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2009 Open World Praxis Report

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2009 Open World Praxis Report

  1. 1. Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Praxis Conference Report The Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference report has been sponsored by GRT Business Solutions and the consulting division of Praxis. Please explore the offerings of these companies the next time you have a need beyond your staff’s ability. Just click on the one of the logos below to find out more. GRT Business Solutions, Inc. is a national consultancy specializing in all aspects of JD Edwards software. GRT has been an Oracle Certified Partner since 2006. Contact Dave Koczera 303-942-0594 Praxis is Jean McClelland’s dba for consulting. Praxis will help grow your business through insight and innovation (aka strategy, process improvement and goal alignment). Contact Jean McClelland 214.784.5525 Praxis Conference Reports are sponsored by quality organizations that believe in networking and knowledge sharing to optimize the client’s investment in their services. This report is copyrighted by Praxis Reports. The report may be quoted with proper credit.
  2. 2. How to read this report Praxis Conference Reports are formatted in bullet point form for skimming. The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the conference in order for you to decide which topics are most important to you and your company. Skimming the report on a computer allows the reader to immediately use the embedded links. If your interest in a subject is piqued, use the contact or website information provided for further content. Each session report begins with an objective report on what was heard, followed by a separate opinion section. This allows the reader to create their own opinion. Every effort to be absolutely accurate has been made. If you find any blatant errors in the report, please contact Jean McClelland. Oracle Disclaimer: Oracle always provides a safe harbor disclaimer before all presentations. If the presentation (and therefore this report) provides forward thinking ideas or statements, those same ideas or statements may not be held as contractual. Trademarks and Copyrights: Oracle, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks as well; e.g., JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (abbreviated in this report as JDE1), JD Edwards World (JDEW), Oracle eBusiness Suite and others. In the cavern-like Moscone North Center Hall D, it was standing room only for Larry Ellison’s speech and Governor Schwarzenegger’s visit. However, as you can see… the views were not optimal. page 2 of 32
  3. 3. Table of Contents The Table of Contents entries are hyperlinks to their respective sections in this report. Collected Comments .................................................................................................................. 4 The Conference Experience....................................................................................................... 6 In General ........................................................................................................................... 6 San Francisco as the continual conference host ................................................................. 6 Conference Navigation or “What’s up with this schedule?” – Take 3 ................................... 6 The Conference Books vs. Online Schedule Builder ........................................................... 6 The Attendees .................................................................................................................... 7 Networking .......................................................................................................................... 7 How “green” and healthy can a conference be? .................................................................. 8 Should you attend next year? Absolutely, unequivocally, YES! ........................................... 9 Major Messages........................................................................................................................10 Ellison Keynotes: Extreme Innovation - Sunday .......................................................................11 Larry Ellison Wednesday Keynote.............................................................................................11 Keynote: The Art of the Possible - Charles Phillips & Safra Catz ..............................................15 Infrastructure: AIA (Application Integrated Architecture) and more ............................................18 JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera ............................................20 Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM (again) and more ..................................................24 Glossary!...................................................................................................................................30 GRT Business Solutions………………………………………………………………………………. 31 Praxis ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 32
  4. 4. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Collected Comments This section is not as prolific this year. First, the event was smaller, but still, 35-37,000 attendees and you would think more people would want to talk! (Some attendance reports say 40K but… nah…) I think the rain dampened the mood a bit. We all have our expectations of San Francisco and sunshine is normally one of them! Even one of the keynote speakers jibed “Welcome to sunny California!” All that said, the mood was generally good and those people that I talked to and did not acquire an actual quote from were upbeat, having a good time and finding the information they came to find. It was a good conference, yet again! Note: [p] = a paraphrase vs. a direct quote. …about the conference in general  “This is my vacation every year – a week in San Francisco that includes fun and worthwhile education.” Director level technical manager from VA  “It’s so big it’s overwhelming.” First time attendee from AL  “It seems smaller this year – easier to manage.” Long time attendee from CA …the normal opposing perceptions  “I’ve met amazing people” vendor  “There aren’t enough networking opportunities.” 1 st time attendee …answers to “Are you finding what you came to find?”  “I always do.” International attendee / DBA  “The marketing is too much of the event.” PeopleSoft End User from TX  “Absolutely! I come for the party and the party rocked! The Wailers were above and beyond – the best of the show. Roger Daltry did a great job. Aerosmith was Aerosmith and Three Dog Night was awesome!” a DBA with gray hair and raggy jeans and a cool hat… hmmmm…. This conference is so fun! Below is a special entry from a first time attendee that was recently laid off from a healthcare company and came to OpenWorld on his own budget. I met Bill Standke through Oracle’s LinkedIn group. He was requesting sponsorship for a full conference pass due to his recent layoff from a healthcare firm. He had always wanted to Collected Comments page 4 of 32
  5. 5. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions attend OpenWorld but his previous company’s budget would not support it. Bill did get sponsored for a “Discovery Pass”. Here are his impressions of his first OpenWorld. From Bill: “First, I want to thank the consulting group that sponsored my Discover registration. The Discover Pass gets you into to the Exhibition Halls, Keynote Sessions, Executive Solution Sessions, and SIG programs but not the educational sessions. I spent Sunday in the BI SIG session and found it to be one of the better places to connect with others in my specific areas of interest – Business Intelligence and Enterprise Architecture. I was hoping to find a way to attend some of the educational sessions, but that didn’t happen. During the remainder of the conference, I found it easy to meet people at lunch or on breaks, but challenging to connect with people working in similar areas of interest. I attended the keynotes and some of the executive sessions. I found these sessions to be more sales focused than educational. Oracle has definitely cornered the market on many of the technology solutions that companies need and want. I am waiting to see if these Oracle business decisions turn into real market value when compared to IBM and Microsoft. I also spent significant time in the Exhibition Halls. I found the job market to be lukewarm, but everyone seemed to be encouraged by recent increases in customer inquiries. I also found just about every company exclaiming their OBIEE practices, my area of interest, but found many of them minimally staffed at the present. Overall, I felt the conference was worth my investment in time and money. At the moment I am planning to attend next year and hope to be able to afford or find sponsorship for a full registration. Bill Standke // Checking email before entering the big Hall for a Keynote. Collected Comments page 5 of 32
