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On-Page SEO EXTREME - SEOZone Istanbul 2013

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My presentation from #SEOZone Istanbul 2013 covering advanced On-Page SEO optimization aspects such as crawl-ability, semantics, duplicate content issues as well as performance optimization stragies.

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On-Page SEO EXTREME - SEOZone Istanbul 2013

  1. 1. Bastian Grimm, Managing Partner - Grimm Digital On-Page EXTREME - Common On-Page SEO Pitfalls - Istanbul, September 2013
  2. 2. About Bastian Grimm 2 @basgr SEO Trainings, Seminars & Strategy Consulting WordPress Security, Consulting & Development Berlin-based Full-Service Performance Marketing Agency
  3. 3.
  4. 4. #1 CRAWL BUDGET
  5. 5. GWT > Crawl > Crawl Stats Goal: (Slightly) increase G’s crawling…
  6. 6. Control those crawlers… <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" /> User-Agent: * Disallow: /some-page.html Pages will be crawled. Pages won’t be indexed. Pages won’t show up in SERPs. URLs will be “par- tially” indexed. Pages won’t be crawled. URLs will show up in SERPs.
  7. 7. URL has been robots.txt’ed out but… URL pattern is disallowed but URLs still show up
  8. 8. Often, (external) links are “the issue”… According to LRT this URL has external inbound links…
  9. 9. BTW: This can not work! There is no way search engines can read this!
  10. 10. Don’t create / link them in the first place! … or use some external JS “by accident”.
  11. 11. Watch those redirects! Never do redirects in HTML or JS; they’ve to be crawled first! Only do 301. <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL="> *…+ <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function redir(){ window.location = "" } //--> </script> *…+ <body onload="setTimeout('redir()', 1000)"> *…+
  12. 12. Prevent “wrong” redirects + chaining! Fix HTTP 302 and Redirect Chains!
  13. 13. Example time #1: Filters & Sorting Do you really want different “sort bys” to be indexed?
  14. 14. Example time #2: Pagination /cameras/cameras-cameras-home-brands-nikon/?start=32 /cameras/cameras-cameras-home-brands-nikon/?start=48 /cameras/cameras-cameras-home-brands-nikon/?start=96 Don’t push paginated pages to the index unless they’ve different keyword targets!
  15. 15. Example time #3: Useless pages Why would you index those? Maybe rank for “send to my friend”?
  16. 16. Remove worst performing pages! Watch bounce rates, time on site, pages per visit… and de-index the worst 10%?!
  18. 18. Duplicate Content in a nutshell Image source: This is ALL the same content… BUT different URLs!
  19. 19. #1 Tracking Parameters or Session IDs Google does still index session IDs – so better not create them!
  20. 20. #2 Products in multiple Categories Same product – avail. in multiple categories. Unified link to ONE product URL!
  21. 21. #3 HTTP vs. HTTPS If you need SSL a proper canonical can help…
  22. 22. #4 Sub-Domains gone wild… Watch your sub- domains carefully…
  23. 23. #1 Canonicalize URLs <link rel="canonical" href="" /> Never do relative URLs!
  24. 24. Pro Tip: Implement X-Robots Header Full article: Link: < version-of-pdf/>; rel=“canonical”
  25. 25. #2 Do 301-Redirects when possible Is rel="canonical" a hint or a directive? It's a hint that we honor strongly. We'll take your preference into account, in conjunction with other signals, when calculating the most relevant page […] Full article:
  26. 26. #3 Make use of GWT Set preferred domain to indicate the “proper” one. XML sitemap as another signal to determine canonical URL.
  27. 27. Easy Start: GWT > HTML Improvements Using the same titles and / or Meta descriptions… not good!
  28. 28. Find Duplicate Content easily…
  29. 29. Find Duplicate Content easily…
  30. 30. Last but not least… Full article: There’s NO such thing as a DC penalty!
  31. 31. #3 PROPER MARK-UP
  32. 32. MEANING #1 YOU PROVIDE semantic HTML is meant to describe content!
  33. 33. MAINTAIN- ABILITY #2 YOU INCREASE do content in HTML; use CSS & JS for layout
  34. 34. IS QUALITY #3 SEMANTIC HTML browsers don’t care, other systems do! Read this:
  35. 35. HTML HAS LIMITS…!
  36. 36. Full info here:
  37. 37. Star ratings + votes Rich snippet movie mark-up Video snippets: Preview img, publishing date, playtime, etc. Publication date Google Universal News listings CTR is influenced by more than position!
  38. 38. Google SERP CTR Study by SlingshotSEO Full study available here:
