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Question 6 evaluation

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Question 6 evaluation

  1. 1. Question 6 What have I learnt about technologies in the process of constructing ‘Stolen’?
  2. 2. Editing During this process I have realised that editing is a seriously crucial part of the manufacturing section of a film. I now realise that editing allows you to smooth out all of the faults that may have been unchangeable when filming; such as the outdoor lighting and the stability of the camera when shooting a tracking shot. also shot transition was made so much smoother with the help of editing software, further making the final product look very professional. The process of editing helped me realise that the use of technology is so important in the manufacturing of a film due to the fact that it allows movie’s to often look too realistic.
  3. 3. Filming/Camera Work Film camera’s are obviously the biggest necessity when making a film as it would not at all be possible to do so without. Alone this makes the use of Film technology unimaginably important, but you could go further to say the development in quality that is now available from a film camera is astonishing compared to 60 years ago when films were made in black and white. This huge development in technology strengthens the fact that technology is in fact the most essential part of the movie making process as I have learnt during the manufacturing ‘STOLEN’.