  6. 6. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions The Conference In General Experience The question that many people were asking was “Is it really necessary to be here with all the videos, blogs and Please Note: This portion of Tweets?” For those still living in a different century, the report is opinion. “Tweets” are the 140 character updates people send each other through The answer, in my mind, More experiences can be was that it was a definite advantage to allow yourself to found at the be at the conference in person to take advantage of the Praxis Reports blog energy, the face-to-face meetings and all the other interaction. On the other hand, you can still go to, search on Oracle OpenWorld 2009 and watch Sun’s Scott McNealy talking to the father of Java, James Gosling, or see how the Terminator turned Governator thanked the techies in the audience for helping all of his careers. He then asked all of us to stay in California and spend money because they need the revenue! In general, the conference experience is still as fabulous as you want it to be and now has the additional fun of being everywhere at once if you want to be! San Francisco as the continual conference host This year was definitely different being in San Francisco! The normal San Fran October gets about 1/10” of rain. This year during the five days of OpenWorld there was over 6” of rain in some places. It didn’t stop the intrepid OOW attendees but it was certainly different! Conference Navigation or “What’s up with this Improvised Rain Hat! schedule?” – Take 3 Sessions and Meetings and Events, OH MY! Usually some of the best networking is accomplished at lunch. At OpenWorld, who had time for lunch? Many people I talked to while carrying my own boxed sandwich between sessions were carrying their lunch as well. With a conference this massive (a compliment, not complaint), it’s really hard to choose what session will do you and your company the most good! The reason that this section title is “Take 3” is because this is the third time a Praxis Report has noted the challenges of getting between sessions in a timely manner. There probably isn’t an easy solution to this challenge for the OpenWorld attendees but watching the really cool demos of Supply Chain, Logistics and Scheduling software makes me think there must be! The Conference Books vs. Online Schedule Builder My inability to use the online Schedule Builder was my biggest surprise. I had to buy a new computer two days before leaving for OpenWorld. The new computer has Internet Explorer 8 The Conference Experience page 6 of 32
  7. 7. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions on it. The Schedule Builder didn’t work with IE 8 but said it would work with FireFox 2 or above. I downloaded FireFox 3.5 – their newest version as well. OOPS… Schedule Builder would only work with IE7 or FireFox 2. WHAT???? I did see a bunch of people gripping their personalized schedule as they ran from session to session so I’m sure that the Schedule Builder was great. I used a combination of the non- attendee Schedule Builder options to search and sort sessions and then compared what I found on the public schedule with what I found in the Conference Book. Yep, it took quite a while but I had a great schedule built the old fashioned way! STATS!  Reportedly 37,000 attendees – less decline than expected (2008 = 43,000)  1900 sessions to educate the masses… ok, to either educate or sell… (2008 =1800)  Schedule search showed 68 sessions on JD Edwards topics and 78 sessions on Primavera  5 content streams: Applications, Middleware, Database, Industries, Management & Infrastructure (2008 = 4 streams, Mgmt & Infrastructure added this year)  300 demos  4500 Oracle experts on hand to answer questions  Hotel room nights >81,000 (biggest conference in San Francisco)  Expected 180K to participate online over the week The Attendees The first two people I met were international attendees – one from Switzerland and one from Singapore. It so happened that both of these people were Oracle employees riding the bus to the first keynote with me. It also so happened that they were in the same type of position just halfway around the world from each other. By the end of that bus ride they were comparing notes and making plans on how to take advantage of their chance meeting – which would not have happened except for ME! How cool does that feel! I LOVE networking. Speaking of… Networking In the 2008 OOW Praxis Report I stated that the ability to network is becoming one of the key differences between the OpenWorld and Collaborate conferences. I stand by that opinion even more firmly this year with the following additional thoughts: • OpenWorld provides the ability to network with more Oracle developers and executives. • Collaborate provides the ability to network with more customers. • OpenWorld provides more social networking – like live streaming interviews – so you know which Oracle employee would be best to network with to find your answer or get your 15 minutes of fame. • Collaborate provides more face-to-face possibilities to network with customers that are using the same ERP or other technology solution you are using. The Conference Experience page 7 of 32
  8. 8. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions The Oracle employee networking described above was not the only OPN (Other People Networking, not Oracle Partner Network!) I was able to achieve. On another bus ride, I began conversations with my four fellow riders and it turned out that an Oracle employee staying at the same hotel as an Oracle customer on the bus was exactly the right person that the customer needed to meet. They had been standing and waiting for the bus together but never said a word to each other. With this many people in the room, there has GOT to be somebody to talk to! Say “hi!” (Picture from Primavera Keynote speech.) Look, networking takes one simple effort – say hello! If I hadn’t started a conversation among the bus riders, this customer would have probably continued to be less-than-happy with his Oracle product. (The conversation revealed that he has some less-than-stellar consultants implementing a key product. That customer ought to call GRT!) The point here, though, is that it takes very little effort to smile, say hi and ask how the day is going, what the person intends to learn at this conference or some other conversation starter. Once started, the conversation will quite often lead to answers that you didn’t know you could find, fun acquaintances or key facts that may take you in a completely different direction! Try it! You’ll like it! Say hello! How “green” and healthy can a conference be? If there was an award for how green a conference could be, I think OpenWorld would win it. All waste was divvied up into its appropriate recycling receptacle mostly by conference staff dedicated to recycling effectively. One day at lunch, I forgot to pick up the “plastic” cutlery to eat my quite delicious Caesar salad. The staff person who brought me the package told me that if I was still hungry after I was through, I could eat the knife and fork because they were made from potatoes! Then I noticed that the plastic boxes were bio-degradable as were the cups. It all went into the “compostable” receptacle! Our fun and fabulous conference backpacks included a stainless steel water bottle we could fill at any of the plentiful water stations. KUDOS! Even the coffee cups were recyclable. Water was the only beverage served during lunch instead of the sugary, caffeinated drinks most expected. Desserts were definitely sparse. And, yes! caffeine and sugar withdrawal were rampant. My, how very healthy and good for us. You might think Oracle wants its customers to The Conference Experience page 8 of 32
