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Integrated Marketing Communications 2007 / 3rd Place / Audi TT prezentācija

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Integrated Marketing Communications 2007 / 3rd Place / Audi TT prezentācija

  1. 1. Applicant: Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Moller Auto Baltic Lapa 1 no 3Category: Integrated marketing communications The New Audi TT Launch Integrated marketing communication campaignCampaign descriptionThe first Audi TT – Audi sports coupe car – swiftly conquered the sports coupe car segment right afterits launch in 1998. This model of Audi TT is still considered a trend-setter and icon of style. Being awareof the achievements of the first model of Audi TT, the Audi team had to work hard and for a long time onthe new model of Audi TT, which was presented with a tremendous show in April 2006 in Berlin. Thefirst presentations of Audi TT in the Western Europe proved that the Audi team has been successful inimproving the visual appearance of the new model, and significantly improved the driving comfort anddynamics. The challenge faced by Audi globally and in Latvia in 2006 was to communicate successfullythe advantages of the new model, establishing all the required preconditions is that the new Audi TTwould also become a trend-setting car. Presentation of the new Audi TT in Latvia was planned tobecome an event to remember not only for the potential customers of Audi – people enjoying life andquality design, but also for the automotive industry, media and public, proving again that the slogan“Vorsprung durch Technik” (slogan of the Audi brand) is true.Existing situationStarting planning for the campaign, Nords Porter Novelli (NPN) has done thorough study of the existingpractice of presentation of new cars in Latvia. Considering the serious and financially-intensivemarketing activities of the competitors for launching campaigns of new models, it was important to find anon-traditional approach, which would be best suitable for creation of a trend-setting status (e.g., usingword-of-mouth and support of selected advertising media). Based on these considerations, NPNelaborated an integrated marketing communication plan that would differ from the conventional plan forpresentation of cars (presentation to media, test drives for journalists of automotive media and aconventional massive leasing financing campaign in the mass media).Campaign strategyCampaign objectives: (1)foster increased interest and significant word-of-mouth about the new AudiTT model prior to the first presentation in Latvia; (2 ) promote sales of Audi TT model; (3) strengthen thephilosophy of Audi “Vorsprung durch Technik”Target group: (1) Economically active population of Latvia, people enjoying sports driving, good design,people who see a car as an element of lifestyle; (2) people choosing the Audi brandMessage: “The new TT is here”Communication channels: (1) Non-conventional word-of-mouth events and celebrity participation; (2)Radio activation and broadcasts; (3) Conventional advertising channels - video, cinema trailers; (4) webadvertising, outdoor media;( 5) life-style mediaCommunication ideas and methods:The campaign of the Audi TT model was based on elaborating and implementing integrated marketingcommunication ideas by combining conventional advertising, relations with mass media, client andmass media loyalty programme and implementation of “partisan marketing” elements. When developingthe campaign, it was considered that the public presentation of the new model of Audit TT to the clientsand media representatives was planned later on, therefore it was important to promote the publicinterest even before the possibility to see and enjoy the new model. The marketing tools used in thecampaign were activated gradually, so that the integrated communications would form a single messageto the potential clients and promote strong dissemination of the information by word-of-mouth.(1) Radio activation or “TT broadcasts” – on the day (1 September) when the first Audi TT car wasregistered in Riga, in cooperation with radio SWH and SWH + live broadcasts were organised from thenew Audi TT. The first person in Latvia to drive with the new Audi TT was the automotive experts KārlisAuza and Normunds Avoti š, who were contacted by DJs of radio SWH – Edmunds Kaševskis and Artis