  39. 39. “SERP CTR almost only depends on how GREAT your snippet is and if you can make it stand out!” - @basgr #SEOZONE @basgr
  40. 40. Implementation It’s basically “extended” HTML markup consisting of attributes and respective values.
  41. 41. Verify your mark-up w/ Google Google’s Structured Mark-Up Tool does provide valuable info on your status-quo. Testing Tool:
  42. 42. hCard needs proper imple- mentation; “family-name” is so wrong! Use “org” instead. Even better: use! Product needs fixing as well, only use valid properties!
  43. 43. Some Rich-Snippet Examples Rating + No. of Votes Rating + Software Markup (Price / OS) Rating + Reviews + Recipe Markup (Duration / Calories) Video Snippet (can also be done using
  44. 44. Some Rich-Snippet Examples JobPosting Mark-Up Event Mark-Up (Date, Name, Location) MusicGroup / Album Mark-Up (Tracks / Duration / Name)
  45. 45. GWT > Appearance > Structured Data
  46. 46. GWT > Data Highlighter
  47. 47. GWT > Data Highlighter
  48. 48. Authorship Mark-Up is a killer! It’s about personal branding as well – make your-self known to the (your) audience! A Searchmetrics study shows ~17% of US SERPs include authors already. Searchmetrics Data: Can either be implemented on page- but also on root-level!
  49. 49. How to implement Authorship mark-up? Using the rel-author is simple – but don’t game it, otherwise it’ll be gone… fast! <link rel="author" href="" /> 1) Implement “rel-author” into your <head> section 2) Add “contributor “ URL to your G+ profile 3) Check Google's structured mark-up tool to verify! 1) 2) 3) Authorship Info:
  50. 50. GWT > Labs > Author Stats 52
  51. 51. „Beyond 10 Blue Links“ on SlideShare View the slides:
  52. 52. Bastian Grimm, Managing Partner - Grimm Digital Thanks! Questions?
  53. 53. #4 PAGE LOAD TIMES
  54. 54. Read the full story here:
  55. 55. “We encourage you to start looking at your site's speed - not only to improve your ranking in search engines, but also to improve everyone's experience on the Internet.” - Amit Singhal & Matt Cutts, Google Search Quality Team
  56. 56. One (simple) goal only: Make your site as fast as you can! Can you get, what Amazon got? 1%+ in revenue for every 100 ms in speed. Amazon study:
  57. 57. Web-based performance analysis using the „Google factors”..
  58. 58. Detailed in-browser performance analysis (req. Firebug Add-on)
  59. 59. #1 Get rid of multiple CSS & JS files 8 JS + 4 CSS req. on a single page is a bad idea! Best case: 1 CSS + 1 JS file. Real world: 1-2 CSS, 1 int. + 2-3 ext. JS Often times JS does change the style, so always do CSS before JS! Move CSS to the top, JS to the footer to un-block rendering!
  60. 60. #2 Do CSS Sprites Combine multiple (small) images into one big image to save on HTTP requests.
  61. 61. Tip: Make images even smaller! Use tinyPNG to optimize PNG files without loosing in quality (up to 70% savings) JPEGmini does the same for JPEG files and will reduce your images massively (up to 80% smaller)! &
  62. 62. #3 Minify CSS & JS files Removing unnecessary whitespaces, line- breaks and comments to reduce file-size. And: Makes it way harder for competitors to steal your code! For CSS, try: For JS, go with: Minifying this (small) style- sheet results in 63% savings!
  63. 63. #4 Enable GZIP compression Output compression does massively decrease file-sizes and therefore speeds up rendering. Verify by checking the response headers, for “Content-Encoding“ to be set to “gzip“ One of the ugliest sites ever: On Apache, try “mod_deflate” which is straight forward: AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml
  64. 64. #5 Setup caching for static resources It’s important to specify one of Expires or Cache-Control max- age, and one of Last-Modified or ETag, for all cacheable resources. Set the “Expires”-header to exactly one year ahead of the request date Set the “Last-Modified”-header to the date the file was last modified Set the “Cache-Control: max-age”- header to “3153600” (1 year, again) Expires: Fri, 07 Sept 2013 03:18:06 GMT Last-Modified: Fri, 07 Sept 2012 03:18:06 GMT Cache-Control: max-age=3153600
  65. 65. #6 Use Google’s CDN for popular libraries Google has the fastest CDN on the planet, make sure you use their DCs to serve your files if possible! Since a lot of site-owners are using G-DCs, chances are, people have those files cached already!
  66. 66. #7 Optimize your server setup
  67. 67. #8 Do heavy load testing:
  68. 68. #9 Monitor uptime & speed: pingdom
  69. 69. #10 Do even more…!