  9. 9. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions stick around. One of my fellow Press people remarked on how buff Ellison is looking these days. Is this going to be the next Oracle mission? …getting techies healthy? (Teasing… just teasing… although…) Should you attend next year? Absolutely, unequivocally, YES! If you have ever wondered before whether it would be to your personal or your company’s advantage for you to attend Oracle’s OpenWorld, 2010 would be the year to attend. Send some of your people to Collaborate 10 in Las Vegas and some to OpenWorld. Go to both and get the best of both “worlds” – future messages (OOW) and customer-to-customer experiences (Collaborate). Collaborate is smaller, true, but this year’s OpenWorld conference really didn’t feel like 37,000 people. There weren’t the impenetrable throngs of walkers between the buildings. You could move in the halls. You could get lunch and run to the next session without waiting for ½ an hour in line. The tools to help you prepare so you can maximize your time are available. All it takes is some preparation. The fun and information is well worth the investment. By now, you have become familiar with Oracle’s ownership of your software and you can listen to their marketing messages without the fear that support will be snatched out from under you tomorrow. It won’t. Oracle has been doing exactly what they said they would do and they are steadily marching forward toward their mission of changing how software affects your company. They have held to their Open Standards standard. They are continuing to develop JD Edwards – both EnterpriseOne and World. They are continuing to integrate other acquisitions like Seibel, Primavera, Agile and Retek into seamless systems that support your work. Yes, each ERP is getting closer to the other and, yes, eventually Fusion will be ready for prime time. But, relax, enjoy the new capabilities and get to know the big guy with the big conference. It’s worth it. This fabulous organic coffee was part of the Green Market included in the conference. Kevin (pictured) served me a cup each day – YUM! The Conference Experience page 9 of 32
  10. 10. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Major Messages  It’s time to start looking at how integrated your hardware is so that your software can run faster and more efficiently. Oracle calls it AIA – Application Integration Architecture.  Oracle and Sun have partnered on hardware – Exadata V2 – the first OLTP database machine. It’s fast – very, very fast.  The combination of Flash drives and Disc drives creates a super-fast server. Click here for the Opening Keynote description with Ellison and McNealy. Catz in the Monday keynote: “Sun/Oracle DB Machine = Extreme Performance. Simplified Deployment.”  Integration (again and again):  AIA – Application Integration Architecture. From OOW08 Praxis Report - “AIA is a change in the IT landscape.” C Phillips – The change had to be done by a company with the scale that Oracle has created. They’re doing it now.  Applications being integrated with each other; e.g., Primavera with eBusiness Suite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne The picture to the right shows one of the many slides during multiple presentations that continue Oracle’s customer education on the importance of integrating the infrastructure – hardware and platform – with the applications. This particular slide is from one of the Primavera presentation and shows how the integration of the applications – Primavera & JDE or eBS – sits on the AIA and SOA Suite. Hmmm… enough alphabet soup for you? It’s all spelled out in the Glossary for you! There is no such thing as eCommerce, only Commerce. Thomas Kurian Oracle. SVP Fusion Middleware in his keynote speech The Conference Experience page 10 of 32
  11. 11. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions This report combines two keynotes Ellison Keynotes: Extreme Innovation - Sunday Larry Ellison Wednesday Keynote Larry Ellison & Scott McNealy CEO, Oracle CEO, Sun Microsystems Other speakers as noted Note: Please remember that any future-looking statements are not contractual statements per the Oracle disclaimer used in every session. Picture compliments of Oracle and Sun websites. Link to view highlights of keynote sessions: You can also find many of the keynotes and other information on Search on Oracle OpenWorld 2009. Scott McNealy:  The merger is in the “limbo” phase and due to lawyers being “all over him”, he can’t say as much as he would like to.  Top 10 signs that engineers have gone wild…  #6 = All the weird keyboards  #5 = He’ll miss being CEO of a major company The core of Sun has  #4 = A man actually had his ashes buried in a SPARC. (It’s on the Internet.) always been innovation.  #3 = Sun is now in a new market - family size plots Scott McNealy for others who want to do the same. (Showed a Sun Microsystems picture of a server rack.)  #2 = Mainframe running Linux  #1 = The Java ring.  Putting Oracle and Sun’s R&D departments together creates a huge innovation factory.  McNealy’s favorite technologies created by Sun  NFS/PC – NFS Technology  SPARC (1st 7-10 MIPS workstations under $10K)  Kinda invented “Open Source” (noted he was being “Al Gore-ish here”)  BSD + Unix System 5 = Solaris (today is the most scalable, trusted enterprise OS)  Java (Java card, Java SE/ME/EE and Java FX)  E10K (64-way Solaris)  ZFS/Open Storage/Flash (Exadata)  Project Blackbox – world’s first modular datacenter (Datacenter is a shipping crate to help developing countries)  Chip Multi-threading Keynotes: Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy and more page 11 of 32
  12. 12. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions McNealy’s favorite thought: “We kicked butt, had fun, didn’t cheat, loved our customers, and changed computing forever” Scott McNealy Sun Microsystems  Oracle will continue innovation on  SPARC and SOLARIS.  MySQL. (Ellison says it does not compete with the Oracle DB. It competes with MicroSoft. So, Oracle will continue to invest in it.)  Java. Java is on 6.5B devices and 6B mobile phones. Ellison: “Java speaks for itself.”  James Gosling (father of Java) came on the stage and confirmed that Oracle has helped Java all along and Oracle will be good for Java.  James Gosling: “We gave Java to the world and the rest is history.” Over 1000 companies in “Java Country” are making Java work on all sorts of devices. Download rate for JRE (Java Runtime Environment) – 15M downloads per WEEK. Brazil’s tax system is written entirely in Java.  James Gosling: London underground cards have a Java CPU in it them that has more computing power than the first computer Gosling programmed on.  Sun technology they are bringing to the party – “It’s the data center.” “Clean, Virtualized and Networked.” McNealy: [p] “This combination [Oracle + Sun] is about innovation. It’s all about the systems.” John Fowler: Sun Microsystems, Inc., EVP Systems Platform Innovation at Sun  Sun has been working with Oracle for decades.  Sun is the fastest platform for Java.  Sun Oracle Database Machine – fastest, especially with Oracle database.  Sun FlashFire Technology – Flash (memory) is now more reliable than other storage devices. (It used to wear out faster.)  Announcement: Mix of discs and Flash drives. 80 Flash modules = hundreds of discs. Can cut response time to ¼ of the time previously needed. Larry Ellison: [p] “It’s dazzling, the amount of innovations that came from Sun under Scott McNealy’s time.”  “We can build a smarter planet.” (Noted that another company invented the phrase... and would explain later.) Keynotes: Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy and more page 12 of 32
