveillances  .
  70. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Security & Surveillance  STPL is one of oldest companies working in Security & Surveillance field  We had Marketing & Technical tie-ups with World's most renowned companies in the field of Security & Surveillance.
  71. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE .  STS provides End-to- End System solutions for CCTV Projects including supplies, installation & commissioning and after sales service support.
  72. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Our Services  Access Controls  Assets RFID Tagging  Video Conferencing  CCTV System- Analogue & IP  Access Control System  Intruder Alarm system  Barriers  Scanners
  73. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE What We Do?  Preparation of a project report with particular & general specific requirement  Site survey & detailed projects analysis  System design & planning
  74. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE What We Do?  Supply of equipment  Characterization & testing of equipments & sub-systems Integration & testing of various sub- systems Installation & commissioning of overall system, acceptance test, after sales service support
  75. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Electronic Security Systems  CCTV  Other Security Gadget  Door Access Control Systems
  77. SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Door Access Control Systems Reader Proximity card type(RF) Lock Access Exciter Control Controller Biometric Reader Biometri LAN Interface c type Card Mechanical Controller
  78. Other Security Gadgets Hand Held Metal Detectors Door Frame Metal Detectors Other Gadge t Boom Barriers Road Blockers Under vehicle Surveillance Vehicle Boot Check System Bag Scanner Body Scanner
  79. BTS BTS INSTALLATION  STS is one of the leading Company in BTS Installation in India.  We had installed more then 200 BTS Towers including their terminal equipments.  We had state of art Testing and Maintenance equipments for installation of MAST and Antennas.
  80. BTS Installation & Commissioning of BTS Equipment Scope of work:  Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND  RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions  Material reception at the sites and checking as per packing list. Intimate to the customer in case of any deficiency  Hoisting of GSM/CDMA antennas on tower as per TND/RND  Clamping and routing of RF cables from Shelter to Antennae
  81. BTS .  Grounding the Antennae and RF cables at appropriate place  Ensuring drip loop/Z loop at cable entry plate  Ensuring no sharp bend on RF cables  Fixing OGB  Weather proofing  Fixing EMPs/Surge arrestors along with connectorization in shelter  Grouting the BTS  Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to BTS  Fixing IGB and extending grounding to all peripheral equipment
  82. BTS .  Fixing DDF  Installation of Battery bank and rectifier  Installation of internal cable try  Installation of indoor jumpers  Checking VSWR  Switching on the equipment  Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure  Power measurement  Filling the check list and execution of quality audit
  83. FTTH Fiber To The Home (FTTH)  .
  84. FTTH Fiber To The Home (FTTH)  Since STS if Pioneer in the Fiber technology, we are the first company in India giving end to end FTTH solution to the Telecom Operators and Individual Building Contractors
  85. FTTH Fiber To The Home (FTTH)  With the requirement of higher bandwidths almost all the telecom operators are shifting towards FTTH.  As of now we had installed FTTH in more than 250 Sites in India
  86. FTTH Fiber To The Home (FTTH)  We had our own manufacturing facility for state of art Passive equipments for FTTH in NCR Delhi which makes us cost competitors as compare to others
  87. Operation & Maintenance (O & M)  STS is a leading company in the field of providing maintenance services to almost all the Telecom Operators in India.  We are also serving the Nation by providing cost Effective OFC Maintenance Services to Indian Army for their OFC Network  As of now we are maintence services for more than 30,000 KMS of OFC in India  We had deployed more then 45 Teams for providing 24 x 7 services to our clients
  88. O&M Scope of Work for OFC Maintenance 1. OFC Maintenance 2. Splicing Termination of Optical Fiber 3. Deployment of FRT Team
  89. O&M OFC Maintenance  Patrolling is aimed at preventing cable disruptions along the OFC routes daily on fixed stretch  Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is carried out as defined by the SLA/SOW  Testing of all fibers are tested for the block sections and reported every month  Any defects in the fiber or in any of the associated equipment is attended to, in consultation with the Customer at site
  90. O&M .  Repeater stations and the optical equipment installed for alarms are monitored  Breakdown OFC Maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification  Test link attributes like the splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault are corrected  Deployment of O&M teams to carry out Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable
  91. O&M .  Providing FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper  Availability of four-wheeler with a driver for 24*7 with all the equipment (Splicing machine, OTDR, Power Meter, Portable Genset and supporting tools etc)
  92. O&M OFC O&M ROUTES MAINTAINED  Lucknow to Kanpur  Kanpur to Allahabad  Kanpur to Farukhabad  Lucknow to Fatehganj  Sitapur to Bahairach  Bahairach to Navgarh  Navgarh to Gorakhpur  Gonda to Faizabad  Sikandrabad to Aligarh  Annupuram to Ambikapur  Fatehpur to Sultanpur  Kanpur to Orai  Jhansi to Kanpur
  93. O&M OFC O&M ROUTES MAINTAINED  Jalandhar - Parian Kalan  Jalandhar Node – BSNL  Jalandhar – Doraha  Parjian Kalan – Moga  Ambala – Doraha  Sharanpur – Ambala  Sirsa – Hissar  Hissar – Rohtak  Sihani - KKB Via Ramsar  SM Garh - Nacha
  96. TRADING Trading STS is the only company in India which provide all the products & Services relating to Telecom & Communication Industry under one roof
  97. TRADING What We Offer  OFC / Copper Test & Measuring Instruments  CATV Test & Measuring Instruments  Network & Enterprises Structure Cabling Test Instruments  Wireless, CDMA, GSM, RF Test Instruments  Electrical & Electronics Test Instruments
  98. TRADING .  Optical Fiber Cable Products (Active & Passive)  OFC / JFC Cable Accessories  OFC / JFC repairing Instruments & Accessories  Tools for Networking & Communication  Networking Products ( Active & Passive)  RF Products  Electrical Products  Access Control, Surveillance Products
  99. TRADING Our OEM’s To provide end-to-end services to our customers we have successfully built, strategic technology, marketing alliances with all the leading Companies around the Globe for all types of Telecom & communication Products
  100. TRADING INNO  INNO Instrumentation is one of the key market participants in the global telecommunications industry.  They are specialized on core technologies of the Fusion Splicers and cleavers with related accessories
  101. TRADING JDSU ACTERNA  A leading Manufacturer of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the Telecom & Communications Industry around the Globe,  M/s STS is a leading Distributor for their Test & Measuring equipments in India.
