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Word Power: 11 Techniques for Writing More Persuasive Copy

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Learn 11 of the most effective techniques for increasing conversion with persuasive copywriting. This presentation includes inspiring examples of epic persuasion plays to help you understand how to pack your pages with profit-driving word power.

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Word Power: 11 Techniques for Writing More Persuasive Copy

  1. WordPower 11TechniquesforWritingMorePersuasiveCopy
  2. 11WordPowerWords 1Relate2Qualify3Amplify 4Specify5Simplify6Entertain 7Engage8Activate9Prove 10Pacify11Direct @feldmancreative
  3. Relate @feldmancreative
  4. Relate Who cares? Where’s it hurt? What’s the dream? When will this matter most? Where does this buyer seek answers? Whom does she trust? What are their questions? What are people saying? Why wouldn’t they buy? How does he do things now? “Develop pathological empathy for your customer. ~_- Ann Handley @feldmancreative
  5. Pain? Relate @feldmancreative
  6. Reality. Relate @feldmancreative
  7. Qualify @feldmancreative
  8. When you turn some people off, you turn some people on. @feldmancreative
  9. Qualify This ain’t for you. “It’s too spicy.” @feldmancreative
  10. Qualify Exclusivity. Only open this if you want to be a great writer. @feldmancreative
  11. Qualify Got this problem? Still using spreadsheets? @feldmancreative
  12. Amplify Amplify @feldmancreative
  13. Amplify Feeling you. @feldmancreative
  14. Troubles? Amplify @feldmancreative
  15. Specify @feldmancreative
  16. Specify Credentials. @feldmancreative
  17. Facts. Stats. Research. Specify @feldmancreative
  18. Get this, not that. Specify @feldmancreative
  19. Simplify Simplify @feldmancreative
  20. Simplify Speed. @feldmancreative
  21. Simplify Ease. @feldmancreative
  22. Entertain @feldmancreative
  23. You can’t bore people into buying. ~_ @feldmancreative
  24. Entertain Humor. @feldmancreative
  25. Entertain People. Stories. @feldmancreative
  26. Entertain Analogies. Metaphors. @feldmancreative
  27. Engage Engage @feldmancreative
  28. Engage Question. Connect. @feldmancreative
  29. Engage Curiosity gap. @feldmancreative
  30. Engage Focus on you. @feldmancreative
  31. Engage Fight for a cause. @feldmancreative
  32. Ac0vate Activate @feldmancreative
  33. Actions speak louder than words, but words inspire action. ~_ @feldmancreative
  34. Activate Verbs rule. @feldmancreative
  35. Activate Guide. @feldmancreative
  36. Prove @feldmancreative
  37. Prove Numbers. @feldmancreative
  38. Prove (Believable) testimonials. @feldmancreative
  39. Pacify Pacify @feldmancreative
  40. Pacify Overcome objections. @feldmancreative
  41. Pacify You don’t need... @feldmancreative
  42. Direct Direct @feldmancreative
  43. Here, now. Direct #ConvCon @feldmancreative
  44. WordPower 1Relate2Qualify3Amplify 4Specify5Simplify6Entertain 7Engage8Activate9Prove 10Pacify11Direct @feldmancreative
  45. Askyourself… •  Are you feeling your reader? •  Did I qualify her? •  Is the problem clear? •  Was I specific enough to be believable? •  Could I make it easier to understand? •  Will this keep him interested? •  Did I touch her? •  Is there action here? •  Have I won his trust? •  Did I overcome her fears? •  Did I tell my prospect what to do? @feldmancreative WordPower
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