  13. 13. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Talked about how IBM contacted Sun customers and told those customers that Oracle will sell Sun’s hardware business. Therefore, Oracle created the ad with 5 commitments to keep the hardware business and make it even better.  [p] “Being able to engineer both the hardware and the software together will allow a better integration between the two.” Noted that Apple has done this well.  “We’re in it to win it! We feel the combination of Sun and Oracle can compete successfully against the giant.” (Giant = IBM)  Told story of ad about Sun SPARC vs. IBM power and how SUN+Oracle is faster.  IBM’s system included 76 standard racks – not fault tolerant.  The SPARC Solaris Computer system included 9 standard racks of gear with the FlashFire technology. This configuration is fault tolerant. Results:  Sun/Oracle = 25% more transactions processed (throughput)  Sun/Oracle = 16x Better Response Time  Sun/Oracle takes 6x LESS energy.  IBM is calling the end of Sun “Sunset”. Ellison remarked that anywhere in the world, one man’s sunset is another’s sunrise. Therefore, Sun/Oracle will be the SunRISE!  “Let’s build a smarter planet” – The original slogan turns out to be from IBM. The Board and the shareholders made a very important and exciting decision. Scott McNealy Sun Microsystems  Ellison: “We have long been supporters of Open Source.”  Uptake of Oracle Enterprise Linux has been much better than even expected. Example customers: Yahoo, Spalding, Ameragroup, Nissan, IHop, Dell, Timex, Metro, Navteq  HP did a survey asking customers that if they run Linux under their Oracle database, 65% said they run Oracle Linux. Oracle will continue to innovate around their virtual machine to make their database run even better and even faster.  Announcement: 2nd generation of database server - Exadata Version 2  Exadata Version 2 – runs Oracle Enterprise Linux. This is NOT to be confused with the SPARC Solaris machine discussed before. This is the first OLTP database machine. It, too is from Sun and Oracle.  Difference between Exadata Version 1 and 2.  Exadata V1 moved data faster than any other database configuration running the Oracle DB and Exadata V2 is world’s fastest for OLTP. Extreme performance for Random I/O – 2x V1 data warehousing performance. First machine that can do high performance  V2 runs the Oracle database faster than any other machine regardless of what the database is used for. Keynotes: Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy and more page 13 of 32
  14. 14. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  V2 does random I/O really rapidly because it uses a huge semiconductor memory hierarch 400GB DRAM plus 5TB Flash cache memory – not a Flash disc! All this in a single box for high performance – especially when connected to a 40Gb network.  V2 is also fault tolerant. There is no single point of failure. If something breaks, it may run slower but will not stop.  V2 has 3x database compression for OLTP – compressed 1.2 Tb database in DRAM. Compressed TB database in Flash Cache  V2 will do 1M Random I/Os per second!  Two racks of V2 are approximately equivalent to 10 racks of a large IBM and will cost less than 25% of the IBM confirguation  Exadata V2 comes pre-configured; therefore drastically simplified deployments; especially seeing as it runs existing applications unchanged.  Announcement: New Oracle support system that uses Oracle technology to look for problems within your configurations through intelligent data bots that look for problems.  One unified support system – My Oracle Support plus Enterprise Manager. Oracle is uploading the system configuration information and the support requests to date to compare them and create a smart bot to recommend patches and do health checks  Pro-active Problem fixes: No one is doing a good job of this right now because no one has enough information to create the bots, patches, etc.  Result will be faster problem resolution including automatic patch conflict detection and resolution. Opinion – Jean McClelland The Sunday keynote was the best keynote delivered in my opinion. It had energy, forward thinking messages and showed how important it is to think of the entire information system – not just the software and not just the hardware. It’s a dance between the two – all orchestrated by the people involved. Remember, business is still always dependent on the people. While doing some fact checking on the Oracle website, I found the following slide. If you are on your computer, you can click on it and it will take you to the portion of the Oracle website where I found it. Hmmm… let’s all start dancing! Keynotes: Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy and more page 14 of 32
  15. 15. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Keynote: The Art of the Possible Charles Phillips & Safra Catz Co-Presidents, Oracle Other Presenters as noted Note: Please remember that any future-looking statements are not contractual statements per the Oracle disclaimer used in every session. Picture compliments of Oracle and Sun websites. Link to view highlights of keynote sessions: You can also find many of the keynotes and other information on Search on Oracle OpenWorld 2009.  Catz explained the background of Oracle’s strategy:  Oracle & other vendors were sending everyone little pieces of software that did something specific and then customers had to make it work.  Oracle decided to take responsibility for making all the pieces work together.  Catz provided an analogy to buying a car piece by piece and the customers having to put it together themselves.  Result of car story: ”The world really would be more green because there wouldn’t be any traffic.”  Catz: Oracle is “slavishly devoted to Open Standards.” – why this is called OpenWorld  Catz: Oracle has spent over $40B on acquisitions so that it owns all the parts to send you a complete system  Phillips: Oracle spends about $3B/yr on R&D – mostly in response to customer requests  Phillips: Update on Oracle business segments:  Applications – bought the products and enhanced them as they said they would do (Side remark: “We will do the same with Sun and the newer acquisitions.”)  Industry Applications – allows Oracle to provide more value for your industry  Middleware – the new version of Fusion Middleware includes 4x improvement in Java developer productivity; 1 Terabyte of Application Data delivered from in-Memory Grid  Database – new major new release – Database 11g R2 with breakthrough in compression which will save you database costs  Infrastructure – Oracle will continue to invest in virtualization. Once they get the Sun deal closed, they will have a lot more to talk about. Joel Koppelman – Founder of Primavera (Session report on Primavera)  Primavera is noted for their customers’ huge and complicated projects. Their customers’ priority is to manage their entire portfolio of projects and integrate it with their ERP – financials, schedules, talent, SCM, etc. 25% of GDP spent on management of projects.  Oracle Integrates Project Mgmt with ERP – Enterprise PPM delivers control and visibility of all projects – see where your company is and where it is going  Announcement – Primavera integration with JDE1 complete – accomplished with AIA  All solutions work within the red stack Keynote: The Art of the Possible page 15 of 32
  16. 16. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  People can track everything that’s going on in the organization  Solutions are interactive so you can drill down to see the details Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle VP Enterprise Development, PeopleSoft  Today’s budgeting challenge: Making decisions on budgets looking at what was spent before = “going forward looking in the rear-view mirror”  Oracle has solved that problem – based on Business Rules – Oracle can now provide a Closed Loop Budgeting system using a portal to aggregate the information  Provided demonstration on how to integrate a number of the applications to make business decisions in retail industry. Process integration is enhanced through software integration. Anthony Lye, Oracle SVP  Trade promotions– the agreements between manufacturing and retail for location, look and price within the stores – exceed $6B/year  Integrated Seibel and Demantra (SCM, category mgmt)  Oracle leveraged CRM, Advanced Planning through AIA and SOA suite.  Brought intelligence and infrastructure to provide the information of what’s working and what’s not  Combination can provide best optimization for each promotion using a variety of modeling techniques Ann Livermore – HP  Catz introduced Livermore as first among Oracle’s partners and claimed “Livermore has led HP in conjunction with Mark Hurd to where they are today.”  HP and Oracle have over 140K customers in common  With HP’s acquisition of EDS (now HP consulting) HP can help with your implementation.  Today’s Challenge – “Meet today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow.” Quotes from OpenWorld Twitter: • IT Sprawl has business at the breaking point. 70% captive in operations and maintenance atownley • toddbiske: Ann is discussing IT DC sprawl. 70% of IT is spent in ops and maint, 30% in business innovation. Want to flip it.  HP’s solution – Converged infrastructure – pooled resources in machines and resources with the ability to easily assemble and disassemble so that it can change depending on the business needs  Key Elements of Converged Architecture – Operating environment, flex fabric, virtual resource pools, data center smart grid  Important role for virtualization and automation software to achieve – cost, speed, quality and energy for the physical resources in the environment Keynote: The Art of the Possible page 16 of 32
