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Anti virus presentation

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Anti virus presentation

  1. 1. Anti Virus System i-Specific Anti-Virus Product
  2. 2. Anti-Virus Features • Dedicated, System i-Specific Anti-Virus System • Provides full protection against standard PC types of viruses for files and programs used or stored on the System i server • Real-time anti-virus monitoring of files while they are being written to memory on the server • Tagging of infected files so they can’t be used by others inadvertently • Marking of clean files so they won’t be rechecked (saving time and resources) • Removal of marks/tags if files are changed • Scanning of entire libraries • Supports definition of automatic, pre-scheduled periodic scans • Automatic virus signature update via the internet • Proactive virus signature updates via the network for internet isolated servers
  3. 3. Anti-Virus – Main Screen Activate Anti-Virus protection with one click Quick, reliable scanning lets you know of possible virus infection Make sure your database has the most up-to-date definitions Detailed History Log enables you to view scan and virus history Quarantine keeps Destructive viruses away from your files
  4. 4. No viruses found in Directories Exclude Directories and file types Virus Found! Virus Quarantined Scan Summary Update Virus Definitions from Internet & Web connected PC
  5. 5. And the Winner is… BeBe2 Virus detected on real-time access to file Trojan.Mydoom Virus detected on real-time access to file Site can define size of files to be excluded from real- time scan
  6. 6. Anti-Virus GUI
  7. 7. Please visit us at Thank You!