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Internal Communications 2007 / 3rd Place / Savējais starp savējiem

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Internal Communications 2007 / 3rd Place / Savējais starp savējiem

  1. 1. Applicant : Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Parex bank Lapa 1 no 3Category: Internal communications Project Celebrate among Friends Internal Communication ProjectProject descriptionParex Bank was founded in 1992 and is now a stable-growing Latvian commercial bank withsubsidiaries, affiliations and daughter companies in 15 countries. Nowadays, Bank’s offices in Latviaemploy more than 2’500 persons, i.e. internal communication programmes and activities are especiallyimportant. Bank’s staffing policy has always been interactive. However, considering rapid growth interms of employment, there is increasing role of employee loyalty instruments. Bank’s Marketing andPersonnel departments are working hard to find new ways of promoting participatory workingenvironment and smooth information flow, consistent electronic communication improvements are made– intranet of the Bank is updated – new, appealing interface has been introduced making it user-friendlyand easier perceivable. Not all employees are in-house staff, therefore, corporate newspaper isdisseminated on weekly basis to inform employees on updates (like on intranet), including Bankdecisions and memos, as well as information on employee applications and awards. Staff events arereceiving an increased attention, recognising the importance of a favourable microclimate in the Bankand participation of employees in Bank activities. In 2006 Bank organised a range of events for variouslevel Bank employees and sporting event to all staff. These events were designed to boost the loyaltyamong employees and provide also training. However, events involving all staff members to raisemotivation are still needed. Contrary to other Latvian banks, Parex Bank does not organise largecorporate and staff parties and has organised only events for selected managerial staff. The last largeParex Bank staff event took place 5 years ago when Bank celebrated the 10th Anniversary together withits clients. Considering the role of such events in promotion of staff loyalty and improvement of internalclimate in the company, agency Nords Porter Novelli has offered to develop a concept and organise aNew Year celebration for all Parex employees.Campaign strategyThe key objective of the campaign is to implement activities and measures to maximise internalcommunication between staff members, thus create a positive corporate microclimate, increasemotivation among staff members and boost the feeling of participation of the Bank among employees.Campaign goals: (1) Develop entertainment programme for all levels of Parex staff and balance between activities and staff participation, based on Parex values. (2) Raise the motivation of Parex Bank employees and their identification with workplace.Target group:Staff of Parex on all levels and from all regional, international offices and daughter companies.MessageEmphasize the sense of unity and pride about work at Parex to boost employee loyalty and strengthencommunication between executive and managerial staff.Communication ideas and methodology: (1) The key word of the campaign is ‘insiders’. It describes groups of people that form an inner circle that is closed and has limited access by outsiders. This is where the name of the campaign ‘Celebrate among Friends’ originates, implying loyalty raise among Bank’s personnel, mutual trust and commitment.
  2. 2. Applicant : Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Parex bank Lapa 2 no 3 Category: Internal communications (2) A special staff invitation scheme was developed, banners have been placed on intranet to announce the dates of events and communicate tailor-made invitations. (3) Event concept was based on the assumption that majority of employees do not know each other due to distance separating personnel working in different subsidiaries and cities. Event programme concentrates on the need to address all staff members and give them emotional pleasure from the event. (4) Location was also significant – Arena Riga is a good location not only for logistics of mass events and a decisive factor for event organisers. It is a new venue hosting many popular events and bank employees from various regions would highly appreciated it. It was planned to organise the event in Arena Riga to ensure smooth flow of people and a degree of comfort. The main problem regarding the venue was changing the identity of the arena as sports venue and transforming it into an event venue. Stage designer Aigars Ozoli š was contracted to provide design solutions and facilitate the venue to accommodate entertainment event. (5) To reach internal communication improvements, staff members were invited to send text messages with their wishes that were displayed on screen. (6) The official part of the event was carefully planned to deepen the sense of unity by means of quasi-ritual staging by Regnārs Vaivars which made everybody feel a part of the play. Address of Valery Kargin, the President of the Bank, was personalized and embedded in gratitude to staff members, allowing all present to understand their insider’s role in the Bank. Parex Bank top management stepped up to the stage to award the best employees of the last year. (7) 36 senior employees were greeted separately to mark the 15 years of their relationship with Bank and 289 staff members who have worked for more than 10 years were awarded. The award ceremony was held in LMT Business Club, where the President of the Bank Valery Kargin delivered a speech prepared specifically for the event and personally congratulated the staff members and presented them a golden bar with Parex Bank logo and special text engraved. (8) The entertainment part of the event was outstanding and truly impressive, well beyond other end-of-the-year events organised by competitors with famous artists – moderator from Moscow Kseniya Sobchak and Latvian TV Star Eduards Švāns, performance by Brainstorm and Bi-2. Music was played by the famous Riga DJ Team ‘Groove Electric’ with Denis Pashkevich and Intars Busulis as an MC and Jolanta Gulbe lending her voice, as well as other DJs playing their sets. Assessment criteria (1) Number of Parex Bank management and middle chain staff members attending. (2) Staff feedback and word-of-mouth. Campaign results(1) ‘Celebrate among Friends’ has become the all-time most attended corporate event of the Bank. 2’175 or 87% of 2’500 employees attended the event, and this is a high figure for similar events. Successful invitation procedure, overall setting and character of the event with location and programme got the maximum regional and administrative coverage.(2) The event laid a platform for follow-up to ‘Celebrate among Friends’ project, allowing the bank to plan its future internal communication and loyalty programme.(3) Internal informal questionnaire shows that more than 96% of staff enjoyed the event, liked its idea and setting, rating it as splendid and wonderful. No negative feedback was received. Although staff loyalty is measured
  3. 3. Applicant : Nords Porter Novelli in cooperation with Parex bank Lapa 3 no 3 Category: Internal communications once a year and data after the project has not yet been collected, Bank management is sure that project will have positive impact on loyalty figures.(4) Success of the campaign is also evident from the speech of the President Valery Kargin (qoute): ‘We have received many words of gratitude about the spirit-lifting atmosphere, wonderful organising arrangements and splendid performance of artists spurred by the professionalism and passion of Your team!’