  17. 17. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Opinions collected while in the mass of people walking out of the keynote:  “It was a little flat. Phillips and Catz’ energy seemed a little down.” – woman who works for a major computer manufacturer  “I miss the major announcements” – man just walking, declined to provide other info Jean McClelland • This series of presentations was the only time that the Oracle OpenWorld Tweeters created over-capacity at Twitter! I’m not sure if it was over-capacity just within the conference or all over, but that sure makes a statement about how people want to communicate! • This is the first time I’ve seen Oracle address retail marketing in a general session. Maybe there aren’t that many Oracle customers in fashion? People seemed bored and the demonstration was actually quite slick. The demo showed how easily and fast you can find information when it is all integrated – the major theme of this conference. Regardless, the guy next to me left during the demo portion of the presentation (as did many others). • Come on, fellow ladies in the audience! There was Twitter entry criticizing Catz’ joking about shopping and shoes during the fashion segment intro because it “diminished her credibility”. We are women AND professionals! Claim it and go forward! Geez… how last century was THAT Tweet? • Livermore ended early! Maybe it was due to recognition that there are scheduling conflicts with educational sessions beginning at 10:15? Or, maybe it was because masses of people were leaving for some other reason. People didn’t leave THIS “session”. The party was when you could really tell there were LOTS of people at the conference! Aerosmith rocked! Note the lighted bridge in the background… how cool is that?! Pictures by Traci Douglas. Keynote: The Art of the Possible page 17 of 32
  18. 18. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions This report combines sessions Infrastructure: AIA (Application Integrated Architecture) and more Keynote: Thomas Kurian (Oracle) with Michael Dell (Dell) Educational Session: AIA and Integration Note: Please remember that any future-looking statements are not contractual statements per the Oracle disclaimer used in every session.  Kurian: Technology implementation is not enough if your company is not aligned around the organizations objectives – business strategy, technology strategy, operational strategy –.all aligned  Information is becoming the currency with which business will progress.  The past included automating processes. The future will shift from “What do I need to DO?” to “What do I need to KNOW?”  Integration is one of the challenging portions of any implementation  The highest value ties back to integration and information. It is clearly an advantage to have an integrated platform (like Oracle’s red stack AIA)  Michael Dell made a public commitment to take $200B out of maintenance so companies can build more efficient enterprises. Drive the inefficiency out and reassign resources to innovation. The three activities required to increase efficiency are (per Dell): 1) Use Standards – open solutions and choice 2) Simplify – starts with taking steps toward pragmatic consolidation 3) Automate Infrastructure – streamline self-service delivery  Solid State discs are coming into play to increase performance – offers 20x performance gains over normal discs  Most significant step toward pragmatic consolidation is virtualization which is still incredibly complicated. Virtualization may be able to cut power costs by as much as 50%. Provided example of UK hospital that freed up 30% of resources through virtualization.  Virtualization technology is a revolutionizing technology. Some predict that virtualization is leading us to a datacenter Operating System. Dell agrees with that. Client (as in Client/Server) will follow the person rather than the machine.  Cloud Computing and SaaS is at an inflection point in technology evolution right now. Cloud represents a really new opportunity for IT.  Risk of implementing SaaS could be falling back into the silos of information. Infrastructure: AIA (Application Integrated Architecture) and more page 18 of 32
  19. 19. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Opinions Jean McClelland: If anyone still questions whether or not Oracle will succeed in changing the way technology affects your business, think again. With the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, it is my opinion that the future vision is getting clearer and clearer. Consider Oracle’s challenge to IBM to prove that their multiple machines with their heavy footprint and massive energy requirements can beat the lean Oracle/Sun Flash/Disc combination of machines. Applications Integrated Architecture is purported to be flexible, fast and reliable. Some opinions I heard after sessions on which this report is based were:  “Oracle thinks it’s there but it’s not quite like the advertisements – yet.” Technical support person for high tech firm.  “We’re very happy with our full system. When we upgraded, we changed the hardware to the red stack and are amazed at the difference. We’re saving a lot of money.” JD Edwards upgraded manufacturing firm.  “This is not a fair comparison because the IBM machines are on a different platform given the Flash drives being used in the Oracle/Sun machine.” Systems Analyst for Construction firm. Talk about fast! This was the first year I didn’t have to wait in long lines to get lunch! Nice when you’re hungry but a bummer if you want to talk while waiting in line! See? All things have both positives and negatives. Find the positives! Infrastructure: AIA (Application Integrated Architecture) and more page 19 of 32
  20. 20. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions This report combines multiple sessions JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera Lyle Ekdahl & John Schiff (Oracle) – JD Edwards Opening General Session John Abel (Hitachi Data Systems) – Should I upgrade in this economy? (2 presenters) - Enterprise Portfolio Project Management with AIA for JDE1 & Primavera P6 Multiple Customers: Customer Panel on the Value of Upgrading (Noted if quoted) Note: Please remember that any future-looking statements are not contractual statements per the Oracle disclaimer used in every session. Those with a full conference pass are supposed to be able to see the slides from these presentations at Oracle OnDemand.  John Schiff announced Lyle Ekdahl’s promotion to General Manager  Ekdahl joked about how he now has to “rein it in” and not include throwing anything during his presentation today. Faked a call from Kurian supposedly to remind him.  Schiff: Questions to ourselves (as Oracle’s top JDE employees): How can we drive JDE’s customer success through Oracle’s investment in our applications and tools while leveraging other Oracle products in order to meet common business, core industry and popular technology needs by delivering software engineered for value, low ownership costs, and high quality for all customers? [Yes, that run-on question is nearly an exact quote]  Schiff: Mission = Values and DNA  Rapid time-to-value with low TCO  Flexible configuration rather than customization (helps company growth)  Product scalability for company growth – ability to layer different solutions to create an integrated system that is actually customized to the individual company  Popular technology choices  Extend capabilities using packaged integrations [here’s that integration again] JDE Product JDE – E1 JDE – W JDE – E1 JDE-E1 Release Summary between OOWs Sept, 2008 April, 2009 May, 2009 October, 2009 9.0 & T8.98 A9.2 T8.98.1 T8.98.2 New Modules 1 1 0 0 Integrations & 2 1 1 3 Adaptors New Features 437 218 18 31 Customer driven 411 201 11 16 enhancements Target Industries • Projects & • Projects & N/A • Projects & Services Services Services • M&D • M&D • Agribusiiness JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera page 20 of 32