  2. 2. Applicant : Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Moller Auto Baltic Lapa 2 no 3Category: Integrated marketing communicationsVolfs. “TT broadcasts” were organised live on both stations, addressing the audience directly and itsduration was 7-10 minutes in each of the stations, expressing emotions about how it feels to drive thenew model and what are the improvements.(2) “Partisan marketing” or “TT brothers” – in addition an idea was developed on showing the new AudiTT in the streets of Riga for the first time through involvement of celebrities that would match the targetaudience of the new model, thus increasing even more the interest among the target audience. Twoweeks prior to the public demonstration of the new model of Audi TT in Latvia the 2 well-known brothersGuntars and Jānis Traubergs ( Traubergs + Traubergs = TT) spent an intensive weekend with the newTT, visiting different restaurants in Riga, popular clubs to meet their friends and to attend differententertainment sites. Within this campaign the parking places for the TT were specially reserved inplaces of high visibility. The travel of both brothers with their TT was noticed and “caught” on tape inboulevard press, lifestyle media and on radio.(3) Product placement or “Is it really the new TT?” – In addition to the celebrity activation programme, amore non-conventional product placement methods were used to promote the surprise effect of thepotential target audience on these models not seen in Latvia before. The new models of Audi TT wereplaced during a weekend according to a previously developed plan in different public places in Riga andJurmala, cars were parked in front of popular cafes, restaurants, cinemas and clubs, thus triggering truesurprise of the direct target audience – “How comes, is it the new TT? Is it already available in Riga?” (4) Web activation – In the portals TVNet; Delfi and Leta an advertising banner was placed with a link toa specially developed Audi TT interactive micro-link where it was possible t in the dynamic nature of thenew model, its sporty excellence and elegant design. The initial message of the banner was – “Expectthe new Audi TT!”, in the middle of the campaign this message was replaced by “Get to know the newAudi TT! „.(5) Movie festival activation – being aware of the interests of the potential buyers and their life-style, incooperation with advertising agency DDB a TV trailer was created for the Audi image which was shownas a cinema trailer in the movie festivals held in autumn last year – “Baltijas Pērle”; “Arsenāls” and“Futureshorts”. The trailer was emotional and was more like a short movie, since its task was not toinform about the advantages and benefits of buying the car, but rather to reflect the Audi philosophy(“New energy revolution” ) and provide an aesthetic joyful experience to the audience.(6) Out-door media – 2 out-door media posters were prepared in elegant Audi style and clearlyconveyed the message of the new model – “Pure energy. The new Audi TT”. The placement of out-doormedia advertising was planned based on the routes favoured by the potential target audience. (7) Style sections and advertising layouts in printed press – a separate photo shooting session wasorganised, with specially written script and props to create separate style sections in the magazinesPastaiga and Pastaiga.Ru. The main idea of the creative concept behind the style sections was: “On themove; energy; beauty of adventure”. In addition to placement of the style sections in the life-stylemagazines of Latvia, advertising layouts were placed in selected media to address the specific targetaudience – Impulss; Latvijas Arhitektūra; kapitāls; KlubsMeasurement criteria(1) Interest in the new Audi TT, (2) support to sales indicators,Campaign results(1) Word-of-mouth is a phenomenon difficult to measure, however, it must be noted that in the weekend in September 2006 the new Audi TT was one of the most topical discussion topics among clubbers. The positive “rumours” was increased by the radio broadcasts and publications on the Internet and in boulevard press about the “entertainment" enjoyed by the Traubergs brothers and their TT in Riga. A proof for returns on the activities is the interest of the potential buyers shown in possibility to purchase the new model of Audi TT right after the first activities with participation of the Traubergs brothers. Although the precise data are confidential, a significant number of potential clients contacted Audi to find out when the new TT will be available, also the traffic of Audi TT website
  3. 3. Applicant : Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Moller Auto Baltic Lapa 3 no 3Category: Integrated marketing communications increased significantly. In the result of the campaign the TT became one of the most expected Audi models in 2006.(2) Sales indicators: 10 cars ordered, which is to be considered a good achievement in the narrow niche of the new and expensive coupe cars in Latvia. The impact of the campaign is felt even now – the clients are taking interest in possibility to order the new TT even without the support of further communication.