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  1. 1. Profile Results-oriented, bilingual Engineer and Chief Technical Officer, 20 years experience in Web Programming and Innovative Research and Development business initiatives lead. After initial academic training in Engineering, Laurent Barbier continuously acquired new web tech and coding skills and languages, allowing to master new technology solutions while relying on a solid methodology management background. He is experienced in startup creation in Quebec, participating to several businesses creation in the information industry. In 1995, he created Panteor Softwares Inc. with partners, developing innovative solutions for automated translation and semantic knowledge intelligence. In additional to expert technical and web skills, Laurent managed clients’ relationships and product development projects in direct relationships with his clients, developing communication effectiveness and shared project management. Recognized as an expert, Laurent is also easily integrated in a business context, managing teams to excel at meeting deadlines, budget constraints and anticipating clients expectations. As an entrepreneur, he developed a solid experience in business building and management, fully integrating startup requirements to succeed. Moving ahead, Laurent led the design and implementation of end-to-end knowledge management solutions and eco-systems. He’s able to manage complex solutions, without compromising with the real-check sense prioritizing actionable deliverables. In changing environment under pressure, he managed web development teams and projects for TVA Interactive, transferring required skills and competencies allowing operational teams to operate in a talented and effective way. In 2015, Laurent joins as Chief Technical Officer, with Jack Ahmed CEO. Together, they led from an idea to a startup. Since then, the 2 co-founders nurtured their collaboration, shaping innovative proposal. Qualification highlights include:
 • Web and mobile Project Development • Data Intelligence Innovation Management • Technical Strategy and Partners Selection • Product development • Experience at working with upper management • Managing cross-functional teams and work-streams • Startup experience • Canada and International experience • Innovation lead
 Montreal /1 5 04/2016 Laurent Barbier 514-246-4778 3-2050 rue Amyot Montréal (Québec) H1W 3M8
  2. 2. Experience Senior Developer, Seedbox Technologies; Montreal, Qc - January - April 2016 Seedbox is a web technology company based in Montreal, Quebec. They specialize in building web products and services for a large network of partners. Seedbox is focused on three key areas: developing web sites, marketing and advertising tools. As a senior developper I worked on the Advertisement delivery platform ( Expertise skills and competencies mastered Go programming language, Amazon Web Service, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR), RabbitMQ, Redis, Heroku, PHP, Javascript, Logentries, SendGrid, MongoDB, JWT, highwinds,, Jenkins , Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Agile CTO,; Montreal, Qc — 2015-present is a comprehensive marketplace solution for connecting individuals and ideas for the purpose of developing, growing and starting businesses and social ventures. As a virtual incubator for social projects and businesses, is the place where creatives meet individuals and investors with the skills, knowledge and resources to take their ideas to the next level. Buyers and sellers of businesses deeply value our marketplace, which has added emphasis on features for brokers and other intermediaries who facilitate business connections and transactions. • Co-Founder, Montréal, 2015 • Leads technology strategic choices and development planning. • Determines the website, the mobile app and tablet app, and the data management technology choices: develops coding. CTO,; Montreal, Qc — 2014-2015 Hugamy is a Montreal startup created in the Founder Institute Program in June 2014. Hugamy enchants individuals’ communications with comic strips. They become the storyteller of their daily life, share their emotions and experience, either alone or with co-authors, using a mobile app (in development) and sharing them online. • Co-Founder, Montréal, 2014 • Co-owns Hugamy strategy. • Leads Hugamy technology strategic choices and development planning. • Determines the website, the mobile app and tablet app, and the data management technology choices: develops Hugamy coding. • Selects coding languages and resources required, ensuring the level of flexibility required to support Hugamy current ant future evolution, guarantees the required performance level while keeping costs and budget under control. • Brings in technology and development expertise, documenting Hugamy Tech Spec, keep track of alternative choices and tech evolutions in market remaining in direct relation with Montreal /2 5 04/2016