  21. 21. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Poll (by raising hands): JDE1: Very few people on 9.0, most on 8.12 & 8.11, one still on XE  Ekdahl: “It’s easier to upgrade than it used to be.”  Schiff: There has been an extensive investment in Tools to support JDE  2 releases only 8 months apart. Current JDE1 Tools version = 8.98.1  Ekdahl: “This is value that can add capabilities for every JDE user… They should care because they can do their processes faster… It frees up IT to do other things.”  Poll: JDEW : More on 9.1 than 8.1 but still a bunch on 7.3  Announcement: JDE1 update on 9.0 (Update 1)  Finance: Automated debit/credit matching; Interactive job status inquiry performance  Rollback: batch ship confirms cycle counts; Record reservation: mfg Accounting  Projects: Profit and audit features; Burden change management  Global: language  Job Status Inquiry works faster – improved performance by over 90%  Announcement: JDE1 Tools 8.98.2  Better system management and performance = increase system availability, performance and lower system administration effort (which lowers TCO) For apps 8.11, 8.12 and 9.0  Additional certifications will be available: Fusion Middleware 11g on Linux, Database 11g on Linux and more  Announcement: Oracle BI Financial Adapter for JDEW using OBIA  Announcement: More best in class operation capabilities with packaged Oracle integrations (AIA PIP): SCM / Value Chain Planning for JDE1; PPM Primavera P6 w/JDE1; PLM for JDE1; Oracle CRM On Demand for JDEW  Poll: A good number are now using UPK in their shops. Ekdahl expects a lot more at the next OOW.  Ekdahl: “What happens between OpenWorlds? Software happens.”  Oracle VM Templates for JDE1  Utilize collaboration across the enterprise  More BI for SC (Inventory) and Order Mgmt JDE1 and JDEW There is business  9.0 Update x: Mfg & Dist Module for Apparel Firms value getting to the or firms needing size, style, color and collection; latest platform. Fulfillment Mgmt Module  Tools 8.98.x: Lyle Ekdahl Oracle, JDE General Manager  Ekdahl: [p] “The market validates and confirms Oracle’s investment strategy. Oracle’s business began turning around in 4th quarter 2008.”  In last quarter they took in as much revenue from new customers as from upgrades with existing customers JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera page 21 of 32
  22. 22. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  JDE is getting a lot of attention and growing in Japan  Ekdahl: Customers “in motion” [“In motion” = Upgrading]  79% JDE1 customers working with current releases  60% Faster uptake rate of release 9.0 over 8.12  18% JDEW customers working with current releases  Schiff: Many of the companies upgrading have been able to do away with prior customizations and use the vanilla software.  Why Upgrade in this Economy? [Note: This session was actually about an eBusiness Suite upgrade but held the same values as reported in JDE upgrade sessions.]  Requests from Users were covered by new version so it was either bolt-ons or upgrade  Continue to deliver business benefits without customizing core applications  Shared Services Companies will enjoy savings  Value Delivered by upgrading now:  Better support available  New functionality available  Enabled a reduced and simpler application footprint driving a lower TCO  Poll in Customer Panel Upgrade Session: No one in the audiance had already upgraded but majority in attendance planning to upgrade to JDE1 9.0  Jim Whalen representing Boston Properties – Why they upgraded now  Improved Technical Foundation  Business (Web ) Services  Web User Interface  Functional Improvements – “I can count the customizations on one hand.”  Compliance Features  Support – talked about tool set improvements a few times  Reposition the company!!  Howard Ageson representing Graymont Limited described how they achieved their upgrade from JDE1 8.10 to 9.0  Graymont upgrade was successful due to the 17 business owners  Graymont philosophy is to keep current in order to enjoy full support.  New features were an additional incentive to upgrade, particularly Equipment Cost Analyst  Upgrade completely achieved with internal sources.  Upgrade took about 10 months – made decision to upgrade at last years’ OpenWorld. Oracle has been very supportive. One reason it took 10 months they also did Business Process Re-Engineering and system documentation. However, when the recession hit, they didn’t do the Business Process Re-Engineering so went live earlier than the original plan timeline.  John Chung representing Arcturis Reality described the business case for their upgrade from 8.12 to 9.0 about 20 months ago: JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera page 22 of 32
  23. 23. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Resulting system: JDE1 9.0 on red stack with Linux, Oracle AS 10g and DB 10g; Fusion MW 10G  To take advantage of the 9.0 module for real estate companies.  Results: improved functionality, improved UI and User functionality, performance, business services / Fusion MW Opinions – Jean McClelland There were actually seats available in the Opening General session. Usually it’s standing room only. The only challenge with the JD Edwards sessions was how to get to both them and the Primavera sessions. The sessions were taking place a city block apart and the schedules were overlapping. Primavera is going to be a big boon to all types of companies and it has already been integrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Read more in the next section of this report or call GRT Business Solutions to find out how it can benefit your company! The customer panel session on upgrading – how and why they did it now – was the best attended JDE session I observed. To me, this is another affirmation that Oracle OpenWorld is where you get the theory but once the theory is accepted, people are most interested in real world experience. This is why you need to designate people to attend both OpenWorld (for theory and Oracle’s future thinking) and Collaborate (for real world experience and how to make “what is” work now). This picture was taken during one of the general sessions. See the heads? At OpenWorld, the major messages are repeated over and over and over. This is actually a good thing when you consider that it usually takes multiple experiences to get your audience to receive a message these days. So, what was your opinion of the messages? You can join the conversation on the Praxis Reports Blog! JD Edwards: Upgrading, Evolving and Integrated with Primavera page 23 of 32
  24. 24. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions This report combines multiple sessions Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM (again) and more Joel Koppelman (Oracle, SVP & GM Primavera) – Primavera Keynote (3 presenters) - Enhance Construction Projects with P6 and AutoVue Analysts Roundtable on Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Panel Discussion – Primavera Roadmap Note: Please remember that any future-looking statements are not contractual statements per the Oracle disclaimer used in every session. Those with a full conference pass are supposed to be able to see the slides from these presentations at Oracle OnDemand.  Koppelman reference to Primavera being acquired by Oracle. “We are in the right place if we really want to change the way people run projects.”  4000 OOW attendees here specifically for Primavera  Fifth column “Emerging Industries” allows Primavera to reach more industries by being a part of Oracle vs. reaching only the four core industries they previously targeted  Integrations completed with Oracle eBusiness Suite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne  Primavera P6 controls project execution and Oracle ERPs (eBS & JDE1) control all project financial information  Integration between these two accomplished through Oracle AIA and SOA Suite Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 24 of 32