  102.  3M is a leading supplier of innovative solutions to the electrical, electronics, an d Telecommunications industries.  STS is their Dealer for their RFID Range of Products Like Cable / Pipe Route tracers, RFID Route Indicators etc
  103. AFL  AFL is an industry leader in providing fiber optic products and integrated services to the telecommunications industry.  Some of their Products are Fusion Splicing Systems, Noyes Test & Inspection Equipment Fiber Optic Cable, Optical Connectivity, FTTx Electronics,
  104. LIFODAS  Lifodas is manufacturer of fiber optic test instruments. Main products: OTDRs, power meters, light sources. fiber optic monitoring systems, Connectors like Laser Diode Module, PIN Diod Module, InGaAs Photo DiodeComplete range of PIN / TIA receiver, 1555 mbps Transceiver
  105. FUJIKURA Ltd.  Fujikura Ltd. JAPAN is one of the foremost manufacturers and largest producers of electric wire and cable, optical fiber and related products and materials.  The are the world Leaders in Optical Splicing Products  M/s STS is one of their leading Distributors for their Splicing Machine in India
  106. VTL Ltd.  Vindhya Telelinks Limited a BIRLA Group Company is the leading supplier of Jelly Filled Telecommunication Cables and Optical Fiber Telecommunication cables in India  STS is associated as their Dealer for all types of Cables for Telecom Sector
  107. TRADING D-Link  D-Link Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced networking, broadband, di gital, voice and data communications solutions.  STS is associated with D- Link India as their Premier Channel Partners
  109. TRADING INNO  IFS9 ARC Fusion Splicer The Smallest, Lightest, Fastest Fusion Splicer in the world
  110. TRADING INNO  VF-78 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. It is compact and light, making it ideal for both single and 250um adaptable ribbon fiber cleaving(2-12 core)
  111. TRADING OFC / Copper Test & Measuring Instruments  Fusion Splicing Machine (Single & Ribbon Fiber)  Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR)
  112. TRADING .  Optical Power Meter  Optical Laser Source
  113. TRADING .  Visual Fault Locator  Optical Testers
  114. TRADING ,  Back Reflection Meters  Optical Variable Attenuator  Optical Switches
  115. TRADING .  Optical Talk Set  Live Fiber Identifier  Optical Spectrum Analysers
  116. TRADING .  SDH Analyzer  CWDM Analyzers  DWDM Analyzers
  117. TRADING .  Optical Network Management Testers (ONMS)  Data Network Analyzers  Smart Class E-I Testers
  118. TRADING .  Cable Fault Locator  Cable & Pipe Route Tracers  RFID Cable & Pipe Route Markers
  119. TRADING .  XDSL Tester  Telecom Protocol Analyzer  Digital Communication Analyzers
  120. TRADING .  Data Network Tester  ISDN Tester  Triple Play Service Tester
  121. TRADING CATV & Digital Video Instruments  Home Wiring Test System  Digital Service Activation Meter
  122. TRADING .  Network Maintenance sweeper Meter  DB Meter  Stealth digital Analyzer
  123. TRADING .  Video Analysers  RF Signal level Meter  Analyzers for CATV
  124. TRADING Networking & Structure Cabling Test Instruments  Network Validator  Ethernet Network Tester
  125. TRADING .  Ethernet Network Management Tool (NMS)  Network Certifier
  126. TRADING .  Trace & Tone Detector  Telephone Test Set  Wireless Testing Wi-Net Window
  127. TRADING .  Triporter  Testifier  Wireless Communication Network Analyzer
  128. TRADING .  Communication & Testing Kit  Cable Tester & Fault Analyzer  Satellite Signal Strength Meter
  129. TRADING .  Security Alarm Tone Generator Tone Detector & Cable Finder
  130. TRADING Wireless, CDMA, GSM, RF Test Instrument  3GMA Drive Test Tools  Autonomus Coverage Tester
  131. TRADING .  RF Power Meter  RF Analyzers
  132. TRADING .  Multipurpose Base Station Tester / Analyzer  VSWR Meters
  133. TRADING Electrical & Electronic Instruments  Digital Multimeter  Earth Tester  Clamp Meter
  134. TRADING .  Frequency Counter  Oscilloscopes  RF Signal Generator
  135. TRADING .  AC / DC Regulated Power Supply  AC / DC Convertor
