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Why you should hire me

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Why you should hire me

  1. 1. L/O/G/O10 Minutes of meCan answer this teaser question by showcasingMy achievements, strengths, Career path& job preferences
  2. 2. My Name isBarea’a Al Masri
  3. 3. I graduated from
  4. 4. After StudiesWorkStudy & WorkStaying at Home
  5. 5. WorkStudy & WorkStaying at HomeAfter Studies
  6. 6. My Career pathReceptionistReservationSupervisorReservationagentTourism Dep.SupervisorPut up 7 Years of ExperienceGroups CoordinatorData Enterer
  7. 7. Training Courses
  8. 8. Training CoursesSubjects I’ve learnt about:
  9. 9. Achievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”As I believe that “speed answer” is the formulaof successin a world of unlimited competitors"First come, First win"By replying to our clients’ requests or inquiries & completing myjob duties ahead of deadlineThroughWorking Hard Using the latest technology“Professionally aspect”
  10. 10. Achievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”“Professionally aspect”
  11. 11. “Time is money”Example1: I’ve managed to create & program an excel template utilizing to quickly show the finalhotels’ tariff list by automatically calculating the rooms fares after adding the tax & our profit to thenet pricesThat turned a two-hour procedure intoa 20-minute taskAchievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”Example2: I’ve managed to create & program an excel template inorder to automatically calculate & show the tour packageselling rate for individual or group travellers by just filling the dailynet cost of accommodation, transportation, Meals, entrance fees& guide wage…etc.“Professionally aspect”
  12. 12. I am a quick learner personwith an ability to easily understand new taskswhich play an important role in my past career interms of fast growthAchievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”“Personally aspect”
  13. 13. 2008200820092013Achievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”Reservation agentReservation supervisorGroups CoordinatorTourism Dept. Supervisor“Personally aspect”
  14. 14. These achievements show how dedicated I am at hitting my targets. & always achievewhat I set my mind onAchievements “If we have interest andpassion then we can createwonders”“Personally aspect”
  15. 15. My Strengths
  16. 16. My Strengths
  17. 17. Computer programs I work withMy Strengths
  18. 18. I am basically aTravel & Holiday ConsultantWith proven 5 yrs. of experience in: building & quoting inbound tour programs Hotel Reservations Controlling Allotments & free Sale agreements Ticketing Selling outbound Holiday packages Liaising with clients, hotels and other tourism establishments Promoting tourist services through advertising campaigns (using Facebook & E-Marketing)But……, BesidesJob Roles I can occupywith what Ive experienced
  19. 19. I can also be an:Job Roles I can occupywith what Ive experiencedExecutive Secretary / Personal assistanceOffice Administrator or any Clerical workerI can easily handle the duties of the above positions because: I have the required knowledge & techniques for business correspondence. Good command in English language gaining form my work experience& interacting with foreigners. Proficiency in performing a variety of computer-based tasks such as:Creating spreadsheetsPreparing presentations Filing DocumentsInternet researchingCreating and typing documentsMaintaining calendars&tracking deadlinesMaking designsformarketing purposeDealing with databases
  20. 20. I can also be an:Job Roles I can occupywith what Ive experiencedHotel Reservation Agent / Customer Service RepresentativeReceptionist or any Front office designationI’ve previous experience in : Interacting & communicating clearly and pleasantly with customers (In person – over thephone or via email) to provide information in response to inquiries about our services or totake & fulfill their requests. Serves customers by suggesting the most appropriate services for them & pertinent to theirneeds. Handling & Resolving problems by clarifying the customers complaint; determining thecause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem;expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution
  21. 21. So If you are looking for…
  22. 22. SoIfyouarelookingfor…A Well balanced professional…With Multi Tasking Skills…Upto date with latest Technologies…
  23. 23. Get in touch with me… 00963 991290880
  24. 24. And we can work--------------Together
  25. 25. To Reach Higher--------------Goals & Objectives