  25. 25. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Benefits of integration:  Enterprise-wide project transparency – just mapping / knowing all projects in progress at any point creates an interesting view of the company for those in charge.  Right projects, on time, on budget  Improved resource productivity  Accurate results-oriented planning & control  Complete control of scope, time & budgets;  A “single source of truth.”  90% of people using the integrated Primavera and Oracle ERP can do what they need to do through the web client now.  Future Plans: Expand Enterprise PPM to include the management of quality  Where is what in the integration  Projects can be initialized in either JDE1 or P6 and then the 2 can sync with each other  JDE1 owns the global data and then it gets synchronized in P6  Costs on a project can be incurred in many different JDE1 modules  Cost codes are sent to P6 WBS (Work Breakdown Schedule) categories  Information to P6 is coming from multiple JDE1 tables like 901, 911, 902  The information sent is summary information, not detail; therefore Project Managers cannot drill down into the detail from Primavera. That must be done from JDE1.  Multiple currencies: One instance of P6 can be in only one currency so for global projects you specify what currency the instance of P6 is installed in and then, when synchronization occurs, the currency uses the exchange rate tables on the ERP side to state the costs in the currency to be used in P6. Simplified Project Equation: QxS = TxC Quality x Scope = Time x Cost As with all equations, affect one aspect (say quality) and the other aspects are affected as well; i.e., if you want to pay less, decrease quality… John Kunz, Stanford University, CIFE John Kunz, Stanford University, Executive Director, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE)  To talk about how to visualize the end result of a project in order to create/enhance a collaborative process and bring multiple disciplines to agreement  CIFE Mission – world’s premier academic research center for Virtual Design and Construction of Architecture – Engineering – Construction industry projects Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 25 of 32
  26. 26. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Virtual Design and Construction in 2009 (VDC)  Becoming established in construction; already established in aerospace  Emerging issues: low latency (getting the right information where it needs to be); management with uncertainty  Oracle + Primavera provide a great foundation to create bridges to address the above issues  VDC is the use of multiple disciplines to bring the business processes and activities in line with the business objectives AutoVue project review and documentation capabilities – integrated into Primavera for eBusiness Suite and JDE1  AutoVue provides the ability to view project documents from most formats and post comments on those documents using a layering technology. This protects the original document from changes until the project discussions reach consensus yet records all ideas and notes from project reviews.  AutoVue replaces the need to bring everyone into the same room to conduct a design review. Reviews can be accomplished online.  AutoVue fits well into the Oracle “Complete. Open. Integrated.” because it is already integrated to the Oracle ERPs. (Also integrated into other large systems outside of Oracle.)  Poll: Everyone (about 50!) in the room knew both P6 and E&C  Capabilities of AutoVue as already integrated into Primavera. (AutoVue was purchased by Oracle within the Agile acquisition.)  View access, print and share any document type (including metadata) (e.g., contracts, RFIs, floor plans, 2D specs, 3D models, assemblies, etc.)  Add digital annotations and comments  Collaborate in real-time via the Web with global teams  Access document online and offline  Leverage, open and complete framework for integration into enterprise systems  Maintain data security and integrity (all comments made are on a separate layer than the original view of the paper)  AutoVue supports hundreds of different types of files. The files can be overlaid on each other to be reviewed together. Even old file types, e.g., Office 2000 are supported because AutoVue never removes file type support.  System integrations tie into the security systems of the host so that none of that has to be re-invented.  AutoVue is a client/server solution. The client is a java applet that can be run on, basically, any client. The actual file remains on the server. Only a light-weight viewable is downloaded onto the client.  4-D review – bringing in the view of time in relation to the project. (This is in the works, not exactly here easily right now. Right now it would take about 4 steps to accomplish)  5-D view will bring financials into the view – in the FUTURE! Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 26 of 32
  27. 27. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Jeff Singer, Oracle Sales Manager for AutoVue provided a live demonstration on how AutoVue allows you to 360 degree view of a room by scrolling around. He compared it to a video game – without the carnage. It’s like an AutoCAD in a web browser.  Q/A: Because so many file types are supported, the system can be used to create “as maintained” or “as built” files, too. Primavera would not be required for this but AutoVue would be.  Q/A: AutoVue has not yet integrated with multi-touch devices but it works well with a single touch device like a tablet PC. Enterprise Project Portfolio Management – EPPM  Projects are ubiquitous to all companies.  Primavera is a key part of EPPM but EPPM is larger than Primavera. EPPM covers the entire life cycle of an asset from concept to retirement.  The integration of Primavera with Oracle ERPs provides companies with the ability to see all projects, their status and their plans.  EPPM sits in the center of business process: Align, Plan, Execute, Report  Business Uses of EPPM  Construction program management  Capital asset maintenance  Software system development and deployment  Enterprise investment portfolio management  Resource productivity and capacity planning  Product design, manufacturing and implementation program management  Primavera expanded to EPPM – an integrated, role-based solution for prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, programs and portfolios  Re-branded so what is not yet familiar in name, may be familiar in function  P6 Professional – for experienced Project Managers in charge of complex projects  Primavera Risk Analysis was ??? [sorry… didn’t get that one]  Primavera Portfolio Management was ProSite  Primavera Contract Management was Expedition  Business drivers for Primavera – what drives changes to Primavera  Increase predictability for project success  Improve collaboration  Improve customer experience  Provide just-in-time assistance  Reduce the TCO  Ensure scalability and availability  POTENTIAL future changes  Contract Management Web Services Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 27 of 32