  137. TRADING Optical Fiber Cable Products Passive Products  All types of SM / MM Simplex / Duplex Patch cords & Pig Tails  All types of SM / MM Simplex / Duplex Adapters & Couplers  Bare Fiber adaptors
  138. TRADING Optical Fiber Passive Products  All types of SM / MM Attenuators & Connectors  All types of Splitters / Couplers, WDM  All types of SM / MM Ferrule  Zirconia Sleeve, Bronze sleeve, Mechanical Splice
  139. TRADING Optical Fiber Active Products  Complete Range of Laser Diode Module, PIN Diod Module, InGaAs Photo Diode  Complete range of PIN / TIA receiver, 1555 mbps Transceiver  All type of Media Convertors  All type of Switches Routers
  140. TRADING Cable Accessories  All Type of OFC Cable (SM /MM)  Optical type of OFC Joint Enclosure  Fiber Termination Box  All Type of FDF / FMS / FDMS  All type of Patch Panels  All type of Racks  All type of DDF  LIU
  141. TRADING Cable Accessories  Splice Protection Sleeve  Optical Cleaning Kit  Optical Cleaning Cessate  Optical Cleaning Liquid  Optical Fiber Cleaning Spray  PVC Duct
  142. TRADING Cable Accessories  All type of Electrode for Splicing Machine  All type of Blade for Cleaver  All Types of Copper Cables  Wrapping Gun  Rodo Meter  GPS  Batteries & Spare for all Equipments
  143. TRADING Cable Accessories  Fiber Microscope  Hot Air Gun  Polishing Disc, Polishing Pad, Polishing Film, Epoxy  Krone Tools  Crimping Tools  Wrapping & Unwrapping Tools
  144. TRADING Tools  All types of Preparation Tools  OFC Tools  Copper Tools  Various type of Fiber Optic Stripper  Loose Tube Cutter  Sheath Cutter  Duct Cutter  Round Cable Cutter
  145. TRADING Tools  Fiber Optics Jacket Removers  Fiber Optic Kevler Cutter  High Precision Fiber Cleaver  Hand Clever  Fiber Optics Connectorization Kit
  146. TRADING Networking Products  Switches  Routers  Modems  Lan Extenders  UTP / STP Cables  Patch Cords  IO’s, SMB , Face Plate  Patch Panels  Racks  Cable Managers
  147. TRADING RF Products Range  All types of Co-axel Cables, Connectors & Adapters,  All Types of RF Passive Components  Antennas,  Radio equipments  Multi Core termination Kit, Feeder Clamp,  Earthing Kit, Weather Proofing Kits  Boots end Caps
  148. TRADING Electrical Products  All types of Power Cable, Accessories & Tools  All types of Electricals Switches, Circuit Breakers, Sockets  All types of DCDB, ACDB, MCB Boxes & Enclosures  Earthing Kits, Earthing Electrodes & Wires
  149. TRADING Access Control & Surveillance Products  Biometric Attendance System  Digital & Analog Cameras  IP Camera,  Night Vision & Thermal Cameras  DVR  Video & Data Convertors,  Monitors  Boom Barriers  Physical Security Equipment
  151. UNPARALLEL IN REPAIR & SERVICE STS have well equipped ISO:9001-2000 certified service centre with multiple work-stations and test-benches with latest tools and testers. Our fast turnaround and quality repair service sets us apart from all other competitors.
  152. ALWAYS READY TO SERVE YOU We have the fastest repair turnaround time Standard: 3working days. Emergency: 1working day.  We perform rigorous testing on every repaired product to meet the OEM specifications.
  153. .  We offer preventive maintenance service aimed at reducing repair cost.  We conduct free service week for our loyal customer regularly.  We offer 24X7 days telephonic support for your convenience
  154. SPECIALIZATION IN REPAIR & SERVICE We offer repair services for almost all the Testing & Communication Equipments from following OEM’s JDSU – Acterna, FURUKAWA AFL SUMITOMA LIFODAS AGILENT NOYES ANTRISU FUJIKURA EXFO EXFO SIEMENS
  155. . Some are :- Power supplies, OFC test equipments, Splicer, OTDR’s Laser Sources, Power meters, SDH, STM, E1, DSL, Ethernet, Protocol Analyzers, LAN Testers, Certifiers , Spectrum Analyzer, Site master, BTS tester & Analyzer and other sophisticated equipments.
  157. CONTACT US SAVITRI TELECOM SERVICES 203, Ansal Chambers- II,6 Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi- 110066 PH:91-11-26103358,559955487,41659383/84/85, TELFAX:91-11-26183229 E-MAIL,, URL :
  158. Thank You Presented by Marketing DEPTT.