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PHP Frameworks to Choose From for Your Next Project

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When choosing the best suitable PHP framework for your web project, there are certain things you need to take into account. For example, the learning curve, functionality, community support, training material, and testing. Here are some of the top PHP frameworks to choose from for your next project.

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PHP Frameworks to Choose From for Your Next Project

  1. 1. The Best PHP Frameworks to Choose From for Your Next Project
  2. 2. Laravel • If you want to code beautiful designs, you’re looking for Laravel. • It’s popular because of ease of use and virtually no learning curve. • You should consider Laravel Because: • If you are looking for an easy-to-learn framework • A PHP community’s favorite • Outstanding training materials • A simple unit for testing purposes
  3. 3. Symfony • Developed by SensioLabs, Symfony has a large community of over 300,000 developers • They not only offers training courses, but also update their blog on a regular basis to keep their large community active • Symfony has a steep learning curve owing to the vast amount of features it has to offer. • You should consider Symfony Because: • If you are looking for a framework laden with features • Long Term Support releases • Contains the largest number of bundles among all the frameworks • Offers official training courses and certifications
  4. 4. Yii • Yii is among the oldest PHP frameworks and is without any backing by a company. • Yii 2 is a direct competitor to Symfony 2 albeit with an easier learning curve. • Yii 2 is mostly selected when developers need results fast. • It works well with AJAX and has powerful caching support. • You Should Consider Yii Because: • If you are looking for an efficient tool to handle errors • Support for AJAX • A framework developed and backed by a community • No hassle in integration with third-party components
  5. 5. CakePHP • CakePHP is completely free to use whether it is for personal or commercial use. • CakePHP attracted names like Hyundai, Express, and BMW, etc. as its corporate users. • You Should Consider Yii Because: • If you are looking for easy extensions with plugins and components • Zero configuration • Support for AJAX • Built-in validation
  6. 6. CodeIgniter • CodeIgniter is the go-to framework for developers who want to develop their projects quickly. • It contains a library which has a simple interface and requires a logical structure to access. • You Should Consider Yii Because: • If you are looking for a framework that requires little coding • Provides exceptional performance • Several tools available in one package • Built-in security tools
  7. 7. About Cloudways Cloudways is a managed hosting platform for deploying PHP based applications on top of market leading infrastructures including Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Kyup. Cloudways is ideal for agencies and developers who need a hassle free hosting solution for in-house and third party projects.
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