  28. 28. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions  Risk Analysis v.8.7  Primavera Portfolio Mgmt v8  Pre-built Analytics via Oracle Business Intelligence  100% web deployable, modular applications  Long range: Any size, any maturity, anyone – if you are managing a project, you are using Primavera  Primavera provides best-in-class web project management – and will provide more in the future  Manage the entire project lifecycle – create, select, plan, manage – all on the web  Advanced interactive graphics  Web import/export  Future resource management  Resource assignment view  Consolidate resource/role analysis PIP (Process Integration Pack) between JDE1 & Primavera P6  Sample integration:  Resources including employees are centrally managed on JDE1 side.  Other resources like fixed assets, etc. are also maintained on ERP side.  Calendars for all resources are centrally maintained in JDE1. Employees have the ability to maintain their own calendars and then their calendars sync with P6.  JDE1 is the “source of truth” for all financial information related to projects.  In P6, Project Managers can associate synced calendars to projects.  Project Managers then add and assign activities to project members; they build a project schedule.  For planning purposes, Project Managers can use synced roles as placeholders on their draft projects.  Project Managers assign resources to detailed activities on a project.  Employees enter both project and non-project time, thus eliminating the need to enter additional timesheets in order to get paid (because it gets synced).  Project Managers review and approve project timesheets.  Project Managers send approved timesheets to JDE1 for project costing and to properly pay employees. More information – directly from Oracle: Primavera: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on My Oracle Support: Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 28 of 32
  29. 29. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Opinion – Jean McClelland It’s very impressive that there were over 50 people attending the AutoVue session that took place on Thursday afternoon. To me, it’s a testament to how Project Managers are so very interested in using the latest technology to achieve their goals. Woohoo! This is great! The session on the PIP had a GREAT slide presentation that showed the build and integrations. The Primavera Roadmap session was held concurrently with a JDE1 Q&A that was not scheduled to end until after we were supposed to be in line for the Ellison keynote. The Roadmap session was a great session for Project Managers but I couldn’t stay for the entire presentation if I wanted to hear the main keynote! Hmmm… sounds like another scheduling conflict. Where are those Project Managers? This is a screen shot of OpenWorld Live – complete with Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds and other Social Media. The contributions were pretty positive and people were watching all around the world. I believe it’s th a sign of things to come! As of Monday, October 19 , sessions were still showing. Click here or to see if that’s still true! Primavera P6: Integration with JDE, EPPM and more page 29 of 32
  30. 30. Oracle OpenWord Praxis Conference Report October 11-15, 2009 // San Francisco, CA sponsored by GRT Business Solutions Glossary! Term / Acronym Description AIA Applications Integration Architecture appl or app Application; e.g., JD Edwards, Siebel, Retek, Hyperion BI Business Intelligence – the ability to mine your transaction data and create meaningful reports on which to make informed business decisions BPEL Business Process Execution Language – an Oracle offering that is the industry standard for creating business process based applications CNC Configurable Network Computing E&C Engineering & Construction – an industry vertical market being addressed by Oracle; often in combination with Home Builders and Real Estate verticals eBS Oracle eBusiness Suite EPPM or Enterprise Project Portfolio Management ERP Enterprise Resource Planning – for Oracle, that equates to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, PeopleSoft and Oracle eBusiness Suite FM, FMW or MW Fusion Middleware I/O Input / Output JDE1, JDE-E1 or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne E1 JDEW or JDE-W JD Edwards World Mash up A combination of information and things to create a new piece of information or thing. MDM Master Data File Management OBIA Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics OLTP OnLine Transaction Processing is a class of program that facilitates and manages transaction- oriented applications, typically for data entry and retrieval transactions. PIP Process Integration Pack PLM Product Lifecycle Management PS PeopleSoft PSP Personal Software Process: PSP invokes “the rigor of an engineering process” RE Real Estate -– an industry vertical market being addressed by Oracle; often in combination with E&C and Home Builders SaaS Software as a Service SCM Supply Chain Management SNO Strategic Network Optimization SOA Service Oriented Architecture TCO Total Cost of Ownership Glossary page 30 of 32
  31. 31. Simplifying Business with Oracle/JD Edwards! GRT Business Solutions is a full service professional services consultancy composed of veteran industry specialists who are Oracle Certified to the JD Edwards Engineering, Construction, Asset Intensive, and Field Service mid-market. GRT experience is: Professional… Expert … Reliable… Providing a complete menu of services from earliest planning stages, to final project closeout and ongoing management support. We tailor our services and staff to meet your needs and budget. GRT high level of service: Minimizes Risk…. Maximizes Returns… Client Driven… Delivering innovative consulting solutions which exceed expectations is the hallmark of every GRT project. GRT achieves success: Rapidly… Economically… Predictably… Designing business solutions is an art and a science. The ability to leverage emerging technologies is a balancing of technology and proven methods and budget to insure sustainability. GRT execution makes a difference: Commitment… Communication… Agility… Tackling the most difficult problems with skill & experience, GRT’s 11-year focus to Oracle/JDE, allows us to maintain an experienced consulting resource standard of a minimum 7 years “hands-on” JDE, plus prior direct industry experience. GRT is in your shoes: Teamwork… Insight… Candor… Supporting our customers is easy when you have the best partners, information network, industry tools and people. Successful projects include a working combination of these and a healthy dose of Project Management. GRT customer service tenets: Speed… Quality… Value… Find out more at Contact: David Koczera, Director Corporate Development / Direct: 303.942.0594 email
  32. 32. Strategic Goal Alignment New Offering from Praxis After leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jean McClelland reestablished Praxis, an independent consultancy. Praxis was originally founded in Dallas, TX in 1984 and reestablished in 2001. Doing business as Praxis, McClelland has developed business strategies, workable project plans and effective implementation teams for companies from start-ups to Fortune 100. Jean McClelland, dba Praxis is announcing a new service to help companies align their team members to their corporate goals. Throughout her career, McClelland observed that when people were nowhere near in sync with the corporate goals, the corporate goals either took longer to achieve or were not met at all. It’s time to align! What Goal Alignment Can Achieve What Goal Alignment is NOT!  Speed – People working together get what  Counseling – This will not solve personal or needs to be done, done faster. personality problems but may improve communication.  Speed to market; speed to profit; speed to implementation of new systems.  Griping sessions – The facilitated discovery sessions find what’s working and leverages the  Cost Savings – Knowledge of entire systems positive into effective solutions. within which a person is working often provides better insight to where costs can be saved.  Personal Goal Setting – That’s private information and companies don’t need to be  Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty – When involved. However, if no personal goals are people enjoy their work, turnover is reduced evident, they may be discovered! and company loyalty is increased.  Expensive! Call Jean – 214.784.5525 The methodology is classic, sound and simple, but the results are exceptional!  Review the corporate goals to ensure they are relevant to today’s new economy.  Discover key processes to achieve those goals and the lead team members / employees that affect goal achievement through those processes.  Create a bridge between leaders’ personal goals and corporate goals through discovery workshops and/or personal/executive coaching. (Details available in person.)  Measure the difference goal alignment makes and enjoy the cost savings, speed to market and other advantages of a team aligned to corporate strategic goals. Call and reference the OpenWorld conference report to receive a complimentary assessment. Praxis …putting theory into practice Jean McClelland PO Box 803294 Dallas, TX 75380 214.784.5525