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Gameplay Design Canvas

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A quick strategy tool in designing and improving gameplay design. This is a creative commons template you can use to be able to see the overall game design from a holistic perspective.

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Gameplay Design Canvas

  1. 1. Gameplay Design Canvus by Ari Bancale
  2. 2. Game Start Vflhat are the game ageztraes? What are the players gnnis? Why play (hm game? Boundanes Whut are the hmntatlans? VJhut are the îixea elements’ What remams (onstnnt? Resources What wul- h? spent by the piayers m-game‘ What are the Imgame assets’ Player Input What mp5? players dDÎhflUP t: be able t: picy? The Story Experience Vflhzt s the narrative’ How dee: 7h? Stnry flnw wlîhm the game? Mechanics What are the rules of the game? What will the players do? What ore the obstacles & incentives? Dynamics What elements ore movable or flexible? What variables can the players play around with? How wiII the eiements be modified? The Learning Journey «kit-et knmvledgc. siulls 0rd bctvu-«irs-s musi m: ‘tcmud ‘uvlîhlfl the game? How wnl the pluycrs go thruu-gh the pvuccss? Gamepiay Design Canvas by Ari Bancale End Game What are the winr‘ mg r : ndltions’ ‘m'ha! mggr r5 7h? plflyPlî- qmt’ Hnw da vm piewnt hwnoxfl Fun Factors What makes the piayers luve the game? ‘mio! mnkes them talk atmut the garrme? Hcxu da lhey lrv lo (anulare the" [nends tu piay? Play Elements VJhat (un designers piav uround WIÎh7 Whut can we keep for the next garnes? VJhut ton wc (hunge ai upgrade? What is the iepiuyabiiity stiotcgy? Whut 4a the ievel design phlasaphy? Player Output ‘Nhut du playevs go! sul uf the game? uvnnt bchav uvs du the-y exh tu! arte! piay hg? Itons fucm gamearsns net
  3. 3. Game Start The Story Experience End Game Game ohjectives. Player goals. Why play? Game narrative Timeiines 8. puclng Sensarial Elements. Win (anditions. Quit tnggers. Eurnaut balante. Boundarles D namics Fun Factors Limits. Fixed Elements. Constants, Movabie parts. Overlapping Variables. Modifiables. Appeal. Anticipatiun. Virality Resources Mechanics Play Elements ln-game currency. Assets. Time. RNlESA Obstaciesi Incentivesi Emergenca [hunga Repiuyubility, Player Input The LearningJourney Player Output Real iife skills E. ussets. Cammunication. Feedback Ioaps. Mustery. Reu| |ife amen items, Gamepiay Design Canvas by Ari Bancale © ®@ nv 5A