  3. 3. the web and data developers community. Identifies Hugamy internal solutions and technology partnership opportunities in specific areas. Consultant and Senior Developer Analyst, TVA Interactif; Montreal, Qc — 2011-2013 Accomplishments: • Train the TVA developers’ team to Drupal 7 Open Source CMS and associated skills (security good practices, hosting requirements, coding ergonomy, integration within technology stack). • Led and helped the team to deliver the first website in Drupal 7 ( while respecting timing and budget commitments. • Contributed directly to the production of TVA other projects:,, revised and canal argent,,, • Participated to the definition and implementation of new working methodologies such as Agile, coding Q&A and revision, tech documentation, User Acceptance Testing and Functional Testing processes and planning, bugs management. Expertise skills and competencies mastered: 1. Technical Capabilities: Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, JS, HTML, XML, Varnish, Memcache, Drupal, Web services (XML-RPC, REST), Netbeans, Eclipse, SVN, Git, JIRA, API (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +), Janrain, Linux (Ubuntu et Centos), CSS, HTML5, “responsive design”, API BrightCove, Apache Solr, Google search appliance, mass mailing (MessageStudio) Lucene. 2. Managerial and Human Relations: Demonstrates communication effectiveness, eager to use pedagogy to transfer expertise, ability to work in very demanding context and under pressure, capacity to keep a high listening capability despite contextual instable context, positive mindset, inspires motivation and reassurance, uses the required diplomacy requirements, especially in political context. 3. Lead Methodologies: Agile, Kanban New projects’ technical analyze and assessment, business and technical needs analyze, ability to coordinate and manage several simultaneous projects in order to optimize development timings and resources (such as coding or coding pieces usage). Conducted clients and admin in charge of new content generation dedicated training. Showcased key projects under progress to clients and investors, at the end of each development sprint, hence validating the client’s expectation and bringing on board his team along deliverables, ensuring a qualitative delivery and higher adoption when conducting the hand over. Montreal /3 5 04/2016
  4. 4. 
 Co- Founder and CEO, Groupe Infiny Ltd; Montreal, Qc — 2006-2013 CEO Key Responsibilities: Management, accounting, finance, business development lead. Project lead and developer analyst Accomplishments: Delivered,,,,, eCommerce :, Expertise skills and competencies mastered: Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, XML, XSLT, Drupal 6 et 7, Übercart, moneris, Canada Post API, HTML, CSS, JS, Prestashop, WordPress, Joomla, Symfony, Magento (analysis scope), web hosting management, servers security, mass mailing. Executive Producer Accomplishments: Video projects : TV advertising production, short films production, pop vox, documentary films, training video, social reports, surveys production. Key-accounts : Coca-Cola, Lafleur restaurants, TVA, CSS Jeanne Mance, Jérôme Charlebois artist, Hélène Florent actress. Education Year Graduate University 1993-94 Diplôme d'Etudes Appliquées en Mécanique
 Matériaux et Structures
 (Physics and Mechanical Engineering. PhD Preparatory Year) Metz University (France) 1986-91 Industrial Engineer Graduate
 (Engineer Master Degree equivalent) ENIM – Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz (France) 1985 Sciences and Technology baccalauréat
 (equivalent to CEGEP graduation) Longwy (France) Montreal /4 5 04/2016
  5. 5. Computer Science skills • Sys admin: Nginx, Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Linux, OS X, Windows, Varnish, memcached, CDN, APF • eCommerce : Drupal Commerce, Übercart, PrestaShop, Magento, osCommerce, Zen cart • CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, e107, Mambo, Tiki wiki, Typo3, Plone, Composite C1 • Mass mailing : PHP List, Mailchimp, Sarbacane • Enterprise content management plateforms : Alfresco, SharePoint • Object Oriented Application Design (UML/Rational Rose/Together) • Languages: PHP, Javascript, Java, Delphi, C#, VB, .NET, Python, Go. • Databases: Mysql, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB. • Mobile (Hybrid) : Angular JS, Ionic framework • Design Patterns • Agile, Kanban, Scrum Language french, English Montreal /5 5 04/2016