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  1. 1. By: Azela Leon Jonathan Landey Blk: 8
  2. 2.  yer_detailpage&v=ya7pFcliEVc
  3. 3.  Their Responsibility at work is to solve and help a person with their mental and emotional problems.  They give you ways and ideas to solve your problem they lead you to a better and clear way in your mind
  4. 4.  Some Psychologist work independently, working with patients or clients, other work as part of a health care team. The one’s that work by their selves have the opportunity to set their own schedules, often working evenings and weekends. Pros. o They have a good salary. o They help so many people in need Cons. o Can be stressful to deal with your own and other’s problems o Stressful by thinking you might not give the best advice for the problem
  5. 5.  To become a Psychiatrist you need a Doctoral Degree or complete a Ph.D. in Psychology.  In training you need to have previous related work experience.  To be licensed, Psychologist must complete predoctoral or postdoctoral supervised experience, internship, or residency program.
  6. 6.  Analytical Skills  Communicational Skills  Observational Skills  Patience  People Skills  Problem-Solving Skills  Trustworthiness
  7. 7. Psychologist working in a clinical, school and counseling positions earned an average of $72,540 You can make(According to Bureau of Labor)  Outpatient care centers-$59,130  Individual and family service-$57,440  State government-$63,710
  8. 8.  The payment model is Salary.  Highest average, and entry-level earning, Average Salary: $167,610 per year.  Additional benefits-  High earning  Flexible hours  Rewarding Work.
  9. 9. According to the Bureau of Labor, the number of people who get hired per year is 174,000. As a Psychologist, it’s not very difficult to find a job, if you want to be a school Psychologist, they will hire you because they are looking to replace the ones who are ready to retire. The availability of this career is expected to grow by 22%(according to the Bureau of Labor)
  10. 10.  To become a psychologist it is required that you:  60 graduate semester specialist level  1200 internship  training
  11. 11.  There are many different types of psychologist: 1) Applied Psychologist 2) Research Psychologist 3) Mental Health Psychologist
  12. 12.  yer_detailpage&v=6FaX8HHs9kU
  13. 13.   

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